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Philip Martin | 29 comments New MG Book set in Colorado Rockies in 1900.
Phoebe's Heron. Note: the ebook is just $0.99 through January. Phoebe's Heron eBook.

I wanted to share the news of our release of a new Crispin Books middle-grade historical novel: Phoebe's Heron . Set in Colorado in the foothills of the Rockies in 1900, Phoebe's Heron is the story of 12-year-old Phoebe and her family, who have moved from Denver to a new cabin in the foothills of the Rockies, hoping that the fresh air will heal Phoebe’s mother’s tuberculosis.

While Phoebe wants nothing more than for her mother to get well, she misses city life in Denver and her best friend Lisbeth, whose parents own Denver’s finest millinery store, where the two girls have spent hours in front of the looking-glass parading with fancy feathered hats on their heads.

Phoebe loves to draw. Her father gives her a sketchbook, and she soon meets Jed, a local boy. However, young Jed is a plume hunter, a commercial hunter of birds. He desperately wants to find a great blue heron, whose feathers were in great demand for women’s hats.

Gradually, the two youngsters become friends. Jed shows Phoebe the delights of the natural world in the Colorado Rockies, and their friendship deepens.

On her own one day, Phoebe sees a magnificent great blue heron in the creek, which she sketches in her book. But she does not tell Jed about seeing this bird. Then, Phoebe’s mother grows worse, and soon, all will change.

This is a lovely, lyrical story about discovery and friendship, and ultimately the courage to take a stand for something greater than oneself.

“An enchanting book full of forgotten history, the tension of friendship, a brave girl, and deeply overflowing with the love of wild nature.” – Polly Carlson-Voiles, author of Summer of the Wolves

Thanks so much for the opportunity to mention this book to this particular group. We're a small indie press and greatly appreciate this community of readers!

Sandy Brehl (sandybrehl) | 39 comments I've just ordered a copy and look forward to reading it. What an original idea and an intriguing setting.

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Marianna Heusler (goodreadscommheusler) | 15 comments Will check it out.

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