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Nikki | 23 comments What is up my Cranky Crew

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie sat in a small white walled room at the clinic down the street from her house. The air was sterile and coldness pressed into her skin as she scrolled through her facebook feed. The phone was stored in her bag at the sound of a soft knock.

"Hello, miss..." The nurse glanced down at the clipboard in her hand, "Coffman. How are we feeling today?" The nurse closed the door behind her and set a tray down on the counter.

Katie smiled politely. "Fine." Her eyes danced to the tray. There were a few things waiting, including some sort of bag, a juice box, and a band aid, but her eyes caught the needle. She had never minded needles, but she didn't particularly like them either. She forced her gaze back to the nurse, who was looking down at her clipboard.

"Good, glad to hear. I just have a few questions for you before we start." The nurse pulled a pen out of her pocket. "In the past four weeks have you had any shots or vaccinations?"

Katie shook her head. "Nope."

"In the past six weeks have you been pregnant or are you pregnant now?"

"Not that I know of." Katie chuckled awkwardly, but quickly stopped at the raised eyebrow of the nurse. She cleared her throat. "No."

"In the past year have you had any tattoos or piercings?"


"And may you confirm your blood type for me?"

"B Negative."

The nurse finished writing and put the clipboard to the side. "Good. We can go ahead and start drawing blood."

Katie sat quietly as the other woman tied off her arm. She poked a few times at Katie's inner elbow, then after finding a satisfactory vein she grabbed the needle. Katie turned away and closed her eyes as she felt the needle pierce her skin.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Her hands wrapped around the coffee, the warmth a familiar feeling. "Yeah, I don't know. Did you read some of the chemicals they were pouring out? I don't think it's going to go over to well." She swooped back a blonde strand that had fallen out of her ponytail and into her face. Her eyes roamed around the art on the wall from local painters trying to make it big.
"I think I'll have to trust the scientist rather than a college student." The barista said with a short laugh and cocky smile. His whitened teeth seemed to glint from the sunlight streaming in the large windows.
"I'm not a college student yet, Burr. Still have a few more months before school starts up." She smiled back, trying not to blush. "But honestly, I understand like its great and all that we're finally attempting to fix the ozone layer, but I don't think they've got it right. Sure, they're onto something but not with that mixture. Then again, they have to be pretty confident considering they already released into the air." Echo shrugged, chewing at her lower lip.
"Echo?" Burr asked.
Echo met his eyes her grip on the coffee readjusting. "Yeah?" She tried to hide a grin, could he finally be asking her out?
"There's someone behind you." He said, popping her hopes like a thumbtack on a balloon.
She tried not too look to deflated as she turned around, staring at the annoyed girl behind her. "Oh right," She grimaced. "Sorry. You're makeups really pretty." She added, leaving the shop with a downcast look.

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Nikki | 23 comments *A few days later*

Katie lounged on her couch, watching TV. Her boyfriend Ryan sat on the recliner next to her. Katie glanced over to him; he sat with a blanket pulled up to his neck and a large puke bucket was on the floor in front of him. "You look like shit." She told him.

"Thanks." He tried to chuckle, but it quickly turned to a coughing fit. Katie's watched helplessly until he calmed down. He grabbed a tissue from next to him and blew his nose, then reached into the bag of cough drops.

"Do you need anything? Soup? Crackers? Meth? Sprite?" Katie offered. "I'd be happy to provide."

Ryan smiled softly. "What was that middle one again?"


"Yeah that one. Who the fuck eats crackers while they're sick?"

"Literally everyone. You're just weird." There was a beat of silence, then she added, "Seriously Ryan, you look really pale. You've been sick for five days now and you're only getting worse. Please let me take you to the doctors."

"I'll be fine Katie, you know my insurance is shit. I've been sicker." He glanced over at her and noticed her concerned face. "You know I could really go for some Sprite right now. Would you mind?"

Katie made a face. "Are you just trying to make me feel like I'm helping?"

"No, you know I wouldn't do that."

"You totally would." Nevertheless, Katie slipped on her shoes and stood. She grabbed her car keys off the table and leaned down to kiss Ryan on the head. "I'll be back soon babe."

