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Can any one help me find this book?! The book about the exclusive club where wives could learn to be sexy…
Nicolle Nicolle Dec 30, 2017 04:41PM
This was posted on a book blog awhile ago and I really want to read this, if anyone can help?!

It’s about book about a guy who ran an exclusive club (of sorts) for guys and I believe their wives. It was sort of like the wives could take classes in feeling sexy, dressing sexy, pole dancing, etc. While the husband’s could be “entertained”. This guy ran & owned the place (housed in a modern day castle/mansion) with a few close friends.

The h involved was looking for a job and showed up and had to take these classes as well, but may have possibly been in a seperate group for potential employees.
In any case, she caught the eye of the H and a jealous ex/hook up took notice.

As form of payback the potential employees were told they had to dance for the guys. She found herself as the only one dancing & naked for the husbands/maybe wives. That’s all I remember, but it’s driving me crazy.



Sound soo good that book,Nicolle!!! I want to read it !! But what is the tittle...😞😞

It really sounds like the This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas. If that’s not the one then it could be Club X by KM Scott. That’s the only books I know of that sound like you description. Hope this helped and good luck! X

Check Barnes and Noble or look on Amazon. Jodi Ellen Malpas is a great author and I love the This Man Series.

I would totally love, to read that book to Nicolle. Sounds really good, but we need a title... :(

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