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message 1: by Stewart (new)

Stewart Hoffman (thebugboys) Has anyone here attempted to get a Mom's Choice Award for their book? If so, was it useful?

message 2: by Jemima (new)

Jemima Pett | 1357 comments Mod
I don't know about Mom's Choice, but I have got Readers Favorite reviews and badges. I think some of our members (or at least people Rebecca and I know) have won Readers Favorite awards.

message 3: by Stewart (new)

Stewart Hoffman (thebugboys) I have Reader's favorite badges for both my books. I'm not sure it has helped me, however.

This Mom's Choice Award isn't cheap ($500 at least and certainly not guaranteed) - and so far, I'm not hearing from any authors in my forums who have experience with it. I'll probably pass. I'm tired of throwing money at this kind of thing.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (rdouglass) | 1662 comments Mod
I won't pay for that sort of thing. If I ever get an award, it will be because those who give out the award picked me out of the heap. Not likely, but better than trying to buy one.

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