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A Conjuring of Light (Shades of Magic, #3)
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JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments A great conclusion to the trilogy. I have a new favorite heroine in Lila Bard, thief, pirate, newly discovered magician, and all around bad—! The action picks up right where it left off in book 2. The usual players are back and must put aside their differences in order to battle Osaron, the awakened demon from black London.

Why did I Love this trilogy?First, the world building was interesting with different worlds with varying degrees of magic, all with a city named London. Only very special magicians, named Antari, can travel between the worlds. Red London is part of the world with a healthy respect for magic and is ruled by the Maresh family. The king and queen had a son named Rhy and an adopted/son guardian named Kell, who is an Antari. One of the other things I loved about this story was the relationships between the brothers. In this installment, the family dynamics is one of the focal points of the story. The back story of the king and queen is revealed which provides some explanations as well as conclusions to some unresolved feelings of both boys.

Overall, I highly recommend the series for those that like fantasy with a focus on relationships, but with a fair amount of adventure thrown in. Also note, this is not young adult -- she does write young adult under Victoria Schwab, but uses her initials for adult fantasy.

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Tracy (tstan) | 1182 comments I started this series earlier this month, and set it down, due to the craziness of December. It just wasn’t keeping my interest at the time. I’ll pick it back up in January and try again.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments I will say that I didn’t love the first book, but it definitely grew on me.

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