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Enchanted Bookshelf (enchanted_bookshelf) | 2 comments Hi there,

I am just finalising some edits on my first book, Discovering Forever.
I am looking for three Beta Readers to read it and provide feedback.
It's 70,000 words long and I am looking for a one month turn around.
Discovering Forever will be sent to you in word so you can make and track changed or comments in the margins, otherwise you can write your own comments in a separate document.

Discovering Forever is Wicked Lovely/A court of Thorns and Roses.
Ella is a human who gets pulled into the Fae world of Arcadia due to her best friend being a Prince for the Winter Court. She is now the focus of an age long rivalry between the Summer Prince, Kieran and the Winter Heir, Bashton.
Ella is eternally bound to Kieran, but something went wrong. Kieran is vulnerable due to his and Ella's connection. Should she be harmed, he will too.
In order to save her and end the connection they travel to the Shadow Court. The place where prisoners and outcasts are sent to live out their days. Queen Sandrine will assist for a price.
This kick starts a series of events that they could not have imagined.
Confusing love, friends divided and a Fae war approaching.
Ella is now a pawn in a game she doesn't know how to play and one wrong move could get them all killed.

Please respond here or contact me directly.
Thank you,

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Klaire Soper | 3 comments Hi Kimberley,

I’m happy to read for you. My email address is



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