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The ending (contains spoilers)

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message 1: by Joy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joy What do you make of the very ending? When the taps are running so she can't be overheard, Melody says she doesn't remember any of the things that are in her book, that supposedly happened to her when she was younger. Does this mean she actually was abducted in order to give the neighbours a child, rather than to prevent her getting killed, that the neighbours made all the stuff in the book up, and that her parents were NOT abusive to her? Or am I reading too much into it?! She then retracts it again at the very last sentence when the FBI woman is listening again.

message 2: by donna gill (new)

donna gill I agree It left me searching to find if there was a sequel

Lilithanne I've come to think that the real villains in the story were the Revilles, that they wanted Melody as their own child after babysitting her, and that they made up everything about the Chapas' cruelty and Melody's kidnapping or death. Then they sucked Riyonna and Bonnie into their plot.

I'm confused about the arsenic in Melody's hair though. Was it really her hair and if so, who was feeding her arsenic, her family or the Revilles?

The ending was strange and made me wonder about Melody herself. Did she go from innocent child to willing participant in the plot? Did she have a personality disorder? Nothing about that made sense to me.

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