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Evil | 1611 comments Go for it! I like ideas ;3 plus I need to find a pic for my dom

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Cass | 231 comments Hahah great!!

Name: Cherry aka Sophie
Age: 21
Sexuality: Bi
Looks: https://orig00.deviantart.net/1b22/f/...
- she's 5'2, and doesn't wear glasses now that she's been operated on
Backstory : Sophie had one of the worst jobs in the city, labouring over the tiny metal screws that went into the more fortunate's electronics - phones, vid screens, and tablets - sorting them as fast as she could as the conveyor belt moved on. Her life was like a scene out of the industrial revolution, with very little of the technology she slaves over being in her life at all. Living in a worker's compound with varying roommates as girls had been moved from job to job, she had stayed. No friends. No family she had seen since she was old enough to work. No life.
At lunches she started to poke around, instead of sitting by herself and eating her daily meal portion, she started talking to others who had been at this work station for long. And that stirred the pot so it even brought in the younger workers too. In a few months time they planned a strike - standing up from their stations, turning off the heavy machinery, and demanding the compound be shut down or they be paid fair wages. Sophie was the voice of the movement in compound D26, but it wasn't enough. One shock with a taser and her body crumbled, before they decided she would be too dangerous to move to another compound and that they should instead remove a bit of her sparking personality.


My eyelids were heavy and my head was aching, but I fought against the foamy feeling and managed to open my eyes. It was difficult too, and there was a feeling of distraught and disobedience as I did so, but I couldn't figure out why.
I blinked.
Then another time as I sloggishly sat up from the cold metal table I was laid on and propped myself up on my elbows. My memory was foggy but last I knew I was beginning the operation. I looked like I was in a small nurses ward but I still had my memory so ... I couldn't have been operated on.
Footsteps got louder as someone neared the door and I quickly dropped back onto the table and resumed my peaceful position, closing my eyes once more.

"Cherry ... open." An older male voice said. Without my control my eyes popped open, as well as my jaw dropping and legs starting to spread. The voice chuckled and I did my best bit to growl.

"She's quite sensitive ... the client will like this." A female voice added.

"Cherry, get off the table." This was the male again. My legs slid over the side and I hopped off, standing tall - as I could be -before these two doctors, with my mouth still open. I hadn't noticed before, but I could feel I was wearing tall heels, though I didn't dare look down unless ordered to. I didn't want them to put me under the knife again. "Close your mouth." He added softly, before taking my arm.

"Your new owner is here to pick you up." The woman said, as she and the man started to lead me from the room.

The hallway before us was lined with pristine mirrors on either side of me, so I was able to see more what I was wearing. A small silky and completely see through red top was draped around my breasts, but ended right at my nipples, leaving the small buds poking out. And much to my horror the little buds were each pierced, and had a small jingling silver bell attached on hoops. I could feel something jingling softly against the flesh of my cunt, and although I couldn't fully see it knew that under the see through and high cut red panties was another identical piercing and bell on my clit. I had been right about the heels, each foot was in a 5 inch or so strappy red heel, that had a tiny heart shaped lock around my ankle to keep me from removing them ... well, I wasn't supposed to be able to anyway, but maybe whoever had purchased me wanted that. My hair was in two long braids - longer than I remembered, I must have been unconscious for a while - each ending a little under my shoulder blade and swinging softly as I moved.

They led me through May hallways and I did my best to keep my eyes forward, and a docile expression on my face as they finally led me towards the front entrance where a younger man and well dressed woman were waiting for me.

"Oh Frederick she's absolutely perfect! He's going to love her!" The woman squealed, squeezing her partner's arm. "Cherry dear, come."

And I did.

I followed behind the pair out into the bright sun and around to where their car was waiting, sat down obediently in a back seat and let them buckle me in. The orders worked on me without me being able to fight them, but I suppose it made my pretending easier. When I was finally alone I would test out how much I could do, but until then I just had to act like a mindless little doll.

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Evil | 1611 comments Awesome:)

This is my guy Emery (but goes by Em): https://i.pinimg.com/736x/69/54/c6/69...

