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KIM SEUNGYOON " SYK "   ───────────────────────
dance 5 rap 2 vocal 4 potential 3 charm 4
twenty-six & vocal/dance & soloist

Seungyoon is used to being told that he looks tired. Writing, choreographing and performing multiple songs a year for six years has got to him, and if he's being honest with himself he should really tone down the choreo before his knee gets any worse. But he's stubborn, and he doesn't want to stop, so he won't stop. Even though both his doctor and his manager have said that he needs to take it easier — needs to take the pills so he gets a good night's sleep for once, needs to stop spending hours upon hours in the practice room.

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nam minsoo 16 ; moons ; rapper

rankings :
dance : ★★★☆☆minsoo is kind of a whiny brat, but he's
rap : ★★★★★also sixteen, so what were you expecting?
vocal : ★★★☆☆he's annoyed, because he's stuck in this
potential : ★★★★☆stupid competition with a bunch of people
charm : ★★☆☆☆who are five to ten years older than him
and the worst part is he shouldn't even be
(view spoiler)here. this is for washed-up failures, not
people who debuted a month ago.

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+ 20
                     MooNs + vocal & dance

                            (view spoiler)

DANCE: ★★★★☆
RAP: ★★★☆☆
VOCAL: ★★★★★
CHARM: ★★★★★

sangmin doesn't quite understand why he's on this show since he only just debuted but he tries to stay on the bright side of things per usual. even though, he's pretty sure the competition will wreck his nerves since he's prone to anxiety and dark thoughts but what's the worse than can happen, right? all he has to do is smile and be positive because other people's happiness helps him feel better about himself. it's not like he's going to have a nervous breakdown because he's past that stage of his life. well, at least that's what his therapist says.

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JEON MINHYUN : twenty-five, vocal/rap, p.l.a.t.i.n.u.m* (2013) / 2night (2014 - present)

DANCE :12three45|
RAP :123four5|
VOCAL :1234five|
POTENTIAL :123four5|
CHARM :1two345|

* each of the letters is the first letter of a member's [stage] name.

If you told someone that one half of 2Night first debuted in the abject failure that was P.L.A.T.I.N.U.M, you'd probably get laughed at. Minhyun has done his best to erase all memories concerning that group, and he'd like to think that nobody will ever associate him with the cringy 2013 aesthetic. Now he's known as the depressed half of 2Night, because instead of acknowledging his negative emotions and finding a way to fix it he opts for locking all his emotions in a box and avoiding anything that might set them off.

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  RANKINGS : ────  D 5  ────  R 2  ────  V 2  ────  P 5  ────  C 3
  SECRET: ──────────────────────────── (view spoiler)
His name means star and he's in a group called Stardust. Which is ironic, because he's always been known as the member who kind of sucks at being an idol. He's not good at singing, he's not good at rapping, he's clumsy and uncharismatic — the only things he's got going for him are he's a good dancer and he's energetic. In other words, Byeol is basically a talentless visual except he can dance. And while Stardust's line distribution may have been kind enough to keep him from making a fool of himself (see: having maximum three lines in a song), The Unit isn't going nearly as easy on him. Because unlike the company, they're not the ones who picked him. They're not going to be embarrassed if he fails.

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PARK JAEWON / twenty + vocal & dance + galaxy

DANCE :123four5
RAP :1two345
VOCAL :123four5
POTENTIAL :1234five
CHARM :1two345

SECRET : (view spoiler)

As the maknae of Galaxy, the ‘golden child’, Jaewon is supposed to be cute. Because that's what they decided when he was a sixteen-year-old about to debut, and that's what he's been stuck with for the past four years. After much complaining on his part about wanting change — and wanting to be allowed to grow up — the company decided he could go on The Unit, since they needed some sort of publicity stunt to keep the group successful anyway. Maybe he can change his image this way. And maybe he can stop feeling so ordinary — because normal might be safe, but it's boring and if his fans found out that he's pretty much a normal 20-year-old guy then it would, in the company's words, ‘ruin everything’.

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"Hades" Song Jinwoo
20; Moons
dance & rap

Dance: 1 2 3 4 5
Vocal: 1 2 3 4 4 5
Rap: 1 2 3 4 5
Potential: 1 2 3 4 5
Charm: 1 2 3 4 5

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JANG DOYEON   ────────────  twenty & rap & BE4 guitarist

DANCE ──────────────── three
RAP ──────────────────────── four
VOCAL ──────────────── three
POTENTIAL ────────────── three
CHARM ───────── two

Doyeon doesn't want to be here. He wants to be at home, reading a book, surrounded by people who don't constantly want something from him. Or, ideally, not surrounded by people at all. But he promised his boss that he'd give it one last shot, so here he is.

