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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
After reading this chapter there was SO much that went on that I couldn’t come up with one specific discussion question. So here is what I did come up with. How did you feel after reading this chapter?

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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
SOOOO many feelings. I came up with this broad discussion question because there was just so much in this chapter. I felt asking one question just wouldn't cover everything. I felt anger, confusion, sadness and anxiousness.

First things first, I was SOOO angry. The fact that punk murdered Leota! I was absolutely furious! He was so delusional and sincerely thought he was helping her. He had done that to others already too. That just blew my mind. I don't think I breathed through that entire part. I kept thinking in my head "PLEASE let a nurse come in... let SOMEONE come in... Stop him from doing this..." After I finished this chapter I just sat there and cried for a couple minutes.

Nora finally hears everything she needed to hear. I think unfortunately if she had heard it any sooner she wouldn't have been as receptive. She had already started softening up so much. Also, I am so proud of Annie for finally being completely honest with Nora. I felt so sad when Nora had that feeling they should go back to the hospital but didn't. I really hope that's not something that haunts her.

Jenn Hall | 44 comments I too was in utter shock, My hand flew over my mouth and I keep saying no no, please no. And I lost it, I know that she was not my family or such, but that heart wrenching. I just couldn't couldn't believe it. And he thought it was ok, I guess it further drives in the point of "old people are best put aside and given little care" I don't believe it, but is it not the point we usually get from society and what Corbin's project was some what saying. I was also mad that he wasn't found. I was also sad because there was finally break thru and she is gone, unable to expireance it first hand. I was happy though as well. Maybe now Annie and Nora can move beyond the crazy and have a friendship

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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
I enjoyed what Jen wrote.

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