He’s in his late 20s and a very dominant kind of guy, but he’s a gentleman when he’s not a dom:) im not going to put down a backstory or more personality traits down just yet because usually both develop as the story moves along))

I leave my client on her bed, passed out and contented. Straightening my suit I pull on my jacket and tuck the money in my pocket. One hand brushes my hair back as I make my way to my car, where my phone goes off in my pocket. I pull it up on the dash board and see I’ve got a voicemail from my mother. “After work, why don’t you come over for a nice family dinner? We haven’t had one in ages and your father wants to see his son. Love you sweet pea!-“

I groan at the thought of having dinner with my mother... as much as I love her, she is overly cheery. All. The. Fucking. Time. I was happy when I moved out. But it doesn’t sound like she’s giving me much of an option to come. Starting the car I turn into the street and take my time getting to my parents’ house, wondering what they could want from me - you don’t just call out of the blue just for a “family dinner”.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I was in a human sized box. Not like a coffin, like a Barbie doll box for humans. Before the put me in it, they played a red collar lined with white fluff around my neck, with my new name engraved oh it and told me to 'stay still' - though the command was starting to wear off and I was getting fidgety - I saw a giant red bow on the top. These people were insane. The cardboard box alone would've cost me three weeks earnings.
And of course the house was beautiful too. It looked like it was from hundreds of years ago, with big stone steps they led me up and a giant chandelier in a ballroom. Like a castle from a fairytale, except updated with all the new tech my now soft and manicured hands had worked on before. Everything was up to date, and I even caught a glimpse of a woman with an apron flitting around. Did they have others like me here as well? There was no hiding what I was for, but seeing the other chippeds was unnerving. Their eyes were dead, whereas mine still had a dull spark in them. Had their internal narrative stopped for good? Would mine eventually quiet down as well?

I had too many questions and my legs were starting to ache from standing so straight. I needed someone to come and let me out of this stupid box soon, or I would fall over and my cover would be blown. Maybe normal chippeds sometimes fell too, or at least their legs would buckle. Maybe I could just lower myself down to the cardboard beneath me ...

The sound of a third pair of footsteps jerked me back into position, as I heard them approaching the door to this fancy little room with all its couches and the big stupid tree with sparkling lights. This room made no sense to me ... it wasn't for eating or sleeping or shutting so why in hell was it here?

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I walk in the door to see a giant life size Barbie looking box standing beside the tree. “What the hell is that?” I stare at the pink monstrosity.

“Watch your mouth!” Dad snaps.

“Surprise, sweetie!! Go ahead! Open it up. Your father and I picked her out just for you!” Mom gushes. Her?! What? I hesitantly step in front of the box, throwing off the giant ass bow and open up the box, cocking a brow upon seeing one of those dolls. I keep my disgust hidden and plaster a fake smile.

“It’s... really thoughtful.”

“I’m glad you love it! Her name is cherry.” Cherry? I swallow back the urge to vomit. “And very obedient. Go ahead! Just tell her what to do!”

I sigh and decide to humor mother. “Come,” I say softly.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
The opening of the flap and flooding of light made me squint for a moment, but I quickly fixed my eyes forward once again staring at the chest of a man. From what I could see, he didn't look too much older than I was, nowhere near as old as the others. But his face ... it was scrunched up in disgust.
You and me both buddy.

The command wrenched my body forward, jingling softly as I stepped out of the box and closer to him. He seemed repulsed by me, which would most likely get even more tiresome than if he had swung me into an embrace. How was I supposed to be around a man who hated the very sight of me!?
I was getting ahead of myself. I just had to wait until I was alone and could figure this all out for myself. The fact he thought I was vile was another matter all together.

"Isn't she precious?" The woman piqued up from behind him, clasping her hands together in glee. "We even got her a shiny new collar!! The leash is around here somewhere. And I know - I know they're all obedient, but with your profession we thought you would enjoy a little extra!"

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
A little extra what, exactly? I think to myself as my eyes flick over the woman, still trying to decide how to react. Of even what to say. In the end, I settle for a simple thank you and a hug to both of my parents, though now I wish I never came over.

What is the point in being a master when your pet has no choice but to obey you. No spark to defy you... honestly, with these Chipped kids there is no use for open anymore. Or prostitutes, or even me, for that matter. Only reason I’m still in business is because I’m just that good at what I do.

