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message 1: by Ann (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ann (annrumsey) | 14402 comments Chapters 31-40- Spoilers welcome.
If the first to post, please briefly summarize to guide the discussion.

Russ | 330 comments 31: While walking the dog, Rake hears shots. He runs on scene. Thames says a black man broke in his home and drove off. Rake gets him inside and finds out the neighborhood association money collected to buy out the black neighbors has been stolen. They keep that hush-hush, but nerves are frayed and an angry white crowd is gathering on the street. Rake passes word through McGinnis that the black homeowners should clear out for the night for their own protection.

32: Thurgood Marshall stays at the Boggs residence en route to a case in Florida. Marshall's stories let Boggs know that he isn't alone in what he's experiencing. Smith alerts Boggs to take his father's car to go to Hanford Park.

33: Boggs, Malcolm, & Hannah stand watch all night while some white people (probably Columbians, possibly including neighbors) congregate out front.

34: The Irons brothers assault Iggy.

35: Unable to find honest work, Jeremiah moves reefer for Quentin Neale (Q).

36: Smith realizes Malcolm wasn't beat up by whites, but by blacks in the midst of criminal turf battles. Malcolm was involved in the shooting during the drop. Smith wants Malcolm to be an informant.

37: Cassie wants to move out of the neighborhood. Rake confides in her that the neighborhood money was stolen.

Dale tells Rake about the two other men that knew about the Coventry op. Dale also admits to knowing the Columbians. Rake punches him and worries what will happen.

38: Helton waltzes into Malcolm & Hannah's home, treats them like garbage, and arrests them.

39: Rake tells Parker he thinks Thames set up the whole thing to steal the money for himself and blame the blacks. Smith & Rake bicker about Malcolm's arrest. Rake learns that Letcher is profiting from a real estate scheme. Letcher buys low from panicked whites and sells high to blacks who are desperate for better housing. Letcher's cousin? Delmar Coyle.

40: Boggs's father and two other community leaders from Sweet Auburn go to meet with white leaders representing Hanford Park. To the disgust of Boggs, the "three wisemen" cut a deal to re-draw the racial boundary around Hanford Park to Magnolia Street.

message 3: by Ann (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ann (annrumsey) | 14402 comments Great summaries Russ! I just finished chapter 40 and will start the last segment on the drive home from work.
These schemes are pretty elaborate for the lining of pockets as the housing boundaries are shifted and drug or moonshine territories switch hands. I admit to being on the edge of my seat wondering what will become of everyone in peril. Boggs and Smith need to compare notes ASAP and I hope Rake will step up and provide his intel as well. I’m wondering where McGinnis will fall in this hopeful take down of the corruption. (But what a small drop in the bucket it may be)

message 4: by Alfred (new)

Alfred | 87 comments I finished Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller. Very timely considering current tensions with North Korea. I am taking a break from mysteries and going to catch up on Magazines.

Sandi (sandin954) | 1199 comments Thanks for the summaries Russ.

When I first read about the theft, I suspected that Thames set it up and stole the money but did not connect Malcolm's beating with the turf battle and that he was the one who fired the shot that killed the bootlegger. The Letcher revelation was also interesting and, like Ann, I hope Smith, Boggs, and Rake can get on the same page. I still have a bad feeling about the Irons brothers and Jeremiah.

Russ | 330 comments Sandi wrote: "Thanks for the summaries Russ.

When I first read about the theft, I suspected that Thames set it up and stole the money but did not connect Malcolm's beating with the turf battle and that he was t..."

Yeah, the identity of Malcolm's real perpetrators was a clever twist, I'd say!

message 7: by Alfred (new)

Alfred | 87 comments I cleaned up by reading most of my magazines and have now begun reading Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman. I like Kellerman but this is not a Milo and Dr. mystery. So something a bit new.

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