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message 1: by Venni (new)

Venni Laine | 5 comments Hey all, I'm up for free beta reading. In my work I write and review scientific texts, but in my free time I prefer fiction. Tell me ( about your manuscript and your schedule, and don't forget to mention if you are available for beta reading my novel (modern and funny story about love and tennis). Regards, Venni

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane M | 16 comments Thank you for posting your offer. To start with some basic information, I am a teenaged writer and the second draft of my novel is my most current. This book is YA realistic fiction written in first person with an alternating POV between three main characters. The novel is titled "?" and it is 88330 words. Here is the brief synopsis:
The Evans family is just trying to recover-- recover from a father who left them, recover from an addiction that almost took everything from them, and recover from living below the poverty line. All that progress is shaken when the oldest brother, Alec, runs away to New York City, in an attempt to escape the OCD that has suffocated him his whole life. But when his oldest sister, Sabrina, wakes up to a nightmare while his younger sister, Janelle, is living in one, the strength of their family and themselves is tested.
There are themes of social change such as mental health care, the prison-industrial complex, and sexual assault so I understand this read may not be for everyone. As for schedule, I am a high school student, in my junior year so I may be busy at times. However, I am grateful for feedback and willing to make time for anyone kind enough to read my work.
Thanks again for your offer! Please let me know if you would be interested, and have a great day!
Jane McNulty

message 3: by Harry (new)

Harry Pye (harharpye) | 13 comments Venni wrote: "Hey all, I'm up for free beta reading. In my work I write and review scientific texts, but in my free time I prefer fiction. Tell me ( about your manuscript and your schedul..."

Hi Venni,

I've got a work that might interest you, and am happy to beta swap your novel too.

Rabble Babble is a comedic romp through the workaday world of modern organized crime. (67k)

When his runt of a crime familia folds up shop, mafioso Robbie Paloma ends up working for the only game in Vancouver - the Chinese Gold Dragon Triad. Robbie soon discovers, however, that working for a sophisticated global crime outfit is a far cry from running a backroom gambling den. Unable to cope, Robbie fantasizes about becoming an accountant and escaping the criminal life entirely. But when he accidentally botches the Triad’s Deal of the Century, Robbie has to fix his mistake before the entire world of organized crime comes crashing down around him.

With prison gangs of Swedish nazis, crustacean royalty, and the world's only Lamborghini Aventador converted to a stretch limo, Rabble Babble is non-stop ferocious fun.

If it sounds at all interesting to you, please PM me


message 4: by Robert (new)

Robert Brown | 68 comments Hi, Venni,
I am looking for sci-fi beta readers, especially Asian-Americans, for a near-future story about one man's struggle to bring his family back together after a nuclear bomb hits a near-future Los Angeles (15+ years). Saido Edwards is teaching a martial arts class when a nuclear attack forces him to protect his daughters and the people around him even as he decides he must also navigate a maze of radioactive fallout and martial law to locate his wife, somewhere in the evacuation zone.

Written from third-person (limited) point of view, there's a little violence, some dystopia, and an unobserved rape in a fast-moving story that occurs over two days. This 110k word manuscript has already been through several editors and beta readers, so I think you'll find it polished and engaging.

Please let me know if you’re interested! PM or


message 5: by Venni (new)

Venni Laine | 5 comments Hi all! Thanks for everyone who's shared their work with me and reviewed my book. I can't possibly take any more beta assignments until March. Email me then. Thanks!

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