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message 1: by Saara (new)

Saara Turunen | 12 comments Hi,

This post is about a book called Puputyttö. Someone has ad an black and white cover image for it, although actually it´s not like that. I would like change the black and white cover image to a the real one with colors, but Im not allowed to do that because Im not librarian. So I would appreciate your help! Thank you! Puputyttö

message 2: by Saara (new)

Saara Turunen | 12 comments ps. I added the actual cover image to the additional images of this bPuputyttöook. I know the additional images are for other stuff but I wanted to help you to find the image I want to add.

message 3: by Saara (new)

Saara Turunen | 12 comments pps. Im sorry I cannot offer a web page where you could find it.
That´s why I added it to the additional images. It has been since many years when the book´s edition was sold out and the editorial doesn´t exist anymore. You find the information about the book for example from the library´s page but they don´t have the actual image either

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