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eighteen ∙ resembles kim jiwoo ∙ vocal ∙ member of aurora

Haneul's ultimate bias in A-Prince is not, in fact, her brother — rather their now ex-member Seokwoo. You can guess who was more upset about him leaving the group than excited about her own debut.


Also known as the sister of super idol group A-Prince's member Woo Jungsik, coincidentally a label she is desperate to get rid of. The press likes talking about how she's JS' baby sister and how AURORA has JS' baby sister in it. The netizens like talking about how AURORA flopped, and the fact that Prin isn't in her older brother's company. So what? Haneul is her own person, even if she loves her older brother dearly. She can hold her own in the brutal world of the k-pop industry without her identity defined by someone else — after all, if she weren't good enough, she wouldn't have debuted.

As long as she still has that fighting spirit within her, she can keep going. Though she's not as good at dancing as her brother is, she can hold her own, and she seems to have been gifted with strong vocal skills. She's cheerful and hardworking, and it's one of her greatest charms — her unfailing ability to smile at the face of anything. (She also gets emotional really easily, and if she gets upset at anything, she still smiles through her tears.) Now if only The Uni+ could boost AURORA's popularity and show the people of South Korea that she is not just her brother's baby sister...

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O KJ I Y E O N( 옥지연 )26JEANS


Jiyeon has always been the type of person to try to make sure that she has all bases covers. It's something that has continued into her career — JEANS, true to their matches every concept like your favorite jeans match every outfit pledge, did try every concept out there. Sweet, sexy, somber — they tried everything. And maybe that's why things didn't work: they couldn't commit to any one thing. They were filled to the brim with vocal talent but they couldn't get that hit song, couldn't make it big.

But Jiyeon's ready, now — it's only a matter of time before JEANS disbands, they say, and they are probably right. Jiyeon knows she's always had what it takes, the full package. Now she just needs to get it together and show them what they've been missing out on. (view spoiler)

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MEET GRACE ( 그레이스 )
korean name song ga yoon (송가윤)english name grace songdob 01.01.96

position: leader, lead vocalist
nicknames: baby leader, fool, choding, miss canada
specialty: composing, piano, guitar, ukelele, body gag, english

(view spoiler)

Grace was born and grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Grace is bilingual in Korean and English, but is working on Japanese because she
wants to be able to connect with more people.
She moved to Seoul when she was 18 and trained for two years before debut.
She claims that the reason she is so silly with the other members of SOARA is
because she's the maknae at home.
She has an older brother (Eugene) and an older sister (Katherine). She calls her
siblings by their English names.
She does not know how to boil water or cook an egg (Idol Cooking King Chuseok
Special 2016)
Grace frequently broadcasts live videos and replies to fans' comments on her
Instagram (@ggracesongg)
Is one of the most popular members among SOARA's international fans.
Became more popular on variety for her good-humored and persistent attitude
despite having zero survival skills and almost drowning (Law of the Jungle in
The members say she is forgetful.
Grace's Ideal Type: Someone with a good laugh and likes skinship, someone who
can cook well

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웬즈데이W E D N E S D A Y

7DAYS (세븐데이즈)

born min chaeyoung (민채영)twenty-three years oldmain vocalist and visual

MAKE YOU SMILE EVERY DAY! HELLO, WE ARE 7DAYS! ─ With the concept of having a girl named for each day of the week, 7Days debuted with mixed success. After receiving a spike in attention for debuting under the same company as several successful boy groups before them, their popularity quickly started to fizzle out after a few comebacks. Despite this, the girls persevered, continuing to release new music and make television appearances on variety and in dramas, increasing the popularity of a few members, but failing to make the group as a whole known.

SECRET (view spoiler)

And then things went downhill. If you ask anyone, it's Chaeyoung's fault for killing any chance that 7Days had at success. And she knows it. She knows it too well, okay? She gets it. She fucked up, and the whole group had to pay the price. She was naive, he told her she was something special, and before she knew it, she was sneaking around behind the public's back to go to his house. It wasn't the smartest thing. Of course it wasn't ─ she was twenty-one, and she fell in love with someone she shouldn't have. And when her photos were leaked after his Kakao account was hacked, everything came crashing down. It would have been bad enough to date anyone, but the public certainly couldn't handle anyone being in a relationship with A-Prince's GUN, especially not some ugly whore from a nugu who just sends cheap nudes. And of course his fans forgave him after a week, and Chaeyoung had to shut down every SNS platform she had. Of course no one cares that he'd been dating now, but Chaeyoung can't have a career anymore.