“Does she speak at all?” I ask as I’m handed a pink collar with a matching leash. So help me, she better speak. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell im going to call her Cherry - god, just thinking the name makes me sick.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I just stood there silently, doing my best to keep my attention forward - though, when I was absolutely sure no one was looking at me I would glance towards the family. . . They were all a fairly attractive family. The younger one - my new owner, I suppose - had soft looking shoulder length hair. And along with the people in the medical compound, were some of the cleanest I'd ever seen.

I could just imagine one of the boys back home growing out their hair and sticking it under a cap to keep it away from the machinery. . . Dirt smeared across their face, a tight and worn t-shirt stretched over his muscles. If I ever got back I'd maybe suggest that Darien should grow out his. Or even Jeorge. It was quite a handsome trait, it would even look good on Henry!

The man's rude question snapped me back to reality, and I felt my lips moving as a cheerier version of my own voice broke the tension.

"Simply ask a question, Sir."

Fuck. They even programmed certain responses into me. If I had a choice I would've stayed quiet just to spite him.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I blank for a minute trying to figure out what to ask. Everything I want to ask would upset both my parents and I am not prepared to deal with those consequences. So, I settle for faking it. “Ready to go home?” I ask and without waiting for a response I take her hand and pull her out the door, thanking my parents over my shoulder. The little bells attached to her piercings jingle with each step. I ignore mothers laughing and whispering behind me.

28 years I’ve known my parents and I still don’t understand them. Aren’t normal parents supposed to be embarrassed at the mention of their son having sex for a living??

Helping the girl into my car I buckle her up in the front seat and speed on Home.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
"Yes." I responded, truthfully and more in my own voice, but it didn't matter. His hand was quickly upon mine and he jerked me forawrd, making me stumble as I tried to keep up. He was so angry ... didn't these rich people like chippeds?? Wasn't that the whole point??

He buckled me into the seat and I kept my gaze forwards, doing my best imitation of what I assumed a chipped would do. His hands were warm on my naked flesh and he grouchily leaned over me and buckled me in like a child. . . This would be difficult not the react to. Especially with the goosebumps spreading across my exposed flesh.

But as we sped down the road, I couldn't resist turning my head to the side and watching in wonder at the new and beautiful world around me.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
Once in the comfort of my own home, I relax a good deal and toss my suit jacket on the sofa. The motion activated lights flicker on in the living room and a robotic voice over the sound system welcomes me home. I turn to face the girl and cross my arms over my chest. “Do you have another name I can call you by? Perhaps a birth name?” I ask her softly.

I toss the collar and the leash on top of my jacket then, unable to stand the damned bells jingling anymore, I remove them one by one but leave in the piercings. I wrap the bells in a handkerchief to silence them and wait for a response.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
Hearing one of the sound systems in action was interesting, I had never seen such a finished stage of one before. I was staring around at his apartment, before he turned his disapproving gaze back to me.
"I -" I stopped for a moment as his fingers brushed past my nipples and removed the bells. . . To my dismay he left in the hoops. That was a new part of my body I suppose I'd have to get used to. The slightly hidden one on my clit remained, but it gave me a bit of hope that he would take it off when he noticed.

"I'm not supposed to tell you, I think." I said slowly. His words weren't a command, so there was no programmed response within me, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what a doll would say. Just cock it's head to the side and smile prettily? Respond with it's given name?
This was going to be hard to fake.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I arch a brow at her response. Huh. So she’s not a husk. There’s something there after all. Seeing a faint glint in her eyes I cross my arms over my shoulder and tense my shoulders. “Okay, how about this. Tell me your name. And tell me how the hell do you still remember it,” I command.

From what I know, the Chipped ones are complete husks with no conscience of their own. Nor do they have any memory of who they used to be. Now how the hell is it that she remembers her name AND that she can decide what she can tell me.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
Fuck. Oh my god fuck fuck fuck, I fucked up. Why did he ask if chippeds didn't remember their names??? Was it supposed - was I supposed to not respond? Was it rhetorical?? Fuck fuck fuck.

