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Lindy-Lane (moonbacklit) | 80 comments 2018 "off the wall cover art z-a"
18/26 READ


Savor the Moment (Bride Quartet, #3) by Nora Roberts : W - wedding cake:
Savor the Moment : Nora Roberts july 2018

Tiny Little Thing (Schuyler Sisters #2) by Beatriz Williams : V - v-back dress:
Tiny Little Thing : Beatriz Williams
sept 2018

Honor Thyself by Danielle Steel : U - umbrella:
Honor Thyself : Danielle Steel aug

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon :T - teeth:
When Dimple Met Rishi : Sandhya Menon sept 2018

Heron's Cove (Sharpe & Donovan, #2) by Carla Neggers : S - sand :
Heron's Cove : Carla Neggers june 2018

Flirting with Disaster (The Charleston Trilogy, #2) by Sherryl Woods : R - row shops:
Flirting with Disaster : Sherryl Woods apr 2018


Heartbroken by Lisa Unger : P- profile:
Heartbroken : Lisa Unger may 2018


Malice (New Orleans #6) by Lisa Jackson :N -nose:
Malice : Lisa Jackson oct 2018


Scoundrel's Honor (Russian Connection #3) by Rosemary Rogers :L -lace:
Scoundrel's Honor : Rosemary Rogers aug 2018

Exile (Aurelia, #2) by Anne Osterlund : K - key:
Exile : Anne Osterlund feb 2018


No Place for a Lady (Heart of the West, #1) by Maggie Brendan : H - horse:
No Place for a Lady : Maggie Brendan aug

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin : G - gown :
The American Heiress : Daisy Goodwin july 2018

The Love Letter by Rachel Hauck : F- fingers:
The Love Letter : Rachel Hauck oct 2018

The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams : E-eyebrows:
The Summer Wives : Beatriz Williams sept

The Real Mother by Judith Michael : D -door knocker:
The Real Mother : Judith Michael july 2018

The Centurion's Wife (Acts of Faith, #1) by Davis Bunn : C - corinthian columns:
The Centurion's Wife : Davis Bunn feb 2018

The Anatomy of Jane (WJM, #1) by Amelia LeFay : B- bra:
The Anatomy of Jane : Amelia LeFay may 2018

Upon a Winter's Night (Home Valley, #4) by Karen Harper : A- apples:
Upon a Winter's Night : Karen Harper jan 2018

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Lindy-Lane (moonbacklit) | 80 comments 2018 "off the wall super series z-a"
read 12/26

W- wjm: The Anatomy of Jane : Amelia LeFay... may read
V- vampire academy: Frostbite : Richelle Mead ...jan. read
S- schuyler sisters: Along the Infinite Sea : Beatriz Williams ...aug read
R- russian connection: Scoundrel's Honor : Rosemary Rogers ...aug read
N: nanucket: Seaside Letters : Denise Hunter ...sept read
M: mistresses of versailles: The Sisters of Versailles : Sally Christie ...dec read
L: lady darby mysteries: The Anatomist's Wife : Anna Lee Huber ...oct read
H: heart of the west: No Place for a Lady: Maggie Brendan...aug read
D: dark-hunter: Acheron : Sherrilyn Kenyon ...may read
C: charleston trilogy: Flirting with Disaster : Sherryl Woods ...apr read
B: brides quartet: Savor the Moment : Nora Roberts... july read
A: acts of faith : The Centurion's Wife : Davis Bunn ...feb read

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Lindy-Lane (moonbacklit) | 80 comments ongoing monthly: what others have enjoyed...maybe?
easy level of 1-2 books p/mo.

Nov. 2018:

plan to read The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens
chosen from oct. sgom list

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