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Antimeow | 637 comments The quiet of her apartment greeted her like a friend she never wanted to meet. Out of habit, Echo found the remote turning the tv onto whatever station was already on, wanting to break the silence that had seem to take hold of the small living quarters.

She grabbed a water pitcher, caring for her vast array of plants hanging from every spare area in the room as if they were pets. She watered each perfectly, a system she had gotten down over years of learning. The amount of plants she had managed to kill seemed rather large but didn't begin to equal the amount of plants she had managed to keep alive.

"Millions of Americans are getting sick, could it be linked to the recent experiments released to repair the ozone layer?" The news reporter said, her voice clipped and fake.

Yeah right, Echo thought, rolling her eyes. She poured water into her golden knight cactus who she had dubbed Sir Al. Perhaps she was a bit lonely, having named all of her plants. She then changed the channel to a pop station, not caring to hear the woman's babble.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie drove home, a six pack of sprite and some more cough drops on the seat next to her. The store had been oddly empty, and the store clerk looked like he wasn't feeling all that great either. Maybe it was just a bug going around.

After arriving home, Katie pushed the front door open. Ryan wasn't in his recliner anymore, but she could hear the water running in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she was met with the sight of Ryan hunched over with his head in the sink. His neck twisted almost unnaturally so that his mouth was under the faucet that was pouring water at full blast. "Ryan!" Katie called out as she set her grocery bag on the counter and went to pull him out from the sink. "What the hell!" Katie managed to get him out and turn him around to face her, but she stopped when she saw his expression. His eyes were unfocused, and his brows were furrowed, as if he was unaware of what was going on. "Ryan, hey!" Katie reached up to him and drew his face closer. His eyes finally focused on hers.

Ryan's mouth opened, seemingly confused. He blinked, then smiled softly. "Hey Katie. You're back."

"Yeah, I am." Katie took a tentative step back, then motioned to the bag on the counter. "I got sprite for you. And more cough drops, it looked like you were running low."

"Thanks." Ryan said with a smile as he reached for a sprite. "It means a lot."

"Yeah. How about you go rest?" Katie suggested.

"That would probably be best. Thanks for going to get the sprite."

"Yeah." Katie muttered as he left. She looked after him. Why was he acting like that? She tangled her fingers into her dark hair absentmindedly, until a faint sound caught her attention. The sink was still dripping. Brows furrowed, she turned it off and left the room.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo looked sadly across her living room, during the days it looked beautiful, lively. At night however, with the sunlight absent from the room it looked more of a bad house, leaves splaying out in every direction. She decided to go out, get some fresh air.

She grabbed at a jacket on the counter throwing it over her favorite shirt. It was just a red top with daises thrown across it in a random fashion but she loved it all the same. The streets wouldn't be cold, but the jacket was a nice comfort, never mind who it reminded her of. She left her iphone on the counter, grabbing her half-full cup of coffee.

The normally packed street was empty, only a few people in sight. Echo hummed nervously, the eerie quiet of street had started to scare her, it didn't help that a late night fog had settled across the town. She didn't know where she was headed, but possibly somewhere cheerier.

Echo let her mind wander to Burr, wandering if he'd wanted to meet up. Probably not, he seemed testy with her lately. She had thought of him as a friend but as of recent he couldn't seem less interested in their conversations. When they had first met only months before he was more flirty, perhaps he had gotten bored of her. Echo could never keep a boy interested, it hadn't bothered her too much before but now she was worried that it would lead her to dying alone. Instead of being a crazy cat lady she'd be a crazy plant lady.

Echo had a skill for picking every one of her flaws almost as good as she was at picking shoes. She had more trouble picking out the things she liked about herself.

She hadn't even brought her phone with her, which was probably for the better so she wouldn't send a text to Burr.

She stared down the street awkwardly, noticing a guy walking the opposite way of her. Her anxiety flared as her mind raced. Should she move over? Is that weird? If she moves over is she insinuating that he's fat? He definitely was not fat. He was rather well built, oddly handsome in a tough guy way, Oh god, now she's checking out this poor stranger. Why was she being so weird?