The group had fallen apart after that ─ Monday, Friday, and Saturday up and left, leaving the other four as an incomplete week. Said they were better off pursuing their careers somewhere Chaeyoung couldn't ruin their reputation anymore.

Part of Chaeyoung knows that she should just give up, that what little of a career she had has been irreparably damaged. That she can't possibly hope to bounce back from this one. But she can't find it in herself to give up. She loves singing, loves performing, it's all she wants to do, and it's that desperation that has brought her to The Unit.

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최 하 나C H O IH A N A12.31.94

dance twovocal fourrap four
potential threecharm three
HUI ( 囍 )(view spoiler)

Some might say that Hana seems cold. Some think her tsundere. Maybe it's because she grew up in a household with only men who scolded her when she cried too much or laughed too loudly, but she's grown into someone who finds it easier to do rather than say. The things she does want to say she channels into her lyrics, because it's easier to talk about your feelings when you can revise the wording as many times as you'd like.

She's that kind of person, careful and thoughtful ─ and deliberate. Her mental process may be the root of most of her worries, but it's also the thing that enables her to achieve her successes. Her meticulous attention to detail and perfectionism is what allows her to always give her best, and she's determined to never give anything less. What lies behind a seemingly stoic exterior is a burning passion for what she does, and Hana isn't about to let anything get in the way.

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ryu bitnaaged twenty-threerapperBaby Boom3D 3V 1R 3P 2C(view spoiler)

"Wait, my agency told me that this show was for actors who wanted to restart their careers though?" - Ryu Bitna (2018)

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LEE KYUNGAH / SUPA HOT28vocalNOONAZ1D 2V 1R 1P 1C(view spoiler)

The group name "NOONAZ" doesn't really work out so well when you're only aged fourteen at debut, and it doesn't really work out ever, unless your goal is to be the laughingstock of the idol world. No, things never worked out for NOONAZ; despite that, they've never lost faith -- or at least Lee Kyungah, also known as SUPA HOT, hasn't. That's why she's here: to show the true power of NOONAZ.

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R E ES O O J I N24OREOMain RapperSub Vocalist(view spoiler)


Ree Soojin likes to consider herself an opportunist. She's always looking for different ways of self-improvement, whether it means selling the signed albums of her more popular hoobaes that she receives at music broadcasts for pocket money (it's not like the other members will miss them, anyway), or busking in a Pikachu suit. Every failure — well, okay, maybe OREO are a little bit of a failure — is a new opportunity, and Soojin refuses to let it slip from her grasp.

...and that's why she's here on The Unit. Even if she — oh, sorry, they, right — doesn't make it into the final group, she won't be too concerned. She's here to make her own name — OREO's name — known. She doesn't have to be in a project group to do that. She has ambitions, maybe too many, and she's going to see them through.

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H A NJ A N G M I24Formerly CANDYKISSVocalist(view spoiler)


Han Jangmi was supposed to be a member of ADONIS. She was! She made the final debut lineup before she was cut right before their debut! She should have been the adorable, beautiful, talented, amazing maknae of the group, not Little Miss Dating Scandal. And everything that people say about her "having a bad attitude" and "bullying the ADONIS members before debut" is bullshit. She loved them! They loved her! She's always supported their career! And she was supposed to be in the Nation's Girl Group. And she's here to prove to everyone just why.

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O H Y E W O N ( 오예원 ) N I N E T E E N O R E O M A I N V O C A L I S T

V O C A L 5 R A P 2 D A N C E 3 P O T E N T I A L 5 C H A R M 3

OREO'S SELF-PROCLAIMED REACTION QUEEN is not nearly as much of a diva as everyone makes her out to be. Is she a little judgmental? Yes. A tad too blunt? Sure. A bit of a smartass? Definitely. But attention-seeking? Over-dramatic? Yeah, that's a no.

