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message 2: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
completed brainstorms

shinra :
- arthur and jeongmin might get along well?
- we could do something with kwon bin and jinyoung, since they're in positions that probably require communication with one another?

aech :
- i saw ur jaewon and i think that soohyeon probably seeks him out whenever he needs to relax because that way he can just look at memes over jaewon's shoulder and pretend that they're discussing important stuff but actually soohyeon just cannot stand dealing with non-publicists at that moment because they don't understand just how hard it is to appeal to lots of people and not accidentally offend another demographic
but also soohyeon would 100% be the kind of person to leave sticky notes all over jaewon's personal belongings with useful messages so that he doesn't stress too much about being organised (and probably breaks into his phone to set the lockscreen to say "use ur fingerprint!!!")

message 3: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
shad : i want smth with youngk

message 4: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments shad: ok that's not helpful idek which of my characters would work w/ him
except maybe that jinyoung would fight him because he's too tall

well minsoo is in moons, as is ur chan fc but other than that i really don't know bc he kinda feels alienated bc of his age
& minhyun idk at all he's just an emotionally repressed gay who wants to forget his past

message 5: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
shad: please! i will love you forever

probably. minsoo would be like 'mothers also lecture their children on what not to do and i don't wanna get lectured about my attitude problems leave me alone' but also he's secretly a soft child who does need mothering so that'd probably be good for him tbh

entails a lot of angst particularly if his ex has forgotten the nature of their breakup (messy, lots of shouting and accusations)
minhyun can't let go of it and if they got put in the same group for a task then that task is pretty much guaranteed to be an absolute trainwreck
also 1000x more likely that his secret would get revealed

message 6: by shinra (last edited Jan 04, 2018 03:30AM) (new)

shinra | 85 comments
shad: what did you have in mind? he’s open for anything really

. yeah, they def would. especially since they’re both so friendly but in arthur’s case, he’s mostly just putting on a front, but when he sees jeongmin being nice, he actually wants to try to change and be genuinely nice.

. i feel like their interactions would be interesting. kwon bin is very nonchalant and goes with the flow so i’m seeing him probably annoying jinyoung who constantly fusses over everything and is always telling him to calm down.

moons: im thinking of putting arthur in moons so yeah...

message 8: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments
. okay so like i have the oldest for killer king and he would most definitely protect him because even though he looks like he doesn’t care, he’s actually very protective over his fellow members.

. i have a member of moons so if you think of something, hmu.

message 9: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
- jeongmin will instill true positivity in arthur because jeongmin is an angel and his smile has magical properties of making everyone around him smile. he will also call dibs on arthur's makeup and feed him food and be supportive because he has chosen arthur as the one to receive his love and attention
- "calm down" "go away i'm working you're annoying go do your job and let me be passive-aggressive"

- nayoung is now jinyoung's least favourite person he doesn't like flowers and sparkles and exclamations
- minhyuk seems like another potential adoptee for jeongmin

message 10: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
shad: so im thinking that 2night debuted in 2014 but that can be changed
would a duo go on the group list? and what would their debut song be?

message 11: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments aech he probably remembers it for jaewon and authorises his own fingerprint so he can unlock it before jaewon gets locked out.

message 12: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments aech soohyeon, who's known jaewon's password since day 2: magic

message 14: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) | 32 comments
@shinra ah yes nice they could be the quiet duo who bond over silence and apparently their criminal record lmao tho yours, as you said, looks like he doesn't care and isn't shy while minhyuk looks like he cares and is shy.

ok seokho is probably too dumb to realise everything's that happening under arthur's facade but idk he probably likes arthur a lot bc he's smiley and nice. but bc he's a hypocrite too and a tsundere to his own group, he probably won't show it so openly.

also nayoung working with kwon bin would be interesting? i mean he's the "nonchalant director" and she's the bubbly sparkles sparkles girl, but they both love the contestants?

