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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

18 points / 5 x audience boots / 5 x judge boots
Performed The Rose's Sorry. Sang both parts.
Judges' Comments
George — Said he has good stage presence and charm. (B)
Sungjae — Said his singing was good, but lacking in range. However, added that this did not detract from his performance much. (B)
Sora — Complimented his stage presence, but was disappointed by his lack of vocal stability. (N)
Minseok — Was thoroughly impressed by his dancing. Said his execution of the moves decreased in quality whenever he reached a particularly vocally challenging section. (B)
ICE — Said it was a captivating and unique performance. (B)
Chrissy — Said that it was overall impressive. (B)

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

18 points / 4 x audience boots / 3 x judge boots
Performed Monsta X's Beautiful alongside his teammate Hanjae. Took I.M, Jooheon and Wonho's parts.
Judges' Comments
George — Said he had some charm, but “seemed too afraid that the stage would eat him alive to actually use it.” (N)
Sungjae — Was impressed that he did sing, despite being primarily a rapper – said it was good but could use improvement. (B)
Sora — Was a little less critical than George, but was also of the opinion that he had a very weak stage presence and was too timid. (N)
Minseok — Liked his dancing, but said that it could be a little sharper/cleaner. Called him charming ‘in the same way as a skittery cat’. (B)
ICE — Said his performance didn't seem particularly unique and that he needed to develop his own style (N)
Chrissy — Said he was good, but that his nervousness affected his performance. After asking him to freestyle, she said that his rapping was quite good but he needed to be more confident and express himself when rapping. (B)

18 points / 4 x audience boots / 4 x judge boots
Performed Monsta X's Beautiful alongside his teammate Mingyu. Took Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun and Hyungwon's parts.
Judges' Comments
George — Found him very charming and asked, jokingly, if he was compensating for Mingyu. (B)
Sungjae — Said he had good technique and colour, but there is room for improvement. (B)
Sora — Asked him to sing something for them, so he sang an original piece. Was impressed by his stability, particularly on higher notes, and complimented his strong stage presence. (B)
Minseok — Said his dancing was messy and could use refinement. (N)
ICE — Said that while his singing was impressive, he lacked a unique style and needed to develop that in order to improve. (N)
Chrissy — Liked his performance, thought that it was impressive. (B)

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

15 points / 2 x audience boots / 2 x judge boots
Performed Seventeen's Trauma. Minimal dancing was involved, but he adopted four ‘personas’, one for each part of the song.
Judges' Comments
George — Said he had very little charm and seemed like he didn't want to be on the stage. (N)
Sungjae — Said that while his singing wasn't bad it could use significant improvement. (N)
Sora — Disliked his performance because his constant switching between parts made it seem disjointed and she thought his stage presence was inconsistent. (N)
Minseok — Said the minimal dancing that he did could use much refinement and he had very little charm. (N)
ICE — Complimented the uniqueness of his interpretation of the song, but said that beyond the ideas his performance was fairly ordinary. (B)
Chrissy — Said that his rapping was impressive, particularly in the way that he switched between parts. (B)

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"JOJO" Choi Young-jo | stardust | 18 points-
- 4 audience boots | 4 judge boots

Performed Seventeen's Clap.
He sang some parts a few notes higher than the original notes to showcase his soprano singing voice. The dance accompanying the song was minimalistic and contemporary, to not drive the attention away from his singing. He mostly stuck behind his bandmates, not all that confident in his own dancing. He sang Jun's, seungkwan's, jeonghan's, Joshua's and woozi's parts.

+George:[B] Said the way he carried himself throughout the performance was excellent. He was very charismatic.
+Sungjae:[B] Said his vocal range was impressive and he was easily able to hit the higher notes without making it seem like he was screeching.
+Sora:[N] Noticed slight wavers in his voice. They could simply be because of nerves but it was still there.
+P-Min:[N] His presence on stage was simply charming but P-Min was a bit disappointed by the minimal dancing. He said Youngjo could have done more with the song in terms of dance.
+Lucy:[B] She saw through his shyness and thought the dancing he actually did perform was rather cute. She especially liked his charming yet shy smiles and his passion.
+Chrissy:[B] She did ask him if he wanted to try out rapping but Young-jo just blushed and said he wasn't a rapper.