He looked so angry of my god I was going to be sent back to the medical compound and they were going to fix me and I would practically die oh my god oh my god

My mouth was hanging open and quivering slightly as I tried to think of what to say.
"S-sophie." I managed to finally stutter, "and I - I don't know how I can remember I just can but - some of that - some of *me* works the way they're supposed to. I work, I promise. I work!!"

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
She starts panicking. I hold my hands up, trying to say that I’m not going to do anything. “Relax. I’m not going to return you or anything. Just calm down, deep breaths,” I say softly and take her hand, leading her into the bedroom.

I have her sit on the bed while I root around my closet for something she could wear. I settle on a long silky violet robe and hand it to her. Then I sit beside her and get to business. “Honestly I don’t care if you ‘work how you’re supposed to work’. I don’t use people. Nor do I like completely obedient slaves,” I tell her bluntly.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I shifted on the bed, watching him as he pulled out a robe for me. It was so strange ... why was he alright with me being defective? He seemed less angry than he did when he unwrapped that stupid box.

I slipped into the pretty robe and tied it around my waist, thankful for the coverage it provided. "Sob. . . You don't like chippeds?" I asked slowly. But, it didn't slip my notice that he still said he liked slaves - just not obedient ones.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“Not in the slightest,” i respond and turn to face her. “I dominate people for a living. Where is the pleasure in dominating someone else ho has no choice but to submit,” I explain to her as I run a hand through a hand through my thick hair.

Then I strip off my shirt and change into an old T shirt, relieved to be wearing something loose. Stripping off my pant I do much of the same and pull on loose pajama pants that hang low on my hips.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
"Dominate people for a living?" I repeat dumbfoundedly. This man was having sex for a living while I was - no pun intended - slaving away in a factory until my body gave out?? I thought these people were rich for a reason! Not just ... over sexed snobs who don't even appreciate what they have!

I shift my position on the bed, scooting back a little more and leaning onto my hands. "I don't understand." I said slowly

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I sigh. “For one reason or another - whether loneliness or satisfying a fetish or what not - they pay me to help them live out their fantasies. Don’t give me that look, I don’t just have snotty rich clients. If I have down time I’ll sneak into the tenements by the factories and help out a few worn out souls relax a bit. I don’t charge them - I help them out all on my own.”

I sit beside her even as she withdraws from me and stretch out on my side, propped up on my elbow.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
It was a command. Immediately my expression changed to a softer one, and my head jerked down. God, this was going to take some getting used to. "We can handle ourselves. It's not like we're all pure virgins down there." I grumbled softly, unable to stop myself.

It felt patronizing, for some reason. I should just be thankful he isn't sending me back to the medical compound, but I can't hold back my opinions. I take a deep breath, before turning back to look at him. He seemed so relaxed ... wearing clothes with holes as he lounged on his huge bed. A bed like this could fit at least five people in it. The gratuitous wealth all around me would take some getting used to.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“Trust me, i know. But not everyone has a personality like you,” I reply with another sigh and look over at her. “Have you eaten yet today?” I ask. Someone at least should have fed her something that’s not the shit factory workers are forced to choke down.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I sighed softly and shook my head,. "I only ... woke up a little while ago. Although I don't actually know *how* longs ago. The sun was out when your friends picked me up."
Talking about it made my stomach churn. As presented, I was jus a toy they picked up at the toy store. A fancy toy, of course, but a toy nonetheless.
"I was probably on one of those little needle tube things before they woke me up. The thing they stick in your wrist?" I asked turning towards him.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I just shake my head in disappointment and call for Liz (the house controls) to prepare some dinner. I get a robotic confirmation in response before I hear the faint movement of dishes in the kitchen. “Dinner should be ready in a few minutes, if you don’t mind waiting,” I reply.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie.
No response. . . He was a strange man. He didn't like chippeds, had sex for a living, and seemed to have his brow permenantly furrowed. Maybe it was something I said - maybe he didn't like the needle tube things!!
"Uh, no of course not." I respond with a nod, before timidly adding, "thanks."
Should I be thanking him? Maybe I should be thanking him more profusely ... he *is* not sending me back, but I don't know what he intends to do with me.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“You’re welcome,” i reply and look over at her. “Sophie,” I begin, “Tell me about yourself. I know you worked in the factories before... this mess, but that’s it. Do you have any family?”