@kaya lmaooo nayoung probably doesn't like him either bc of his "evil editing" and judging some contestants by their looks. this calls for endless arguing bc tbh i don't think either will back down

yess minhyuk is probably one of those fidgety ones so
also idk minhyuk would probably open up sooner or later i mean jeongmin is giving him food and maybe be able to keep up at least a little conversation with jeongmin while he gets his makeup done if jeongmin's the kind to talk a little while he works

@aech gr8
they can be confused about their group names together

aye,, except hyerim probably gets pissed off quite often and yewon might have to stop her from dressing everyone up horrendously

@juno ok youngmin and minhyuk are both killer king rappers, and minhyuk is probably what you call "unapproachable" so they probably at least get along

and uh our moons members are both dancers who kinda didn't want to be here? (yours wanted to be a ballerino and seokho just thought appearing on tv was cool)

message 15: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
shad : i think pricked? but also tomorrow, today is a potential candidate maybe

message 16: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
alessia : yeah this is going to end in very heated arguments

jeongmin talks a lot while he works. he's also going to be very happy if he manages to get minhyuk to open up to him because he's the supportive grandma friend who wants everyone to succeed (both at life and at not getting eliminated)

message 17: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) | 32 comments @kaya nice nice
jeongmin and minhyuk are the same age too so it'll be easier for them to get along without all the formalities

message 18: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments alessia true

message 19: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments
shad how come?

message 20: by alessia (new)

alessia (classick) | 32 comments @aech exactly
where's our UN commission on improving the names of kpop groups

lmao yes
rip yewon

message 21: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 29 comments Mod
@alessia ok sweet youngmin probably starts feeding minhyuk like a mother hen sometimes honestly

uh yes dancer maknaes ftw. i updated his thingy a little btw if u wanted to check (doesn't make a huge difference but yknow)

message 22: by juno. (last edited Jan 06, 2018 09:16AM) (new)

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

message 24: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments shad i just remembered we should probably figure this out — what song should andrew & minhyun do?

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Also anyone wants to join Xwalk

message 26: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments ^^ if anyone wants a group for their character, Stardust & Galaxy are both fairly generic boy groups (their debut songs are Highlight (SVT) and Power (EXO) respectively)

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

^^ can my jojo join Stardust?

message 28: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments yep!

message 29: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments sundara‡ wrote: " oh look, I did something"

im calling dibs on kai because honestly <333

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

XD go ahead bb. Whatcha wanna do?

message 31: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments okay, so like arthur and him are both in moons. based on their personality, im sensing a whole yinyang kind of scenario. like they could be the two that are always around each other. like arthur's all bubbly, smiley yet anxious and hades is more calm and collected. so so like that whole dynamic duo thing because what the other doesn't have, the other makes up for. so like they could be close??

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes I can see that also. Hades is pretty confident so he can help Arthur off stage and on stage with his anxiety. I mean, Hades is pretty much an ass but I also want a good side to him. Towards Arthur, he could be caring and help him through things and rely on him when he wants to bash a fan's face in or smthn.

message 33: by shinra (last edited Jan 07, 2018 06:59PM) (new)

shinra | 85 comments arthur is usually v nice to everyone but hades would probably be the only person he actually jokes around with. because in all reality, he has a pretty snarky sense of humor. but he just puts on a front

hades: "i stg, he's not innocent."
arthur: "i have no idea what he's talking about" *dazzling smile*

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

I also feel like Hades would pull Arthur into a lot of his scandals

message 35: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments ohmygod yes. arthur would probably cover for him because everyone thinks he's a pure angel who like never lies.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

Awwwww yes
H:*calling in the middle of the night* "yo bro, the papp is following me, can you cover for me?"
A: *drives all the way to where Hades is to pretend that they were meeting up and Hades totally was not out partying.

