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Ok, sort of like RP, but it's one big continuing story, where every body adds something.

It was a dark and stormy night.....

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((Ha! me too!))

When she saw a shadow creep past her bedroom window...

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She saw the shadow again from the corner of her eye....

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She saw footprints outside, and decided to follow them...

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She gasped and twirled around to look straight into the eyes of....of....of....of...of...((writers block!! help! may-day! falls over dead!))

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She woke up in a dark room, she couldn't move her arms or legs. she was tied to a chair and gagged. there was a weird smell in the room and she had the feeling she wasn't alone...something was hiding in the corner...two glowing eyes blinked at her....

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Awkward silence...

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"Uh... who the heck are you?" Mranda asked.

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"I'm your worst night mare," growled the beast with an evil laugh.....Then he emerged from the darkness...and he only 3 feet tall...

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"I take it back!!" Miranda screamed.

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so the creature shrunk back to it's previous size. when she got a good look at him, she saw he was wearing green clothes. he was a....a....a Lepercon (how ever you spell it :)

"I suppose you know why you're here," he said.
"No, I don't," I choked out.
"you're here because you stole my gold!" screamed the little green man.
"Oh, and I'll get it back, you'll speak sooner or later," he said with an evil smile.
With that, the evil little man walked back into the darkness to stare at her with those evil glowing eyes.

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She woke up in a dark room, and it felt like she was on a boat, everything was rocking back and forth. She started to freak out because she didn't know where she was or why she was there....

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