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im mingyu – twenty-three & rap & 1st's lead rapper — d4 / r4 / v3 / p4 / c3
on stage, mingyu appears confident. but he's not confident in the slightest — he has very little faith in his own abilities, and he rarely takes initiative because he expects to fail or to be told that he's doing it wrong. he's working on this — he hasn't failed yet, so logically that means he is good at what he's doing. and hopefully once he gets that into his head, he can start to relax a bit rather than working so hard and staying to practice longer than everyone else.

─────────────  (view spoiler)  ─────────────

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 "JOJO" Choi Young-jo | 18 | stardust + vocal 

Dance:   1   2   3   four 5
Vocal:   1   2   3   4   five
Rap:   one   2   3   4   5
Potential:   1   2   three   4   5
Charm:   1   2   3   4   five

A face and body like that does not belong to someone as kind hearted and generous as Young-jo. With a face like that, people expect him to be one of those bratty one hit wonders who have the talent to go places but waste it on meaningless scandals. But Young-jo is far from that. He's kind, but not naïve. He knows what he wants and he knows how to achieve his dreams without anyone stopping him. He is determined and he works hard. He was lucky enough to be born with his talent and he only received minimal training from instructors since he couldn't afford them. He became widely known from his low quality song covers he shot in his bedroom and posted online. Jojo is charismatic and he keeps a "good boy" image to keep paparazzi and rivals from coming after him to try and ruin his career with petty rumors. SECRET: He wants to leave his band and debut solo. He knows he has a big enough fanbase, so why not get all the fame and glory to himself?

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kwon hanjae / twenty—two & vocal & main vocalist + maknae of 1st / d3, r1, v5, p4, c5 -

hanjae is a sunbeam. optimistic and seemingly always happy, he's not particularly intimidating even when annoyed. the only way he ever gets the other members to do what he wants is by acting disappointed — because nobody can stand to see a sunbeam unhappy. the most significant thing about him (aside from his voice) is his unimpressed laugh, which sounds like "ha. ha. ha. so funny" except it doesn't use words.

────────────────  (view spoiler)  ────────────────

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twenty-five// rapper/model
D2 R5 V3 P3 C4

People as attentive, considerate, thoughtful, and helpful as Ryunghoo do not belong in the music industry. They get criticized for their kindness and they are used for their naivetés. They get eaten alive. And that is what kept Ryunghoo from rising through the ranks. People walk all over him and he's too kindhearted to keep them from doing it. He gives too many second chances to too many people, even though most don't deserve it. His main strong suits are rapping and his on and off stage charm. He's able to mask his self doubt and body image issues in front of cameras that people can't help but think of him as perfect. SECRET: One, he has anorexia nervosa. Two, he once, right after debut, beat up a reporter who was getting too nosy about his eating habits and his body.

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"SOLAR" Moon Dohyun// soloist
twenty-seven// singer/actor
D3 R2 V5 P3 C5

Everything about Dohyun is still tied with his past in the band p.l.a.t.i.n.u.m. His stage name, which is the opposite of his old stage name from pre-debut (aka. Lunar), the reason he continued pursuing a career in the music industry, despite the negative reputation given to him at the disbandment. If a newly formed band failed so quickly, then what did that say about its members? So he did get sidetracked, due to his lack of luck in music and he turned to acting, another area he excelled at. He slowly built a new fanbase for himself that he knew would support him if he went back to his music career. But he needed to get involved. No matter how easy it was for him to write and record a song, it will never reach the charts or even the radio if he did not have enough popularity. The Unit was sure to give him enough popularity to get the ball rolling. His underlying intentions however was to come see Minhyun again, who was his ex whose relationship ultimately disbanded p.l.a.t.i.n.u.m. Dohyun doesn't like to admit it but he had been trolling Minhyun's social media when he found out about the unit and decided he wanted to be closer to him. Especially after seeing how good Minhyun looked. Really, really good but his face still pushed on Dohyun's every nerve. Dohyun wasn't the type to have stable relationships. So their relationship was only headed one way and that was downhill. But Dohyun had to admit that he just loved toying with people's hearts and he loved the game he played with Minhyun the most. Mostly because it hasn't ended yet.