But also

Arthur is nervous before performances or he can't perform because of his anxiety.
H:" yo bro * hugs* I gotchu."
And they'll be extra touchy feely during the performance.

message 37: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments hades to a fan: i don't really care what you think
arthur: *coughs awkwardly* what he means to say is your comment is noted but please refrain from saying it in such a rude way. *smiles so a fight doesn't start*


arthur: *anxious due to being dared to drink* ummmmmm
hades: *drinks it before anyone can stop him*

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

That last one thoo.. Hades' got his back. Hades would stick close to Arthur's side during fansigns or fan service. He would have no idea what to do and most likely end up insulting his own fans

message 39: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments the majority of moons are complex and interesting and then there's minsoo who is the epitome of sixteen-year-old spoiled brat.

message 40: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments lmao when i read that i thought about the whole "language!" thing with the avengers. lowkey feel like that's arthur.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

I had no childhood, I have no idea what that is

Kaya I want smthn with your characters.

message 42: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments sundaraok well bc im indecisive im gonna give you the task of picking which of mine you want to collab with first

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm also indecisive so I made something for everyone:

- okay but ex? Say no more, take your pick
- but if none of them fit I'm thinking of making a soloist. I have yet to choose an fc but if you're interested, I'll keep you updated
- I Think gi-su, the director would try and help him the most. He'll do it sarcastically and he'll be rude most of the time but I Think he could relate to him the most.

- I Think he and Hades would clash sometime. Until Hades realizes he's actually harmless, gets bored, and then moves on to starting drama with someone else.
- sorry it's short but hmu if you have more dynamics

- JOJO can relate to him the most because of the whole " perfect golden child" and " swoon worthy cutie" thing. He needs more friends and they can dance and sing together.
- it wouldn't matter to JOJO that they're competing, he would still befriend him and help him improve and ask for help in return

- gisu: ""

- hello stardust dynamic
- at first I read that as starburst
- so the whole codependent thing since byeol is better at dance than singing
- maybe byeol gets tired of JOJO singing in the middle of the night when insomnia kicks in?
- or the fact that not only is JOJO loud on stage, he's also very loud in bed and that would annoy byeol like hell.
- maybe byeol actually gets attached to JOJO and would be super hurt when his secret of wanting to debut solo is revealed

- hello rapper dynamic with Ryan
- but Ryan also wants his life to go back to normal since all this industry did to him was further his body image issues.
- Ryan would be super kind to him and reassure him of his abilities and convince him to not just up and leave because he can go places

- gets called "monsoon" by Hades
- ayy MooNs dynamic: Hades would prob criticise him at every turn. Like " no, the beat is faster" " you need to smile less" " your steps are all wrong"
- but Hades was an only child and his dream was to have a sibling so he'll low-key act like a protective older brother.

- Ryan relates on religious levels, especially on the public pressure and insomnia
- Gi-su would especially give him hell for not sleeping enough and jeopardizing his career and also gi-su's paycheck

-has he met Hades? Hades is his literal nightmare right there
- I can see him running around, trying to catch Hades like " come here you spoiled brat, stop trying to ruin your life."
- Hades does something bad. Soonhyeon: " time out for you, go to your room"
- but also Gi-su since he was known for ruining his career and probably will ruin his directing career also

- oh, the grandpa and grandma with Ryan
- he will be so patient and considerate with jeongmin putting on his make up
- " hey I already washed and moisterized and primed my face to make your job easier"
- okay but Hades will especially be picky and rude and arrogant and maybe when he's super angry, he'll be violent

- gi-su, criticising his age " since when do they let babies produce variety shows?"
And also deliberately mess things up just to get a fuss out of him bc he find enjoyment in ppls suffering.

message 44: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

— minhyun :
. i don't think any of them would work bc the only one who's really in the right age range is ryan and he seems too soft for that, but yes! keep me updated!
. idk minhyun doesn't really seek out help he mostly just internalises everything and suffers in silence

— mingyu
. hades: *tries to insult him to get a reaction*
mingyu: *doesn't even look up* u think i don't tell myself that on a daily basis? pls shut up, im trying to practice

— jaewon
. "do u really want to befriend me tho??? im like the most boring person ever"

— hanjae
. "im. not. an. idiot." *looks like an exasperated puppy*

— byeol
. "shut up jojo im trying to sleep u sing all day why can't u be quiet now"
. "no u can't go solo what would we do without u"

— doyeon
. he's probably not gonna listen to ryan he's just gonna be like 'i don't actually wanna be an idol so nah'
. but also feel slightly guilty bc he's being kinda rude to someone who's just trying to be nice.