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I pull one of my braids forward and begin to fiddle with it slightly. "Well ... I do t think there is actually that much to tell. No family. Haven't seen any of them since I was 8. They're probably still in the rotation somewhere, but I have no clue where. For all I know they could be dead."
Once you were separated it was pretty much goodbye. I knew mothers and fathers who carried old photos of their children in their pockets but believing in them was like believing in angels. Most likely they were already gone.
"I've been at this past location - compound 274 - for the past few years but honestly, I don't know how long I was being operated on for so it could've been a year ago for all I know. Anyone I knew there could just as likely be gone." My voice sounded hollow. These were all just facts of my life, but it didn't make it any easier to accept them. Especially since I wasn't even sure what month it was.

"I - I have a question." I said decidedly, turning towards him. "Why did your friends decorate a dead tree?"

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
A dead tree? It takes me a minute to figure out she means the Christmas tree. “A religious tradition that my mother is convinced will keep my family together,” I reply with a shake of my head. “No matter how many times I tell her she doesn’t believe me when I say I’m not religious,” I explain.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
"You worship a tree?" I snort, trying to hide my smirk. That was pretty damn stupid if you asked me. "I thought you rich pricks just worshipped each other's asses." I grumbled under my breath, staring back down at my lap. Anyone who had the exorbitant amount of wealth these fools did and didn't care about the lives of those that did all their work for them could go die in a big fancy car crash for all I care.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I shoot her a sharp glare. “I do not worship a tree. I don’t worship anything,” I repeat for her. Just then Liz’s voice comes over the intercom announcing dinner. I get up and wave her along. “Well what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s eat.”

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I give him a slight glare. I wasn't being slow, he didn't have to snap. I stand up and start to follow him, getting more used to moving in the red heels. Hey, maybe that can be a new skill. Stupid heel walking.

"I know how to make those." I comment, nodding to one of the intercoms as we passed.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I watch her struggle in the absurd red heels. “You do realize you don’t need to wear those if you don’t want to,” I add, taking a seat at the table. Two plates are already set out with glasses of water as well as utensils. I don’t waste time digging into the spaghetti and garlic toast.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I twist my ankle towards him to show off my pretty heart shaped locks. "Your friends had a lot of fun ideas." I respond, before settling down in my seat. The food smelled amazing, and after being starving for pretty much my entire life I started to gobble it down. The only thing I'd had that even looked like this came from a can, and the sauce definitely wasn't red. I take a bite of the toast and close my eyes, practically moaning. Fuck that tasted good. The scent was intoxicating, but the taste?? I'd never had anything quite like it.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I hide a smile upon seeing her reaction. I take a bite of the toast. “If you think it’s good by itself, try the toast with spaghetti on top of it,” i suggest in between bites, licking my lips. I’ll help her out of her shoes after dinner, I need to make sure she gets enough to eat first.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
It's like I didn't realize how starving I was until I tasted real food. It was like it was made with real ingredients. I took his suggestion and ate them together, but at the rate I was going, I was soon completely finished. I wiped my mouth on the napkin a took a few big gulps from my glass of water, before sitting back n my chair. "What's in that?" I ask him curiously. Everything tastes so full, so ... vibrant? It was just so different.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“The spaghetti, you mean? Just pasta and tomato sauce with herbs and spices,” I answer as I lick my lips and get up. Then I take both of our plates and set them in the dishwasher. Looking back at her, I’m relieved to see her satisfied.

In the kitchen, I dig through drawers until I find a bobby pin and return to her side. I kneel by her feet and take one small ankle in my hand. “Hold still. This will take only a second.”

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
"Okay no but ... real tomatoes? If it's - aren't those all gone?" I ask timidly, sitting up as he takes the plates and puts them in a big metal drawer with racks inside. Strange. I recognized the little screen on the side of it, but not the device itself. I bit down on the inside of my lip as he lifted up my ankle, feeling a fear bubble up in my chest. He seemed kind and was getting these damn shoes off, but his gentle touch still shocked me a little bit.