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

17 points / 4 x audience boots / 3 x judge boots
Performed Seventeen's Clap with the other two members from his group who are participating in The Unit. (Took Hoshi, DK, Dino and The8's parts).
Judges' Comments
George — Said that he had good stage presence but was lacking in charm. (B)
Sungjae — Said that his technique needed a lot of work and his vocal colour was bland. (N)
Sora — Said his stage presence was strong but his vocal stability was severely lacking. (N)
Minseok — Complimented his dancing extensively and said he was fairly charming but had room for improvement. (B)
ICE — Said he had a very individual dance style, however that it didn't always mesh well with the other members'. (N)
Chrissy — Was impressed by the dancing, but found his rap lines to be lacking (however, since he isn't a rapper, he still received a boot) (B)

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

18 points / 3 x audience boots / 4 x judge boots
Performed — well really, sang, neither of them really danced — Seventeen's Pinwheel with Andrew.
Judges' Comments
George — Said he had very little charm and didn't make use of the stage. (N)
Sungjae — Complimented his singing ability, said that his technique was very good. (B)
Sora — Was impressed by his vocal stability, but criticised his stage presence. (B)
Minseok — Minhyun can't dance very well, and he's never been good at being charming, so there's not really much to say here. (N)
ICE — Liked the performance and said it was quite unique, though he could develop more of an individual style. (B)
Chrissy — Enjoyed the performance. Asked why he chose not to rap, since in 2Night's songs he does occasionally. He answered that he wanted to focus more on singing. (B)

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

17 points / 5 x audience boots / 4 x judge boots
Performed BTS' DNA, danced in the rap parts rather than rapping.
Judges' Comments
George — Said that while he had a strong stage presence, it was undermined by his lack of charm. (N)
Sungjae — Criticised his technique, but said that his vocal colour was unique and overall his singing was quite impressive. (B)
Sora — Said that he had good vocal stability and echoed George's comments about stage presence. (B)
Minseok — Said that while he was strongly lacking in charm, his dancing was good, if a little sloppy in places. (B)
ICE — Said that his performance wasn't unique, and that he needed to make his singing more individual to stand out. (N)
Chrissy — Liked his interpretation of the song, thought that his dance worked well with it. (B)

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"SOLAR" Moon Dohyun | soloist | 18 points-
- 2 audience boots | 3 judge boots

Performed DEAN's Half Moon.
The performance was an acoustic version of the song that required no track or band playing. He literally sat on a stool, strummed his guitar and sang to his heart's content. In the end, he did his signature move he's practiced since debut days with p.l.a.t.i.n.u.m.
+George:[N] He said he was rather charming and he could practically hear girls swooning in the audience but he was just not what they were looking for. He needed to be livelier to get the crowd going.
+Sungjae:[B] His singing was spot on.
+Sora:[N] She praised his vocal stability but criticized his rather bland stage presence.
+P-Min:[N] Didn't find his act charming at all. Found it too similar to regular street performances.
+Lucy:[B] His performance was unique and unlike the others she had seen. She especially loved his signature kiss. She thought it symbolized his love for singing.
+Chrissy:[B] An automatic boot since he wasn't a rapper.

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments


Performed Seohyun's Don't Say No, to mostly good response from the judges. Minseok and ICE commented that although she followed the choreography well, there wasn't any special feeling behind it. Because she is the main vocalist of a group known for their strong vocals, they asked her if she could sing from another song she had prepared. She then sang Gummy's You Are My Everything, for which she received very positive feedback from both the audience and judges for her technique and vocal color.

↪ found her to have a charming presence and a voice that can fill the stage
↪ told the other judges that her voice was not one to pass up
↪ said that her level of technique is uncommon for an idol
↪ although she needs to work on her dance more, her vocal skill makes up for it
↪ agreed that dance could improve but has potential, moved by vocal performance
↪ was overall impressed with the performances

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Kyungsook Hoon | soloist | 12 points-
- 3 audience boots | 4 judge boots

Performed Taemin's MOVE. It was way too out of his comfort zone, especially when he first started. The dancing, even though he practiced hard, wasn't good at all. In the middle of his performance, he stopped, asked to bring out a mic stand and continued the song a bit slower without the unnecessary dance moves.
+George:[B] Noted that it was obvious he had a passion for what he did and complimented the fact that he didn't try to sing for the judges, but he actually kept his focus on the audience and sang for the fans.
+Sungjae:[B] Complimented his vocal technique
+Sora:[B] Also said it was endearing how he kept smiling up at the audience and acknowledging them and also loved his vocal range.
+P-Min:[N] He complimented him on the fact that he tried to dance but said he needed more practice
+Lucy:[N] Said he was good but he wasn't well rounded.
+Chrissy:[B] An automatic boot since he wasn't a rapper.

