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message 1: by Imaane (new)

Imaane | 67 comments Mod
Hi! So to start off the games here is a new one (or I think it is).
So basically the rules of this game are simple :
I post the title of book A which ends in 'give', then the next person has to post a book title that ends in words rhyming with 'give' . (live, forgive, pensive, ....)

Here's an example: Person 1 - The Cottage in Woods.
Person 2 - Red Riding Hood.
And it goes on.

However when there are no more words that rhyme you can go : Title Switch (and the title of the new book)
However this can only happen if there are no more titles whose last word rhymes with the last word of the previous one.
I hope you guys enjoy this!

message 2: by Imaane (new)

Imaane | 67 comments Mod
I'll start with - 'With Malice'

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (pageturner51) The Golden Chalice

message 4: by atiya (new)

atiya (dandeliongal) The hidden Palace

message 5: by Imaane (new)

Imaane | 67 comments Mod
Saving Dallas

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