An odd figure appeared across the street, catching the girl's attention and distracting her from the character walking towards her. She stopped to stare at the person. She knew it was rude to stare, but she couldn't help it, the stranger was thin, to thin. It looked like all the muscle on the man had been evaporated, his bones seemed thin but perhaps that's how thin bones were. Echo didn't know much about the size of bones. She would've chalked it up to anorexia or possibly another eating disorder, but his stomach wasn't thin at all, it was rather round and plump. How was that possible?

Before she could register what was happening the hot stranger had shoved her behind him suddenly as glass exploded around them. All while her coffee spilled across her chest. "What the-?" She yelled, trying to peer over the mans shoulder. The thin-boned big-bellied monster human thing had just broken threw the shop in front of her, smashing the window recklessly.

"What are you doing?" The man shielding her yelled at the strange figure who was breaking through the smoothie shop.

The figure didn't reply, but that didn't stop either of the onlookers from staring at him. The boy was the first one to move his attention, spinning around to face Echo. "Let's get out of here." He said, starting to grab at her wrist and pull her away from the shattered glass.

"Shouldn't we call the police?" She asked dumbfounded. "I don't know, this just seems like one of those things that you'd call the police about."

"Trust me, the police won't be of much help." He responded hurriedly.

"What does that mean? It's literally their job to help with stuff like this." She responded sarcastically, her anxiety evaporating as her adrenaline kicked in. Something about getting scabbed by glass caused it.

"The police station has been shutdown for days, no officers have been well enough to be on duty." The guy said, starting to drag her away.

She let herself be dragged, confused by what he had said. She passed the station nearly everyday and she had noticed that it hadn't been occupied lately, how had she not connected the dots that it had been closed?

She was too dazed to question the hot stranger pulling her, despite everything she had ever learned telling her that it was a horrendous idea.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie woke to the TV still on. She sat up and looked over at Ryan, still asleep in the recliner. She must have dozed off on the couch. She grabbed her phone to check the time: almost midnight. She stretched, then stood and turned the TV off.

Plunged into darkness, she crept to the kitchen. She opened the fridge, hoping for a snack, but she found it barren other than a few slices of pizza from a couple of days ago and quarter gallon of milk. She decides against the pizza, but pours herself the milk.

Happily, she sniffs the fatty goodness. Whole milk: probably the best thing that has ever happened to this world. She takes a sip and closes her eyes in ecstasy. Her milk induced mental orgasm is interrupted, however, by the soft creaks that announces Ryan's approach.

Katie could just barely make out his face from the light of the lamppost outside. "Hey." Katie speaks softly.

At the sound of her voice, Ryan's head snapped up and his entire body tenses.

Katie took a step back, surprised, stumbling but able to catch herself. They stand still for a half a moment, but Ryan breaks it by launching himself forward with a snarl.

Katie takes another step back, her hands fumbling behind her. In a panic, she turns and reaches to the top of the fridge.

There was a bang, then silence. Katie held the smoking gun with shaking hands. Ryan lay on the floor, blood leaking out of his head. Katie's breath was ragged as she lowered the gun.

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Antimeow | 637 comments They pulled up to a row of smaller houses. "Okay can you please tell me what happening?" She asked, finally speaking after the long silent car ride in his rather nice jeep.

"No?" He said, sounding unsure of himself.

"No? What do you mean No? You can't just kidnap me and then not explain what's happening. I don't even know your name!" She started getting worked up, grabbing at the 'oh-shit handle' on the car. This definitely seemed like an oh-shit moment.

"I didn't kidnap you! You came willingly! And I can't explain what's happening because I don't fully understand what's happening." He ran a hand through his dark hair, sucking in air as if this conversation had punched it all out of him. "I just know that this isn't the first weird thing that's happened lately. Something wrong with the people in town, and if you want to survive your best chance is to get out of town."

"If I'm supposed to get out of town then why am in a car with you, at your house, in a town?!" She screeched.

"Because I couldn't just leave you out there, could I? What if that monster came after you when I left? I couldn't exactly live with that over my head." The man replied, trying to sound reasonable.

"I think a sane person would be okay with that!" Echo cried.

"Well then a sane person sucks." He yelled out, huffing out as he fell back into his seat. "Okay, listen. I'm not saying you've got to, I just think that right now is a really good time to not split up. I don't know what's happening, but our odds would be better if we stuck together at least until I figure out what's happening. Unless you have some qualified survivalist you'd rather chill with?"