The thing is, Yewon gives very little shits for someone who's supposed to be OREO's cute, girl-next-door maknae. Which means that Yewon has a tendency of accidentally (or is it deliberate?) exposing the other members of OREO, and her CEO... and occasionally herself. Look, she's here to sing and dance, not to act like a fucking angel, okay? Maybe female idols are expected to keep a (*coughs* fake) smile plastered on their face 25/7, but that won't stop Yewon from shooting a disgusted side-eye at the potbellied variety-show host whenever OREO is subjected to not-so-subtle misogyny on national TV.

See, when you've spent the majority of your "music" career "singing" and "dancing" in food-porn inspired costumes, not many things can really faze you. And yeah, maybe getting dropped into some "flopdol" survival show isn't the best thing in the world, but it sure as hell isn't the worst thing Yewon's been through in the last 4 years. Because unlike all the other times Yewon has been (semi-willingly) humiliated on television, this time, people might actually give her a chance. This time, she might actually be able to show off her talent. This time, she might actually score a win.

(view spoiler)

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CHA EUNHYE   /   19   /   SIX GRAVITY ( 2016- )   /   VOCAL SPECIALTY + VISUAL

Eunhye doesn't look like a singer, and she doesn't act like one either. She's very pretty, that's given, but she looks like she's here to tackle someone to the ground and rip the rugby ball out of their hands, not belt out high notes in a shimmering dress. It's no wonder why the moment she walked onto stage with her "tomboy swagger" and "girl crush" looks, everyone assumed she was a dancer or rapper. Until she opened her mouth and began singing with a voice that might just be able to stand a chance against Ailee's that is (though let's be real, nobody can beat Ailee).

The funny thing is, Eunhye can't dance or rap. Not to save her life. And maybe that's fine because she's still got many opportunities to learn, but let's be real, Eunhye isn't going anywhere with her attitude. She's a nice girl who's funny and can serve up any look you want, but criticism is probably her greatest weakness. Her ego is just to huge and fragile for her to accept any sort of criticism without either crying or firing back with criticism of her own. The irony is that she's also usually the one calling out everyone else for their mistakes and pressuring them to work harder. It's annoying, but everyone has their thorns.

And maybe Eunhye's just tend to be sharper because she didn't accidentally break her teammate's ribs during that rugby game back in high school. Especially not after they'd just called her out for her attitude the previous day. But well, nobody knows because her filthy rich parents paid for everything to be kept hush-hush.

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fc: shin ryujin / 18 / dancer + visual dance 4 rap 2 vocal 2 charm 5 pot. 3

To the Neons, Yoo Mi comes off as the tomboyish one of the group, the one who might actually fit the concept of a hip hop group best. There are plenty of clips where the members jokingly call her "oppa" and she responds like it's the most natural thing. Because that's what it's come down to. But it isn't uncommon either to see her solo stans dubbing an international stargirl. The effortless ( in actuality it takes some work, let's be real ) way she seems to enchant the audience during performances makes for her to be proclaimed all too fitting of her stage name.

Unfortunately, Yoo Mi has also had a few brushes with dating scandals that could have been, her naturally flirtatious disposition being the source of it all. Fortunately most see this as part of her concept and those dating rumors stay as they are: rumors to keep her group in the public eye.

(view spoiler)

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D OM Y U N G H E E" D O H E E "22Trot Singer(view spoiler)


When she was younger, Do Myunghee dreamed of being a star. She was going to be an idol ─ not with the name Myunghee, of course, but she could work on that ─ who sang and danced and was every boy's ideal type and every girl's role model. So she became a trainee, and then the CEO told her he thought her talent was something too special for the girl group she'd been training for, and he called her Dohee and debuted her as a trot singer.


Now, Myunghee isn't quite as romantic and optimistic as she had been when she started training at fifteen. But she still has dreams, something bigger than a washed-up trot singer that arrived at the scene a little too late. So she's here, and she's not going to let the opportunity go to waste.

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4EVER POSSESSES THE RARE ABILITY of making other nugu groups seem — well, successful. After 4 years of promotions, the six (formerly seven) member group has little to show besides their four flopped mini-albums, a 437-member fan cafe, and a lifetime's worth of cringe-worthy styling. No one is surprised; what more could you really expect from an small company that's always been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy?