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

세븐데이즈W E D N E S D A Y( min chaeyoung, vocalist )

15 pt3 audience boots5 judges boots

Gave an emotional vocal performance of a self-arranged ballad version of g.o.d's "Road" while playing the keyboard. She began to cry toward the end of the song but was able to maintain vocal stability, drawing positive feedback from the vocal judges. There was some discussion in regards to her dating scandal. The performance judges requested to see her dancing ability since she comes from a dance group, for which she performed a segment from one of her own group's songs, I'm Jelly Baby (originally AOA Cream).

george | boot
↪ said that her passion and desperation showed in her stage
sungjae | boot
↪ impressed by ability to convey emotion and vocal stability
sora | boot
↪ said it's a shame her scandal kept her voice from being known
minseok | boot
↪ satisfied with performance and moved by her perseverence
ice | n/a
↪ felt song choice is wrong; main song should've shown dance
chrissy | boot (automatic)
↪ impressed with vocal ability, empathized with situation

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shinra | 85 comments

5 audience boots | 6 judges boots

Performed Super Junior's One More Chance. Gave
a performance where he mostly sang with emotion incorporated with altercations in tone to suit his
performance. Danced during the rap parts.

. george:[B] Said he had a strong stage presence
and complimented his ability to move the audience.
. sungjae:[B] Commented that he could see that he
really "connected" with the song and expressed that
he had excellent vocal stability
. sora:[B] Complimented his stage presence and
vocal stability
. minseok:[B] Stated that he wished he had
incorporated more dance into the performance but
otherwise it was generally great
. ice:[B] Complimented his ability to make the song
his own and still give a great performance
. chrissy:[B] An automatic boot

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

JEONG JAEHYUN ;phoenix16 ptsuper boot !

Jaehyun and Eunwoo performed "Destiny" (originally Infinite), their
most popular song when they were a five-piece group. (Jaehyun
sang the parts originally allocated to Sungkyu, Woohyun, and L.
) The
audience enjoyed the powerful dance and distinct sound which
had been the hallmark of Phoenix's performance when they were
at the peak of their popularity, and the duo earned over 90% of the
audience's votes. Jaehyun was moved to tears after the performance,
and said that he was thankful that the audience remembered their
song, and that he was thankful for this new opportunity and would
use it to show an even better side of himself.

commentarydespite being a duo performing a song meant for five people, they were able to fill the stage with their present - george ; impressed by jaehyun's ability to step up and take the role of the main vocalist - sungjae ; hopes to see them do well in the future - sora ; recalled meeting phoenix when they and bocks were both rookie groups, hopes this will be a new chance - minseok ; commented on their perseverance - ice ; mentioned that the phoenix which their band is named after rises with new life from the ashes, and this may be their opportunity to rise to the top once more - chrissy

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Ahn Eunwoo | Phoenix | 16 points-
- 6 audience boots | superboot

Performed Infinite's Destiny with the other member of Phoenix, Jaehyun. Eunwoo took, dongwoo's, hoya's, sungyeol's, and sungjong's parts and performed flawlessly. However, he wasn't over the top excellent and didn't do anything that would attract too much attention to himself. He just did what he had to do. After they received a superboot, Eunwoo clutched onto Jaehyun and broke down in tears, thanking everyone.
+George: He enjoyed his performance and his stage flexibility. He wasn't trained onto one spot and was able to move to wherever needed. What he liked best though was his sportsmanship; how he didn't try to hog the spotlight.
+Sungjae: Liked his harmonization in the beginning of the song. Noted how it must have been hard to do alone when they were only a duo but he made it work.
+Sora:Also praised his harmonizing.
+P-Min:Thoroughly enjoyed his dance and his shyness was surprisingly pleasant; it wasn't too fake to attract attention and it wasn't so real that it would be an issue.
+Lucy:Said that even though the song was an old fave, it felt like they had just released it. Everything felt new.
+Chrissy:Enjoyed his rapping and flow and how he handled the other members' parts so well.

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

JUNGXU ;xtreme xplosion16 pt4 audience4 judge

Drawing attention as soon as they entered the stage, XTREME
XPLOSION arrived at the Unit with flashy outfits. After clarification
that the one in the minidress was, in fact, Xiuman, and yes, a man,
they showcased the performance they'd prepared, "Troublemaker"
by Troublemaker. At a loss for how to react and whether or not this
was just an elaborate joke, the judges requested to see a more
serious dance stage, for which XTREME XPLOSION had prepared,
and performed Girl's Day's "Something", complete with the feathers.

resultsthought that they had brought a unique and entertaining charm - george (boot) ; had a decent, but not exceptional, voice, and couldn't tell if he was taking it seriously - sungjae ; unsure that they were the fit for this show - sora ; thoroughly enjoyed their performance and thought they showed their strength - minseok (boot) ; thought their performance was hilarious and that they clearly had the full package for an idol - ice (boot) ; was thoroughly entertained - chrissy (automatic boot)

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"A.M." Chul Bo Yeon | soloist | 17 points-
- 5 audience boots | 5 judge boots