Echo bit at her cheek angrily, she felt cornered and scared. She knew something was odd lately, but was it as dangerous as he had described it?

She met his eyes, sideways in her seat. The full moon glinted off their ocean blue color, making her more upset. You're not supposed to look that good when you're scared, it's just plain unfair. She sat back with a huff, still chewing her cheek and questioning her options. Hey eyes stared at the roof of his jeep, dancing back and forth across it.

She turned back around, staring at him again. "I'm Echo." She stated.

A lopsided smile appeared on his face. "Bash." He responded.

"Like bashing someone's brain?" Her eyebrows furrowed.

He gave a short laugh. "It's short for Sebastian." He shrugged.

"Oh." She told him falling back into the seat again. She stared out into the night sky, trying to find the dipper as a way to calm herself down. "You're letting me borrow a jacket." She demanded.

"Who made you the boss?" He asked, trying to sound angry but an obvious lightheartedness was present in his voice.

"You made me spilled coffee over mine!" She cried.

"I was saving you!" He responded disbelieving.

"Yeah but you ruined my jacket and I want a new-" She started getting cut off by a loud noise. "Was that a gunshot?"

Before she even choked out her sentence Sebastian was slamming his car door and running to the source of the noise, a light yellow house with a white door. "What the hell?" She yelled, hopping out of the car and running after him.

"Sebastian! Stop! What are you planning to do?! You can't fight someone with a gun! Are you mental? A bullet is way faster than you, you can't just outrun-"

Her rambling was cut off by his hand clamping over his mouth. Her thoughts raced, each another way to call the stranger stupid. He pulled his hand back, raising a finger to his lips aggressively. He turned back to the lovely white door, its wood beautifully carved, before kicking down the door.

"So much for quiet." She mumbled angrily.

"What the hell?" Bash yelled, racing towards the girl standing in the kitchen, her back to the door. He gripped at her gun, prepared to wrestle her for it. Echo stood in the door, frozen in fear.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie heard a muffled crash, but she was too numb to react. She still stared down at the body of the man she's just shot. She'd been with Ryan for nearly three years, since her freshman year of college, and now he was laying dead on her kitchen floor.

There were footsteps now, somewhere behind her. Getting closer. She clutched the gun tighter as she started to turn to the intruders. She was stopped mid turn, however, by the force of someone running into her. She stumbled and felt a pull on her gun. Katie clumsily attempted to throw her elbow into the stranger's abdomen. A bang echoed through the room as the gun went off on accident. Katie felt her elbow connect with the figure, though she wasn't exactly sure where.

Bash grunted when the girl slammed her elbow into his chest. The gun went off and he felt a flash of anxiety that it might have hit Echo. He wrenched the gun out of the girl's hand and pushed her away. He glanced over to Echo, relieved to see that she was fine, watching the fight scene play out with wide eyes.

"Dude what the fuck!" Katie exclaimed. When the stranger had shoved her, she had fallen to the floor. She now scrambled to stand, a flare of white hot anger erupting inside of her. "What the actual hell are you doing in my house! You had no fucking right to come in here like that and attack me!"

"And you had no right to shoot someone!" Sebastian snapped.

"No, you don't understand, he - I had to - he was going to hurt me." Katie struggled to explain. She looked down at Ryan, then her eyes snapped back up to the stranger. "I don't have to tell you why. Give me my goddamn gun and get the hell out of my house."

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Why would I trust you with this gun? Have you gone mad?" Sebastian yelled, nearly spitting in the girls face on accident. He pushed the gun behind his back waving it out to Echo,

Echo took the hint grabbing at the pistol nervously. "I don't think she's the one that's gone mad. Look at the man she shot, he looks like the other one." Her hands shook against the cold metal, the idea that this weapon had just killed a man. She wasn't a fan of violence, and she wasn't a fan of the gun. She didn't even know what she was supposed to do with it.