Dohyun is the type to leave people high and dry. He is abrasive and isn't ashamed to exploit people for his own convenience. His parents honestly have no idea how he is the way he is since they were one of the best people in the country. Humble and living out in more rural and peaceful areas, they were nothing like the chaotic, controlling, and drunken man. He uses his tongue and power of words to persuade anyone to do his dirty bidding. He throws around paper money like they are plastic trinkets and cares little about the people he walks over. His only good qualities really are that he sings well, plays the violin and piano, and he cooks and cleans like a strict parent would. SECRET: There have been occasions in his youth where he had run away from home and settled to sleep under subways.

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this gorgeous child @hanniesolo has finally
come back from japan. can't wait for his comeback on the unit!
#haneundal #theunit #princessleia #eundaltrash
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hoondai ew. i hate seeing posts about him. i don't understand the
nugutbars @hoondai then please escort urself off her page. you're
not wanted.
seoulsouls i just started to stan recently! hoon and eundal are
such cute friends!
eunhahah @seoulsouls oh honey... a storm is coming your way.

bio (view spoiler)
rankings: D5 R0 V5 P4 C4
secret (view spoiler)

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keep on the lookout, bamboons: 14 more days!!
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princesslei I bet this one will suck more than the first
hoon4king @princesslei bitch? better than "princess" leia's music
hoonedfordayz OHMYGODOHMYGOD he's finally releasing
something, it's been forever.
presidenthoon2k18 @hooned4dayz I mean it's only been
five years

bio (view spoiler)
rankings: D1 R1 V5 P2 C3
secret (view spoiler)
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formerly known by the stage name BLAZE (블레이즈)DANCERVISUAL


ZODIAC BOYZ: Debuted in 2010, they were the twelve boys meant to represent the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. And, as the maknae of the group, Jinyoung — or, as he was known at the time, Blaze — got saddled as the pig. That's right: for seven years, with no break, Nam Jinyoung had to introduce himself with the cringeworthy "Oink, oink, I'm the cutest pig in Korea, Zodiac Boyz's Blaze!" So really, is it any wonder that he left?

It wasn't, of course, the only reason. With too narrow a vocal range to make it as a soloist, Jinyoung turned to acting and modeling to keep his name in the search engines. It wasn't what he wanted, or liked — he wanted to dance — but it was somewhere he could be Nam Jinyoung, nobody's pig. Some would say that he left the company after his contract expired in order to get a new start. The more honest ones would say that his group had held him back the entire time. Up until the day of their disbandment, none of the other Zodiac Boyz were even remotely known. But this was something that they all agreed on together, and they're all ready to move on to the next stages of their careers. (view spoiler)

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RANKINGS   D  ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪   R  ▪ ▪ ▪ ▫ ▫   V  ▪ ▪ ▪ ▫ ▫   P  ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▫   C  ▪ ▪ ▫ ▫ ▫

SECRET   he might have stolen and gotten suspended for
a week in his first year of high school. why? because his
friends told him to and he was too scared to say no.


Minhyuk probably didn't do too bad for his booting evaluation. He can rap, sing, and dance - and very well, at that - so what's there not to like? The live audience liked him, the judges liked him, and netizens were impressed. But that's probably not going to last very long. See, Minhyuk has a whole lot of stage presence and skill, but off the stage, he doesn't have any variety sense to save his life. None. At all. He's shy, he doesn't have any interesting talents (or hasn't found any, at least), and all he does is cling to his best friend in Killer King (who, for the record, chose not to participate in The Unit). It's really funny, because just like how five whole years of constant promotion hasn't done his group any favours, it seems to have done just about as much for Minhyuk's introversion. And he's not too sure why he's here either. Maybe it's to prove to everyone that he's more than just the kid who hides behind his bandmates and that he can take care of himself just fine, but if he's going to keep on talking as much as a rock, he's got a long way left to go.

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STATISTICS (view spoiler)

YOU MIGHT ASK why an artist from one of the Big 3 companies is on The Unit. Bitch, Jaejin's wondering, too. Tsunami isn't anywhere near nugu status ─ sure, they're not out there winning daesangs, but they've won their fair share of awards (including at least one music show win for every song since their second comeback), toured on two continents other than Asia, and have a steadily loyal fanbase since debut.

