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Billie | 287 comments A Nightmare in a Dream

It was supposed to be simple. The four of them had been hanging out and getting in trouble together for most of their lives. Sure, there had been some drama here and there, but never anything too crazy. The plan sounded great; a two week long camping/hiking trip into the remote forest. It was nearing the end of their high school lives, the winter of their senior year.

All of them have different plans for what to do after high school, but they all care for one another dearly. Muse A and B have been hiding a secret from the other two, but it is soon discovered that they have been sleeping together. Feeling lied to, the other two head out to be on their own for a while when a snowstorm comes.

Upon the end of the storm, Muse A&B go looking for their life long friends only to discover they are no longer alive. Devastated and without a clue of where they are or how to get help, the two of them must fight to survive and work through the guilt they feel over loosing their best friends.

- This can be any combination MxM, FxM, or FxF
- Just be willing to work with me to figure out the background of the other two characters and how they all fit together.
- If you are not okay with mature content, please don't start an RP with me. This plot is by nature dealing with mature subjects.

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Billie | 287 comments I was thinking the group could have two girls and two guys, but who the main characters are depends on if you want MxM, FxF, or MxF.

If we do MxM maybe the reason the girls are upset with them could be because one of them was dating one of the girls or something like that. It just depends on what you are interested in.

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Billie | 287 comments Okay, so we are doing MxM? Do want one of them to have been dating one of the girls from the group?

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Billie | 287 comments Also, how old are you? I know I specified that this will have mature content, but I want to be sure of how old you are.

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Billie | 287 comments Okay, you want to make characters next?

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Billie | 287 comments Chandler Marcus Levinton

Age: 17, almost 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: He claims to be Heterosexual
Occupation: Photographer

With most people, Marcus is withdrawn and more of the silent type. Even with Evie, his girlfriend of over a year, Marcus is secretive. He has a quick temper and can be overly protective. Marcus can come across as somewhat of a trouble maker at times.

Student Life:
Marcus is actually pretty smart, but he doesn't usually show it. When he bothers to show up for class, he makes As, but he doesn't really stay in his classes much.

Marcus doesn't talk to anyone about his home life or his past. The most anyone knows is that he doesn't let people into his home and that his mother died. Other than that, no one really knows about his past.


Evie and Marcus started hooking up over a year ago and she decided this meant they were dating. Marcus went along with the relationship because it was easier than not being in a relationship. Evie has cheated on Marcus with at least seven guys, but she doesn't know that he knows. Marcus and his best friend started hooking up a few months back and he was shocked to find himself attracted to another guy.

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Billie | 287 comments Evelyn "Evie" Grace Valarian

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Evie is a wild woman; she loves partying and being the center of attention. She is not someone who is used to not getting what they want.

Student Life:
Evie is not the smartest one in any of her classes. She is typically behind everyone else, but she always gets her way. Captain of the cheer team, Evie has most of her classwork done by other students. She has been known to sleep with her teachers on occasion and isn't afraid to bring up her father's name in order to get what she wants.

Family Life:
Evie's father owns a multi-million dollar company that makes welding parts. For her tenth birthday, her parents sent her and ten of her friends on an all expense paid trip to France. Evie slept with someone for the first time at 13, and had an abortion at 15. She had no idea who the father was because she had been sleeping with at least four guys at the time. Since she was 16 Evie has had a bit of a morphine habit, but her parents have always payed her way out of trouble.


After years of being friends with Marcus, Evie began sleeping with him a little over a year ago. Quickly, she claimed they were dating and brought him over to annoy her father. Most of her relationship with him has just been sleeping together, as she never really cared to ask much about him, not that he would have answered. She doesn't believe in being faithful, but she does expect Marcus to be faithful to her.

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Billie | 287 comments (( Not to be rude or anything, but is English your second language?))

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Billie | 287 comments (( Nothing, it just seems like it's your second language. If it wasn't, I might not have believed you were over 18. ))

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Billie | 287 comments Alright! How do you want to start?

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Billie | 287 comments Marcus had his own backpack slung over his shoulder as well as Evies. The whole hike up, Evie was busy texting, so she wasn't able to carry her own items. Finally, after hours of hiking, the four of them had reached the cabin. As Marcus unlocked the cabin door, Evie adjusted her short skirt as she looked into the woods, "Geez, it's so fucking hot out here."

Rolling his eyes, Marcus looked over at her, "Yeah, it's the summer, that's what happens. Why don't you and Ayu go find a pond to swim in?" Smiling, Evie removed her top and shorts to reveal a tiny bikini, swallowed by her perky body. Kissing Marcus's cheek, Evie took Ayu's hand and pulled her with her away from the cabin, " Let's go get cooled off Ayu!"

With Evie now out of his hair, Marcus pulled their things into the cabin before turning to Miles. It had been nearly a week since he had slept with Miles and he could feel the sexual tension building. Rubbing his hand to the cape of his neck, Marcus bit his lip, "So... How have things been with Ayu?"

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Billie | 287 comments Marcus felt the longing for the other male grow as their lips touch. With a hand against Mile's cheek, Marcus kissed him back passionately. As they their lips parted, Marcus felt a gentle smile grow on his lips, his words breathy. "Wow, I miss this... And Evie, she's like she's always been. Sleeping around all the time and still needy."

Evelyn Pulled her hair into a bun as they made their way away from the cabin and to a pond they could cool off in. Sighing, Evie shrugged her shoulders, "Ayu, I don't know what to tell you. I've slept with... Well, at least eight guys while I've been dating Marcus." Getting into the water with her barely there suit, Evie splashed herself with the water, "But you and I, we are from a different class. We are rich and boys should be glad to be called our boyfriends."

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Billie | 287 comments Marcus ran a hand down the other man's back, wanting him desperately, "Of course I want to be with you; most nights you are all I can think of." Kissing Mile's neck gently, Marcus whispered in his ear, "I love you too, I've never loved anyone as much as I love you."

Evelyn looked over at Ayu, unsure of what she wanted. "You want to do a sexy surprise for them? Like to get Miles to sleep with you again?"

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Billie | 287 comments (( You want to move to PM? ))

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