"Thin boned?" Sebastian said, stepping back from Katie to giver her space to breathe. "This isn't good..." He mumbled, losing himself in thoughts.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie crossed her arms. "Yeah. Of course I'm not fucking mad." She looked over to the boy. "What do you mean thin boned?" She looked back down at Ryan. The boy was right; his limbs all looked abnormally thin. His skeleton poked out at unnatural angles. Except his stomach, his stomach looked too bloated in proportion to the rest of his body. Her gaze went up to Ryan's bloody face and she suddenly felt the need to puke. Katie breathed in deeply and looked away. "What the hell is going on?" The question wasn't really directed at anyone, but it felt better to have it out in the open anyway.

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Antimeow | 637 comments "We-we don't really know," Echo said soothingly. She stepped closer to the girl with her arms held open as if to say she came in peace, despite the weapon still awkwardly in her small hand. "This isn't the only person that's like this, I think it's happening everywhere."

"And it's not safe, so if you want to survive you ought to stay with us." Sebastian said gruffly, rolling his eyes at Echo's attempt to be kind. They did not have time for explanations, they needed to get out of there before more of the odd humans showed up.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie took a step back from the girl, wary. "Stay with you? Have you gone mad?" She addressed the boy. "I don't fucking know you." She forced herself not to look back as she pushed past the two intruders and walked to the living room. She motioned dramatically to the front door that still hung up from the two's entrance. "I can handle myself, so if you don't fucking mind, you can leave now." She glared at the boy. "And the door was unlocked."

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo stifled a laugh into her sleeve, still damp from coffee.

"Whatever, it's your choice, I'm just trying to be helpful. Have fun fighting alone." Sebastian shrugged passive aggressively.

"Don't listen to him." She told her shooting Sebastian a glare. "Listen, I don't really understand what's happening, and truthfully I'm horrified. But if any survivalist documentary I've watched is correct, we need to stick together." She rambled, twiddling her hands awkwardly. "We're going to Sebastian's house to grab some supplies, then we're getting out of here. I just think you should join us." She said awkwardly, silently hoping she'd say yes.

She was scared to disappear with one random stranger, somehow having two seemed less scary. Like if one of them turned against her the other one would be there to fight them off.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie swallowed. Whatever was going on, it actually did seem like a good idea to not be alone for it. She took a deep breath. The girl actually appeared to be pretty nice, even if she did seem a bit dim. The boy seemed like a large bag of dicks though.

She thought of Ryan. He was her closest friend and the only family she had. Without him, there was nothing tying Katie down to this place. If she stayed, she would have to scrub his blood out of the floor, and she didn't know if she could handle that. And she couldn't deny that there was something really wrong going on with the world right now. She wasn't blind, she'd seen everything gradually falling apart in the last few weeks.

"Fine. Give me my gun though." Katie reached out a hand to Echo.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo started to hand it over, happy to get the gun out of her hand, but Sebastian quickly shoved it back into Echo's hand. "You seem a bit trigger happy, I don't know if we should trust you."

Echo bit at her lower lip, a lack of trust was probably the least helpful thing in their situation. "Hey, c'mon we can't bicker like this. We need to be gathering supplies." She prompted, hoping to change the subject.

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Nikki | 23 comments Another flare of anger shot through Katie. "No." She shushed the girl and turned to the boy. "You cannot come into my home, take my gun, invite me to come along with you, and then refuse to give it back when I agree. Quite frankly, there is something royally fucked up with the world right now, and I would feel a hell of a lot more comfortable facing it with that gun in my hand. At a certain point it might be necessary to use that gun again, and I've already proven that I can do what needs to be done. I don't know that I can say the same about you." Katie took a deep, angry breath, still glaring at the boy as her words hung in the air.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Sebastian studied the angry girl in front of him, his eyes sweeping up and down her body in thought. Echo bit on her lip nervously, hoping Bash wouldn't say anything to piss her off more.

Suddenly, he smirked. A small grin growing on his face. "Take your gun." He said admiringly, letting Echo offer the gun again. "I'm Bash, and this is Echo." He gestured to the small girl next to him.

"Are you with us?" She asked quietly, holding the pistol like an olive branch.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie felt the urge to take a step back as the boy studied her, but she stood her ground. She let out a breath when he told the girl to give the gun back. "Yeah I'm with you." She said, softly smiling at the girl as she claimed it. "So we're going to your place then?" Katie asked, turning to the boy again. "And also," Katie raised her eyebrow, "Bash? Like, bashing faces?"