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Cass | 231 comments (Boop)

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“In the wilds, yes, but I keep a small garden in my basement. If you’re interested I could show you after I get these abominations off,” I offer, growling at the sight of her raw ankles. Honestly! What the fuck is going through their heads when they put this shit on? Asking Liz for the first aid kit, a small metal arms extends out of the wall holding the plastic case. I open it up and grab some medicinal cream and some bandages.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
He manages to get the shoe off and I glance down, seeing the rough red line around my ankle where the band had been. I winced as he started to bandage it up. "I'm fine. I've had much worse." I try to protest, even though he didn't really listen.

"I would like to see the garden though . . . How do you grow things inside?"

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
Straightening, I set the kit aside and motion for her to follow me downstairs. “It’s nothing fancy, really. I have everything planted in whatever containers I can find and leave them under Day lamps.”

Opening the door I walk in the expansive basement and gesture to the various plants taking up most of the space. Checking on my basil plants I touch the soil, happy to find it’s still damp. Good. I won’t have to worry about watering until tomorrow.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I stare in awe at the forest of green around me, timidly reaching out my fingers to touch the leaves, half afraid they would shrivel away. "Its so beautiful." I whisper, my fingers dancing along the top of the dirt. I had never seen so much green in my entire life. So natural, so clean . . . It was insane.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
My lips curl in a gentle smile, watching her muse over the greenery. It’s so easy to forget that workers rarely see plant life anymore. Not just the lower class workers, that is. Even wealthy snobs don’t care enough to grow a weed. The only green anyone seems to care about is money. Watching Sophie touch the dirt and the leaves I put a hand on her back. “If you’d like, I could show you how to plant.”

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I jump slightly as the soft touch of his hand pulls me out of my inner musings of green and rain and dirt and freshness. I quickly relax my muscles and let his hand rest there, before turning up to look at him. "I would enjoy that very much, thank you." I said quietly, as a small smile played around the edges of my lips.
"I have another question for you. . . Do you know if - anywhere - out there there's a *real* tree? One untouched by our technology and machinery and smog and shit?"
It was just a curiosity really, but I had always dreamed of seeing a real tree. There were children's songs about flowers and meadows and forests and I had always dreamed of what they would look like in real life. I'd seen pictures of plants before, in old books or scanned onto vid screens. I'd seen the manufactured things that we were told came from the ground in our food . . . But . . . A part of me yearned to get even further away from here. I was out of the smog and heat, for sure, but was there any further?

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
I think for a moment. “That, i honestly don’t know. I’ve never made it out past the factories. Even there I can’t see ten feet in front of me. I thought if I went too far I’d get lost and die.” I blush a little in admitting my fear. Truly, though. The smog was bad in the first place—it’s only gotten worse from what I could tell. Makes me wonder if anyone else notices the pollution too.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I snorted softly. I'd lived my whole life in that air, you weren't likely to die from getting lost. Maybe walking into something or off a rocky path, but getting lost? "You must have a very bad sense of direction." I comment, cocking a brow. I knew that we made them little map on the vid screens, but I assumed they could still get around.

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
It’s my turn to snort. “You have no idea,” I chuckle softly as I pick off a leaf from one of my lemon basil plants. I pop one into my mouth and offer her another. “Here, try one,” I smile.

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Cass | 231 comments Sophie
I tentatively take the leaf and lay it across my tongue, tasting the strangely fresh and bitter flavors there. It was interesting alright, zesty almost. It could be more of a smell than a taste, as even after I'd swallowed the piece the scent was still lingering in my nose and throat.
"Do you tend to all these?"

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Evil | 1611 comments Emery
“I try to. In between appointments and such, I try to get around to all of them, but sometimes I don’t,” i tell her as I scan the rows of sprouts, herbs, and blooms. Towards the end of one row I find a couple dead parsley plants. Pulling them out I toss the dried stalks into my compost bin.

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I watch him carefully as he goes about the plants, my curiosity still piqued. "I like it down here." I say finally, leaning against on of the tables with my hand. . . But I was getting tired. My legs hurt from standing for so long, and my emotions were running wild. I felt fine now, but by morning who knew? Things were just changing very quickly.

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The corner of my mouth turns up in a small smile. Good, maybe these little guys won’t die with me after all. “Feel free to come down here whenever you like. Maybe soon you’ll be taking care of these guys too,” I suggest eagerly, flashing a wider, honest smile at the thought.

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