And yet, Joohyun can't seem to give up. Even though her company treats her like shit, even though 4EVER's most talented member left the group three months ago, she has to keep trying. Not because she believes she has what it takes to make it, but because this is the only life she knows. If she could go back, perhaps she'd think twice before signing a contract with an unknown agency. Perhaps she'd take her family's advice and choose stability over passion. Perhaps she'd be able to salvage whatever common sense she has left. And perhaps not.

Because look, Joohyun doesn't have time to dwell anymore. She's past the perhaps and the what ifs. She's past worrying over her camera-shy personality and questionable vocal stability. She's past keeping score of her failures and successes (or lack thereof). Now that Joohyun is on The Unit, she's finally, finally getting the chance to sing.

That alone makes this all worth it.

(view spoiler)

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이 지 원L E EJ I W O N

┣━━ 1993Lee Ji Won (이지원) born on April 20 in Chungju, South Korea.

┣━━ 1995Lee Ji Hyuk (younger brother) born on November 31.

┣━━ 1997Lee Kwang Soo (father) diagnosed with gastric cancer.

┣━━ 2003Lee Kwang Soo dies after three-year struggle with cancer.

┣━━ 2007Kang Sung Sook (mother) marries Jang Sang Min.

┣━━ 2009Kang Sung Sook visits her older brother in Seoul. Jang Sang Min
(stepfather) enters Lee Ji Won's bedroom at 01:34. Outside, it rains.

Lee Ji Hwan (older brother) installs a lock on Lee Ji Won's door upon
her request. No questions are asked. No answers are given.

┣━━ 2010Lee Ji Won moves in with Kang Sung Hyun (uncle and Lim Soo Jung
(aunt) in Seoul to "attend a better school to get into college."

┣━━ 2011Lee Ji Won is street casted by KHC Entertainment.

Lee Ji Won skips the college entrance exam to audition. She does not
pass either.

┣━━ 2012Lee Ji Won passes the Star Music audition with Insooni's "Father." She
begins training.

┣━━ 2013Lee Ji Won debuts as idol soloist JIWON on August 2 with digital
single "I WISH."

┣━━ 2014Star Music goes bankrupt.

┣━━ 2015Lee Ji Won gets a job as a dance teacher.

┣━━ 2016Kang Sung Sook calls. Her voicemail is deleted.

┗━━ 2018Lee Ji Won joins KBS The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project. She is given
eighteen points total (five dance, five vocal, zero rap, four potential,
four charm).

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PAN HYANG-KI 24 dance rap vocal charm potential
FRIDAY RAPPER fivethreetwothreetwo
You know how your parents warn you about people just using you for
their own gain? Yeah, she might have forgotten that speech.

Some people are too trusting for their own good. Hyang-ki, for example, trusted in the process by which she'd been set to debut as half of the duo Friday. She trusted that their abilities would shoot them into relative fame, even if they were dancers first and foremost. She trusted that the concept she was given ( the opposite of herself ) would go well with their fanbase. She trusted all of these things just as she trusted in Friday being merged with another group of trainees, becoming a five-piece group. And when that flopped, she somehow still had the strength to trust in their ability to return to the industry as a duo.

On the plus side, she's had a lot more time to watch fan reactions to Friday's music videos and live stages. That's something she trusts in: the ability of their fans to keep them going. And maybe they'll do so while they're part of The Unit.

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JANG JIHYO ━ twenty ⋆ 12.02.97 ⋆ six gravity ⋆ lead vocalist
↺ V4 | D3 | R2 | C5 | P4

Jihyo's starting to think that maybe her dream just isn't meant to be. Of course, she knew it was going to be hard as a rookie idol, and it's not like she thought joining a group that's never been popular would be easy. It's just that Jihyo doesn't know when to quit. Everything she does, she puts her full heart into, and there's no stopping her when she sets her mind to something.

But even though she works hard, it's not that Jihyo isn't naturally talented. In fact, she is. Her singing is great, and her dancing, while not her strongest point, is always clean. Granted, she's not as good of a vocalist as Eunhye, and Siyeon's definitely a better dancer. And, yeah, her rap isn't even as good as Nahyun's, and her visuals aren't really as cute as Jieun's and... Jihyo wonders if maybe that's just it. Maybe, for all her hard work and dedication, she's just not good enough.

secret: (view spoiler)

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