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Antimeow | 637 comments "That's what I said!" Echo laughed, tilting her head back slightly as she did so.

Sebastian rolled his eyes at the girls, not feeling up to explaining. "No, Bash as in Sebastian. And yeah we've got to get some food or drinks or whatever. Also, she needs a new jacket." He added, sticking up a thumb to gesture to Echo who began to nervously twiddle with her coffee stained hoodie.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie nodded as Sebastian spoke, then checked the clip in the pistol. It was down two bullets, so she put it back and tucked it into her belt. "I'll be right back!" She walked quickly back to her room and crouched to bring out a small metal box from under her bed. She opened it; it contained a couple packs of bullets, a lighter, a first aid kit, rope, a battery powered radio, flashlight, and a few extra batteries. She pulled out a mostly empty backpack, threw the contents away, then stowed the metal box in. She stood and looked around the room. She stuffed a blanket on top and zipped it up.

Sebastian watched as the girl leaves the room, then turns to Echo. "How are you doing? Holding up alright?"

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo glanced down at her feet, making a bad habit of biting her lower lip. "Umm yeah, it's been a weird day I guess. Hasn't really hit me yet." She started to shift her balance from foot to foot, feeling awkward in the messy kitchen.

"How are you?" She asked, not lifting her gaze from the sink stacked with dishes. The pile looked like it hadn't been washed in weeks.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie bustled back into the living room, her bag slung across her back. "Okay, I'm ready to go." She glanced over to the entrance to the kitchen, sparing a brief thought for Ryan, dead on the floor. She shook her head slightly to clear it, then walked out the door, hoping they would follow.

Sebastian met eyes with Echo and gave her a small shrug, then turned to follow the girl out of the house.

Katie calls over her shoulder, "The name's Katie, by the way."

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo watched as they made their way through the doorway, staring vacantly as a thought took her mind. She turned around briefly staring at the man on the floor, a pang of sadness hitting her. She knelt down on the linoleum floor, not daring to breathe next to the lifeless body.

Without a second thought she closed the strangers eyes, hoping that he'd find peace somehow. Then Echo followed last, acting as the caboose of the group. She ran to catch up with the whom were nearly outside Sebastian's front door already.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie approached her neighbors house. She'd never thought to meet any of her neighbors before, and now she was about to skip town with him and some other girl while the world goes to shit. She glances back to Echo while Sebastian walks into his house, then she follows.

Sebastian pushes open his front door. The usual silence of the empty house greets him, but it somehow sounded more eerie now. The past couple of days had been tough, and he was a bit shaken up to see the dead body in Katie's house, but he wasn't going to show it. Katie might be able to handle herself, but Echo seems like she's going to need someone to lead. So far Echo seems pretty emotionally vulnerable and she seems to need someone to protect her.

Sebastian shook off his thoughts and strode into his house. He made his way to the closet in the hallway, where all his old backpacks hung. He grabbed the two in the best of shape - a large grey one and a smaller black one with grey stripes. He made his way back to the kitchen, the two girls trailing behind him. "Okay," He said, "Food and water." He turned to the pantry and started digging in the bottom, in the canned goods.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo walks around quietly, the floorboards creaking underneath her. She brushes her hand across a dusty dresser before her hand scraped against a pocketknife on the shelf. "I'm taking this." She told Sebastian without turning around, not waiting for his approval as she continued her sweep of the dusty living room. Not much for cleaning, she thought.

She turned back around studying Sebastian's tall figure. His hair was dark and swooping in his face, she resisted the urge to walk over and push it out. He turned to grab bags and she examined his muscular back and broad shoulders. "Don't forget to grab me a jacket." She reminded, hell bent on getting a jacket.

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Nikki | 23 comments Sebastian glances over his shoulder to see what Echo had found. It was an old switchblade that a friend had given him some years before. "Yeah, go ahead." He said, turning back to the pantry. "Probably best to be armed until we know for sure what is going on." Sebastian grabbed a handful of canned foods and stored them in the backpack. He thought for a moment, then threw in a bottle opener and a flashlight. He checked the fridge for water bottles, but only found three and one that was half empty. Sighing, he stored them in the larger bag as well.