But then KHC Entertainment acquired Plan B Entertainment as a subsidy, and everything went to shit. Well, actually, it had gone to shit before that ─ Jaejin is, undeniably, the least popular member of Tsunami. The resident flop, so to speak. And really, he's going to blame KHC for that one, because he blames KHC for everything that's gone wrong in his life. It's not his fault CEO Kim told him he needed to be Tsunami's innocent lovely prince, the least possibly fitting concept for Jaejin. He's not even the maknae! Why does he have to be the innocent one! And what's so innocent about making suggestive remarks in a baby voice, anyway? If he has to say one more of those god-awful, 2008-kdrama worthy lines that the company gives him one more time, he might actually kill someone and it'll probably be [Juno's character]. Jaejin has the least amount of fansites, and he's not even the ugly member, so that's saying something. As long as he has to stick to the character he cringes, the fans cringe, it's a mess all around.

And then that's not all. It gets worse. (Can you fucking believe this bitch?) He's put into a project duo with some guy from Plan B Entertainment who's been on hiatus for like fifty thousand years, because it's "good for promoting both groups" and "your fans will love it." Fans?? What fans?? Jaejin doesn't fucking have fans because they all left him for sexy beast-dol leader Junho hyung!! But apparently he still has some fans left, or maybe Mr. Nugu does (lol yeah right, and Jaejin's the Queen of England), because somehow (how???) KNIGHT's debut song hit mainstream popularity.

So now ─ now!! ─ because apparently that's not good enough for KHC, they're both going on The Unit. To """promote the new project unit.""" By competing to be in. Another. Project. Unit. Yeah. Both. Including Big 3 boy group member Hong Jaejin. What do they think Jaejin is, a fucking trainee? Can't CEO Kim just, like, shoot him instead? Or run him over with the company van? It would be kinder than this kind of humiliation.

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Dance:   1   2   three   4   5
Vocal:   1   2   three   4   5
Rap:   1   2   three   4   5
Potential:   1   2   3   four   5
Charm:   1   2   three   4   5

Eunwoo is the band member that's just there. He feels as if he has no real significance and can be replaced by anyone more talented than him. He doesn't like having too much attention trained on him. During interviews or fan signs, even during concerts, he would do his part before moving behind other members. There are rarely any pictures of him either alone or in group photos. He's always overly cautious and thinks things through before taking action. He completes all work and always puts work before fun or social life. He tries his best to keep his friends and bandmates out of harms away; always without attracting too much attention to himself.

When they got into the accident, Eunwoo put all blame on himself. He should have been the one sitting in the front, he should have been the one who was injured severely. If he was injured, Phoenix would have still been a successful band since the main rapper and leader had more talent than he did.

Eunwoo is not the type to like to talk about his parents. He was an only child who received his parents undivided attention. Some say that negative attention is better than no attention at all but Eunwoo would like to testify against that statement. His parents made him the way he is, afraid to expose himself and pursue his dreams. They made him shy away from people and flinch at every sudden movement or loud noise. His psychologist hopes participating in the unit with his bandmates will help bring him out of his shell. SECRET: He was abused as a child. No one knows about this because he never talks to anyone about it. No one thinks he's important enough to ask him about his childhood so why even bring it up?

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정 재 현J E O N GJ A E H Y U N3.28.93

dance fourvocal fourrap one
potential fourcharm three
phoenix(view spoiler)

Many contestants on the Unit haven't gotten to taste success yet─but Jaehyun has. In 2011, back at the time of Phoenix's debut, Jaehyun had felt like his life was just finally beginning. They were on the rise, monster rookies from a company that had previously only housed actors. But then the accident happened, and three of the members were forced to withdraw because of their injuries, and now it's just Jaehyun and Eunwoo, the would-have-beens.

It's been a while. It's been a while, and Jaehyun has made peace with the things that have happened, even if he can't look back fondly. The others─they're doing okay, these days. They have jobs, Donghyuk hyung is even married, and maybe Jaehyun isn't really in contact with them after all this time, but he thinks that it's okay for him to move forward, too. He's spent the past years mourning Phoenix's lost potential, lost opportunity, everything they could've been with all five of them. He's spent the past years kicking himself, wondering if he really should continue─but when it comes down to it, there's nothing Jaehyun loves more than singing and performing, and he's not going to give up on it.