Performed an English cover of HAZE's (EXO's) The Eve. The audience covered up his introduction in a clamor. It was his first time on stage after 3 years since his departure from HAZE. He was asked why he left and he answered truthfully before he continued with his performance. He took on everyone's parts but choreographed his own dance. After he was finished, Chrissy commented on her fascination with his rap in HAZE and asked him to freestyle.
+George:[B] Commented on his ability to move the crowd, even after so long. Hoped the best for him in his new solo career.
+Sungjae:[B] Said it must have been hard to jump back into the game and complimented his color. He needed practice after so long but he was still good.
+Sora:[N] Said he was really rusty and needed more practice. However, still wished him luck
+P-Min:[B] Loved his original dance and his womanizer charm that he had since he was in HAZE.
+Lucy:[B] Even though the song was old, he made it his own and made it original. She was glad he was back on his feet.
+Chrissy:[B] Admitted she was a fan of HAZE but she still rooted for him as a soloist. She said she looks forward to mentoring him

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

LEE JIWON ;18 pt5 audience boots6 judge boots

Jiwon performed Jinx's (Exo's) "Love Me Right", as rearranged for a
solo performer
. She received positive response from both audience
and judges.

resultspraised her stage presence and charm - george (boot) ; enjoyed her rearrangement of the song to show off her vocals - sungjae (boot) ; impressed with her stability while also dancing - sora (boot) ; enjoyed her performance, remarked that it's difficult for one person to do a song meant for a group - minseok (boot) ; said that she has the star quality - ice (boot) ; enjoyed the performance - chrissy (automatic boot)

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kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

17 points / super boot !
Performed EXO's Ko Ko Bop with the rest of his group (took Chanyeol's lines).
Judges' Comments
George — Said he had strong stage presence both as part of a group and as an individual, but very little charm.
Sungjae — Liked the group's performance overall, but didn't comment on Minsoo individually (since he didn't sing).
Sora — Complimented his stage presence.
Minseok — Was unimpressed by his somewhat average dancing and lack of charm.
ICE — Was impressed by the performance.
Chrissy — Said his rapping was good but had room for improvement.

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

DOHEE // 15 pt + 4 audience boots + 3 judge boots

Dohee performed "8282", originally sung by vocal duo Davichi. Her vocals and popular song choice earned her a generally positive response from the audience, but her performance used very little choreography and she was unable to otherwise present dance ability.

+ george [x] said that she lacked the presence of an idol
+ sungjae [b] enjoyed her vocal performance
+ sora [b] impressed by her vocal ability
+ minseok [x] i mean, the girl can't dance
+ ice [x] her dancing ability is too far behind
+ chrissy [b] automatic boot

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dyanne | 10 comments


Performed IU's "Good Day" with the infamous 3-tier high note but minimal dancing. Danced to the chorus of Girl's Generation's "Lion Heart" when asked to show more of her dancing ability.

[b] george ─ liked her versatile, feminine charm
[b] sungjae ─ wowed by her impressive vocal technique
[x] sora ─ good vocals but underwhelmed by lack of strong stage presence
[x] minseok ─ if she's an idol, how come she never learned how to dance?
[x] ice ─ said her performance lacked individual color + dancing ability
[b] chrissy ─ automatic boot

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"HADES" Song Jinwoo | MooNs | 18 points-
- 6 audience boots | superboot

Performed EXO's Ko Ko Bop with MooNs. He took sehun's parts and everything was done to the point and he relied heavily on his dance and vocal/rap techniques. He presented everything with a flare. When he saw that they got a super boot, he stood up straighter and grinned confidently.
+George: He loved his confidence and how he presented himself.
+Sungjae: Praised his different tones.
+Sora:Congratulated them on the superboot.
+P-Min:His dancing techniques and flares were excellent. He praised him on how he included his outfit ( or thereof, lack of outfit) in his dance.
+Lucy:Him showing his abs was a bit too much but everyone seemed to love it.
+Chrissy: She said his rapping was quite impressive. She couldn't wait to see more.

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natsuki (夏希) (natsuiro) | 102 comments

SEO DONGHA // 18 pt + 5 audience boots + 6 judge boots

Dongha performed Shinhwa's "Brand New", rearranged to omit the rap parts (similar to this), which was one of the songs he had practiced most while a trainee. Upon being asked to sing again, since he had been a part of BD the Ballad, he sang Yim Jaebeum's "For You".

+ george [b] said that he has everything you could want in a singer
+ sungjae [b] very impressed by vocal ability
+ sora [b] very moved by his combination of technique and emotion
+ minseok [b] admired his presence despite not performing for 10 years
+ ice [b] inspired and moved by the performance
+ chrissy [b] automatic boot

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