Katie looked around. Sebastian had busied himself packing the bags and Echo was exploring quietly. Katie sat down on the kitchen counter, allowing herself a moment to breathe.

Sebastian silently made his way back to the closet he'd gotten the bags from. He shuffles through old jackets of his, aware that Echo wasn't going to let the whole jacket thing go. He found an old green jacket that looked like it might fit her. "How's this?" He called, raising it up as he walks back into the room.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo pulled off her hoodie in one fell swoop, discarding it on his rugged couch. She fixed her shirt that had slid up from pulling the hoodie off before snatching the jacket out of his hand. A grin spread across her face like an eager child as she slid the jacket over her arms. It nearly reached to the bottom of her skirt but she didn't mind. It was comfortable despite reaching past her hands. She felt like the jacket had devoured her but it smelled nice and it kept her warm.

"I like it." She said promptly before walking over to Katie. She bit at her lip nervously before working up the nerve to ask her what had been on her mind. "Was that man your boyfriend?" She said it quietly, not even sure if it was audible. She knew it wasn't her business but she was curious, and her curiosity always seemed to win out.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie gently put her hands on Echo's shoulders and pushed her back, eyebrows raised. "Okay, first off, personal space. Second off, it really isn't any of your business. It doesn't matter who he was anymore." She stepped back a half a step. "It doesn't matter anymore." She repeated.

Sebastian cleared his throat, then changed the subject. "Well, we should get ready to leave pretty quick." He began to finish filling up the larger backpack. He then tossed the smaller one to the girls, not really caring who caught it. "Can you guys go fill this up with blankets from the closet?"

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo grabbed at it quickly, throwing it over her shoulder in one motion. She still studied Katie, giving her a once-over to try and read her emotions. She was well at hiding her emotions, much better than Echo.

She bit at her cheek feeling like an apology was needed. "Sorry." She shrugged awkwardly, making her way over to a closet. She pulled open the door revealing jackets and bags. "Errrr...."

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Nikki | 23 comments Sebastian glanced over his shoulder and noticed Echo standing in the doorway of the closet they had previously been in. "Oh, not that one." He called. "It's the closet in my room. Down the hallway, last door on the left."

"Right." Katie said with a hint of sarcasm. "How could we not have guessed." She looped her finger into the loop on top of the backpack that still hung off of Echo's back and pulled her gently down the hallway.

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Oh okay, I guess we're going this way." Echo mocked, letting herself be dragged backward into the room. She stood in the doorway, examining the doorway. Trying to piece together what kind of guy she was about to run off with.

His bed was huge, it had to be a king size, a dark blue duvet laid across it. His dresser was stacked with books, titles she couldn't make out. His closet door was open, blankets on a top shelf.

She turned around to Katie, not wanting to admit she couldn't reach the top shelf. Instead she went for a joke. "Listen I think you're a lovely lady, but I really don't swing that way." She smiled.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie chuckled at Echo's joke. "Well if you say so love." She joked. Her eyes danced around the room. It was overall very neat, and his bed was very large. There was an overflowing basket of laundry beside his dresser, but she supposed it really didn't matter when they were leaving anyway. She turned to the closet, where the blankets were on the top shelf. She reached up and managed to grab the lowest one with ease, and the rest fell with it into her arms. "Here," Katie said, setting the stack of blankets onto the large bed. "How many do you think we should take?"

Sebastian watched the girls go down the hallway, then walked back to the larger backpack and continued to fill it with food.

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Uhh.... Three? Maybe? I don't know? How many can fit in it?" She said, before silently grimacing. That's what she said.

"Sebastian!" She yelled out the door. "How many do you think we should grab?"

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Nikki | 23 comments Sebastian looked up at his name. "As many as you can fit." He called back. He was almost finished filling the larger backpack. He tested out its weight; it was pretty heavy. That was fine, though, he could handle it. He was, of course, going to be giving the backpack with only the blankets to Echo. Sebastian would be fine with the heavy one, and Katie could handle the pack she had made herself.