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Birthday 1993. 08. 04 (24 years)
Blood Type Type O
Height 183 cm
Weight 59 kg
Hobbies eating while lying down, gaming
Specialties forgetting choreography
Charming Point legs that will make any woman jealous
Debut 2013 Single Album "Oppa Oppa"

KIM HEECHUL, also known as XTREME XPLOSION's Xiuman, was kind of unprepared for this shitshow. As in, he didn't know he was going to be on said shitshow until he was scrolling through some news website on his toilet and found an article that announced, "EGG Entertainment Confirms that XTREME XPLOSION Will Participate in The Unit."

Because as it turns out, apparently there's some section in Heechul's esoteric contract which allows his company to drop him into survival TV programs without his consent. Which would be fine, except the XTREME XPLOSION (eXciting Teen Romance Emotional Man Era eXceptional People Love Opens Super Interesting Opportunities Now) duo wasn't originally meant to be a music oriented group. No, Xiuman and Jungxu first joined this company thinking they'd be part of a gagman unit that did like, skits and shit. So yeah, this entire "last chance" program is more than a little nerve-wracking. And yeah, it's kind of confusing when you have the same name as the CEO of the most successful entertainment company in South Korea. And yeah, now that he's here, Kim Heechul (the idol, not the CEO) kind of wants to make it big.

dance ●●●○○ potential ●●●●○
rap ●●●○○ charm ●●●●○
vocal ●●●●○ (view spoiler)

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정 수J U N G X U


lee sooman (이수만)twenty-four years oldvocalist and self-proclaimed visual

EK (엑)! SEU (스)! HELLO, WE ARE XTREME XPLOSION! ─ Despite what the public may think, XTREME XPLOSION are not joking when they say they're determined to be the next big thing, though their entire existence might very well be a joke. The duo XTREME XPLOSION debuted in 2013 under EGG Entertainment. The name is an acronym for eXciting Teen Romance Emotional Man Era eXceptional People Love Opens Super Interesting Opportunities Now, with older member Xuman representing "XTREME" and relative maknae jungXu representing "XPLOSION". Fans of XTREME XPLOSION are called "Funkytowns," and the fan color is Dynamite Red.

SECRET (view spoiler)

The dumber half of the idol industry's notorious dumb-and-dumber duo, Lee Sooman (also known as jungXu) seems, to many, too good to be true. Read: He's dumb as rocks in a truly unbelievable way. Honestly, XTREME XPLOSION's career hasn't been too bad, at least not for two comedian trainees who were thrown out into the music industry as pop idols at age nineteen. Their debut song reached unexpected success in 2013, charting at #69 on the Peach hourly music chart for the song's comedic value. The public soon after decided that "Oppa Oppa" was just a particularly wild fever dream, and moved on. What remains is XTREME XPLOSION's niche fanbase, which has kept them afloat since then.

According to the public, XTREME XPLOSION is only on The Unit as a deal between KBS and EGG Entertainment to boost viewership through the power of comedy. But the public says a lot of things, like You only chose your stage name to capitalize off of the success of Jinx's Jang Jeongsu (which Sooman did, but don't call him out on it). And the truth is that Sooman doesn't know why he and Xiuman are on the show. Sooman doesn't know, because Sooman doesn't know anything, because no one ever fucking tells Sooman anything. But hey, at least the cafeteria food is alright, and if he's going to be here, then he's going to give it his all and show off those sexy hips and Xplosive visuals.

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NAME| Chul Bo-YeonTALENT| rapper, dancer
SEXUALITY| bisexualSTATUS| single
DOB| 4/91DANCE| five
VOCAL| fourRAP| four


HEIGHT| 6'0'WEIGHT| 140 lbs
HAIR| brownEYES| brown
BUILD| leanMARKINGS| freckled shoulders

(view spoiler)

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juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments Mod

twenty-one ∙ resembles cha eunwoo ∙ vocal ∙ member of diamond & 2wink

All those beautiful, beautiful selfies of Hajoon? Taken by Patrick, actually. It's part of an elaborate scheme to make it look like Hajoon took them, but his actual selfies are trash and he's been banned from posting any he took himself.