— minsoo
. "shut up im trying also smiling is this thing called charm which u clearly don't have"
. he has a group full of people older-brothering him and he's gonna scream

— seungyoon
. seungyoon & ryan form the "old tired people who should probably retire but nah" duo
. "it's this thing called chronic insomnia it kinda does that"

— soonhyeon
. hades is now officially his nemesis he's going to start a war w/ him

— jeongmin
. yessssss ryan is his favourite now (a v fickle term though it changes every time he encounters someone cute/nice)
. jeongmin is going to stuff so much food in hades' face. "shut up and eat and let me do my job you have no power here"

— jinyoung
. "i wasn't aware they did. i was, however, wondering if you could tell me why they let toddlers direct anything."
. attacks him with a computer keyboard

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

- truuu. Ryan is not the type to start drama
- so the two fcs I have claimed are namjoon, seokjin and kang yoochan. Take your pick. Or not, up to you

- Hades actually confused and gets into a slump when he couldn't get a reaction out of him. " if I can't insult people, then what is my meaning in life?"

- reassurance and love forever " but I like boring"

- gisu :" it was a rhetorical comment kid, you're not the only idiot here "


- Oh no this poor kid. Ryan might confide in him also, just a heads up

- but like do you have those older siblings who think they know what's good for you and they know who you should date or befriend? Yah, Hades will be that sibling

- Ryan gives him "get well" cards, gift cards to the local goodwill and greeting cards or invitations to hospice centers.

- Hades deliberately starts yet another scandal

- jeongmin better not give Ryan food, unless he wants Ryan to avoid him like the plague. Hades will take all the food, however and probably not even thank him.

- gi-su: fight me
- but will also finds his height and personality endearing.

message 46: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 126 comments

— minhyun
. i really don't mind which fc but probably not yoochan bc his ex would be around the same age as him

— mingyu
. mingyu doesn't even notice hades' internal conflict

— jaewon
. "are you sure????"

— hanjae
. "you're still implying that im an idiot though????" *unimpressed face*

— doyeon
. i mean he'll listen but he'll probably be very awkward about it

— minsoo
. "stop it im trying to focus i dont have a love life leave me alone"

— seungyoon
. "im not sick??? im just tired" but still appreciates the sentiment

— soohyeon
. "if it was legal i'd strangle you" is soohyeon @ hades 24/7

— jeongmin
. well ryan isn't fidgety so he wouldn't need to
. jeongmin doesn't care, so long as he can then get his makeup done

— jinyoung
. he's so dead if he says that to jinyoung's face. he doesn't appreciate being called endearing.

message 47: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 09, 2018 04:17PM) (new)

@kaya: ahh everything is so good. It's narrowed down to seokjin and junho and minho

@everyone: I need some more angst, hmu

message 48: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments
sundara: i have my taehyung and baekhyun fcs open and i don’t have anything planned for them yet. also iu.

message 49: by [deleted user] (new)

@shinra: I WANT SOMETHING WITH IU. Also tae bc why not. I need some more angst in my character's history. Maybe old unrequited love, exes, or ex-friends. Maybe we can even have some rivals on the show. Any of mine you specifically want? That includes fcs also bc I currently also have nothing with seokjin, junho, and minho

message 50: by shinra (new)

shinra | 85 comments
sundara: okay so i’m seeing so im seeing like something with like seokjin or minho. maybe it can be like exes who when they were in a relationship they were just started on their careers and they were like close before they started dating so it was like a comfortable relationship??? but they started focusing on their careers more which lead to huge arguments and they just broke up with unresolved feelings and basically on bad terms. so when they see each other on the unit, it just brings buried emotions back to the surface and really messes with them both. and also double angst because both their fans bases hate each other because of their break up. im fine for using either iu or taehyung.

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