Katie nodded. "Let's see." She had no trouble stuffing the first three into the small pack, but the fourth required some persuading. The fifth just barely allowed the pack to zip. "The answer is five." Katie said, flashing a smile to Echo.

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Like a tootsie-pop commercial." She mumbled, too lightly to be heard. She bit at her cheek awkwardly watching Katie stuff the bag and not knowing how to help out. She stifled a laugh watching her struggle with the fifth blanket.

"Here, I'll take that bag." She offered, feeling like she was finally doing something to make her useful. What if she wasn't of any use to them? They both seemed so bad-ass and Echo herself had never handled a gun.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie let Echo take the almost hilariously overstuffed backpack and swing it onto her back. She smiled. "Looks good on you love." Katie then led the way back to the kitchen, where it looked like Sebastian was just finishing up packing the last bag.

Sebastian looked up when the girls walked into the room. He smiled softly and swung the pack onto his back. "We good to go then?" He asked.

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Where are we going?" Echo asked leaving the room behind Katie. "I mean like, are we just gonna drive anywhere and stop when we get tired? What's the plan here?" She asked. "And we should probably be getting more water, my cactus wouldn't even survive off of how much you grabbed."

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Nikki | 23 comments Sebastian nodded, thinking. "We're most definitely going to need more water. So our next stop is going to be the grocery store. Not sure what it's going to be like. There's most likely not going to be any workers, and to be safe we can expect anyone to attack us. After that, we probably head into rural areas. Cities aren't going to hold anything for us except the sick. Once we get away from the majority of the population, we can figure out what to do next."

Katie furrowed her brows. "What do you mean figure out what to do next? We know what we need to do. This is a disease that takes the humanity out of those it touches. We're going to have to purge the world of the sick."

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Antimeow | 637 comments "Kill them?" Echo's eyebrows shot up, her jaw nearly slammed on the floor. "Have you gone insane?" She screeched, disbelieving. "Don't you have family or something that you care about?" Her bright blue eyes widened in fear. What kind of people did she just sign up to hang out with?

Echo looked wildly to Sebastian. "You're not with her on this are you? You think it's crazy too, right?"

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Nikki | 23 comments Sebastian looked between the two girls. Both had two very different stances, and he didn't think it would really help if he took a side. "I don't really think we need to concern ourselves with that right now." He finally said. "We'll do what it takes to survive for now, but we won't go out of your way to kill them." Sebastian looked at Katie. "Okay?"

Katie's eyes flitted around the room, looking for a way out of the situation Sebastian had put her in. She didn't want to split up the Scooby gang so quickly. "Fine." Katie's eyes met with Sebastian's and she crossed her arms. "For now, I won't go out of my way to kill the creatures that are trying to kill us."

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo's arms folded crossly over her chest, pouting like a child. "Fine." She said, her nose scrunched up in frustration. These were he only people she could find, and they could be the best people she could find. "I'm not killing anyone, though. That's up to you sharp shooters."

Her eyes focused on the ground, her foot swiping at it absentmindedly. "Trigger Happy." She mumbled under her breathe before biting at her cheek angrily.

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Nikki | 23 comments Katie's eyes snapped up to Echo. "Yeah well at least I get the job done. Do you think I wanted to shoot my fucking boyfriend?" Her voice raised dangerously. "You're not high and mighty just because you refuse to pull a trigger, it just makes you stupid and complacent."

"HOW about we not do this right now?" Sebastian cut in. "We can deal with our different ideas on how to deal with the sickness once we get water and get the hell out of Dodge. Now let's go." He began to walk out the door, hoping the girls would follow.

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Antimeow | 637 comments Echo glared at Sebastian's retreating figure, wishing she could shoot lasers out of her eyes straight into his back. No matter how hard she tried, his shirt refused to catch fire. Damnit.

She turned back to Katie, her anger bubbling. "You think you're so great because you're okay with murder?" She taunted, realizing her anger wasn't aimed at Katie.

She was angry at everyone else, if anything else she was happy to have Katie, she didn't want to be alone, and Katie seemed fearless. Not to mention Sebastian seemed a bit better of a conversationalist. Still, Katie was there and she needed something to aim her anger at. "Wow, congratulations. What? Do you want a golden star?"

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