Visuals? Check. The ability to say the cheesiest things without breaking a sweat? Also check. Kang Hajoon, member of Diamond and of sub-unit 2wink with fellow member Patrick, is here to steal your hearts. Of course, there are a couple of catches:

#1. The reason he's an idol is because if his family won't be there for him, at least his fans will be
#2. Despite how great he seems to be at flirting, he wouldn't be able to see it if it hit him from a mile away

Catch him as The Uni+'s number one troublemaker with Patrick, though. And catch yourself feeling second-hand embarrassment from literally anything Hajoon does. But it's okay — at least there's his handsome face to make up for it.

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BAK JIN-SEONG : Jin ◦ SolidS vocalist ◦ 20
dance [ ✩✩✩ ]   rap [ ✩✩ ]   vocal [ ✩✩✩✩ ]   charm [ ✩✩✩ ]   potential [ ✩✩✩✩ ]

(view spoiler)

If ever there was a person who embodied the word extra, never have they fit as well as Jin-seong. Like literally. There's an Urban Dictionary article about him and he's in half the entries for the term extra. He's not sure if it's an accomplishment, but he'll take it. Fans are pretty appreciative, considering how extra he is with his fanservice.

Not to mention his mutuals on stan twitter can relate to his very frequent keyboard spasms as alerts to new releases.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 58 comments

( 6ixti )

min dongwoo // rapper of d-fi
dance : 3for d-fi's twenty-one year old rapper, being told he looks
rap : 4 a) a lot younger or b) like the universal symbol of
vocal : 3 cuteness is not unusual. not until whoever has made the
charm : 5 comment sees him in action. he's not full of himself, but
poten. : 3 he's full of himself. and it only seems right, justifiable in
his opinion, by the fact that he's been pulling this damn
group on his back from the beginning
(view spoiler)

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BANG INSOO : A R E S ▾23 / vocalist for PAN / fc: shin hoseok
SECRET(view spoiler)

As a main vocalist for PAN ( short for Pantheon ), Insoo has been given the image of the super tough guy. A real macho man, so to speak. They did give him the stage name Ares, after all. And he thought it would be a fun concept, so why not go along with it? He's managed to capture the hearts of fans, but apparently it wasn't enough because now he's on The Unit representing his group. At least now he'll have more chances to put his great sense of humor to use.

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uni+ contestant: MONSOON SOBONG SEONGSOO + soloist / twenty / fc: lee taeyong
stats: dance - ◦◦ rap - ◦◦◦ vocal - ◦◦◦◦◦ charm - 0 potential - ◦               secret: (view spoiler)

Most people who watch The Unit to see Seongsoo watch it to see him fail. Because everyone likes to watch people think they can do something only to stumble and fall, right? Especially when he used to be part of the gumdroppy boy group Honey ( the Bees are not a force to be trifled with, as he well knows ). There wasn't exactly any love lost between he and his group members, but the Bees can't seem to forgive him for "ditching" them when it was a company decision that he have a solo debut. He just wanted to be a singer and entertain people. And not have his food stolen.

And while the internet might be full of memes of him doing questionable things for Klondike bars ( they're creative; he'll give them that ), he likes to think some people actually like him. Maybe. Possibly. He hopes?

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B E O M   S E O K H O   (  범석호  )

MOONS   18   DANCE SPECIALTY   D 5  R 0  V 2  P 3  C 5

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At age nineteen, Seo Dongha had been one of BD Entertainment's top candidates for their upcoming boy group after eight years of training. His dream, ever since he was young, was to be a singer, and he was going to fulfill it. Everything was ready: The six members had taken photos for the press release announcement, he'd featured on the BDTOWN Christmas album with the company seniors... It was all going right — until it wasn't.

When his older sister called at four in the morning to tell him that their father had left, for good this time, Dongha realized a few things: first, that he was taking the first train back to Busan; second, that this wasn't a short term thing, because with Eunha in college, there was no way that his mother could take care of his younger sisters and run the restaurant; and three, that chasing dreams meant nothing when you had real, tangible responsibilities. So he packed his things and left, and tried his hardest not to look back.

Ten years later, not much has changed for Dongha, except that Eunbi and Eunji aren't screaming five-year-olds anymore, they're screaming fifteen-year-olds, and he doesn't hear his mother crying at night anymore, and there's no longer a bitter taste on his tongue anymore when he hears the name A-Prince. Not much changed, and then Eunha sent him a link — a reboot project, with the only criteria being that he needed to have been featured on an album before. He's learned a little more about himself, over ten years — and, most of all, that he's never stopped wanting to be a singer.

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