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Myst | 494 comments In Death
Celebrity in Death (34) 1/15
Delusion in Death (35) 2/15
Calculated in Death (36) 3/1
Thankless in Death (37) 3/13
Taken in Death (37.5) 6/3
Concealed in Death (38) 5/23
Festive in Death (39) 6/5
Obsession in Death (40) 7/27
Devoted in Death (41)
Wonderment in Death (41.5)
Brotherhood in Death (42)
Apprentice in Death (43)
Echoes in Death (44)
Secrets in Death (45)
Dark in Death (46)
Leverage in Death (47)

Iron Druid
Tricked 1/9
Trapped 3/2
Hunted 8/4

Chicagoland Vampires
Biting Bad 2/3
Wild Things 2/9
Blood Games 3/16
Dark Debt 4/5
Midnight Marked 4/20
Blade Bound 5/1

Hostage to Pleasure (6) 1/8
Branded by Fire (6) 2/4
Blaze of Memory (7) 2/16
Bonds of Justice (8) 3/20
Play of Passion (9) 6/3
Kiss of Snow (10) 7/3
Tangle of Need (11) 8/9
Heart of Obsidian (12) 8/23
Shield of Winter (13)
Shards of Hope (14)
Allegiance of Honor (15)
Silver Silence (1)
Ocean Light (2)

Leopard People
Wild Rain (2) 2/10
Burning Wild (3) 3/9
Wild Fire (4) 5/29
Savage Nature (5) 7/23
Leopard's Prey (6) 8/4
Cat's Lair (7)
Wild Cat (8)
Leopard's Fury (9)
Leopard's Blood (10)

Conspiracy Game (4) 1/26
Deadly Game (5) 2/28
Predatory Game (6) 5/18
Murder Game (7) 6/7
Street Game (8) 6/16
Ruthless Game (9) 8/19
Samurai Game (10)
Viper Game (11)
Spider Game (12)
Power Game (13)
Covert Game (14)

Drake Sisters/Sea Haven/Torpedo Ink
Dangerous Tides 1/8
Safe Harbor (5) 1/30
Turbulent Sea (6)
Hidden Currents (7) 5/15
Water Bound (1) 6/15
Spirit Bound (2) 7/12
Air Bound (3) 7/24
Earth Bound (4)
Fire Bound (5)
Bound Together (6)
Judgment Road (1)

Riley Jenson/Dark Angels
Tempting Evil 1/5
Dangerous Games (4) 1/18
The Darkest Kiss (6) 2/12
Deadly Desire (7)
Bound to Shadows (8) 5/22
Moon Sworn (9) 7/16
Darkness Unbound (1)
Darkness Rising (2)
Darkness Devours (3)
Darkness Hunts (4)
Darkness Unmasked (5)
Darkness Splintered (6)
Darkness Falls (7)

Angels of the Dark
Beauty Awakened 2/24
Burning Dawn 2/26

New Releases:
Jan 9: Blood Fury - ward 1/27
Jan 9: Shroud of Eternity - goodkind 1/23
Mar 6: Burn Bright - briggs 3/22
Mar 6: High Voltage - kmm 5/3
Mar 6: The Girl in the Moon 4/6
Mar 27: Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon - sparks
Mar 27: Twice Bitten - sands 4/10
Apr 10: The Thief - ward 5/20
Apr 10: The Cutting Edge - deaver 5/4
May 1: Dark Queen - hunter
May 8: Magic Triumphs - andrews
May 8: Death Doesn't Bargain - kenyon 6/10
May 29: Shadow Keeper - feehan 7/2
June 5: The Outsider - king 6/29
June 5: Brief Cases - butcher 6/20
June 26: The Darkest Warrior - showalter 7/11
July 8: Born of Blood - kenyon
Aug 4: Stygian - kenyon
Aug 23: A Conspiracy of Bones - reichs
Oct 18: untitled Patricia Cornwell
Oct 30: Shades of Wicked - frost
Nov 1: Daemon's Angel - kenyon
Nov 10: The Cecilian Swan - kenyon
Dec 8: Born of Trouble kenyon
Claimed in Shadows - adrian
Heart of Venom - kenyon (con)
feehan - dark, leopard
singh - angel
peace talks - butcher
the olympian affair - butcher.

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Myst | 494 comments Kindle Clearing

3 Anne of Green Gables books from a collection
Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down
2/4 books from Scott Nicholson collection

Bought 1, deleted 2.

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Myst | 494 comments Read the USA Paranormal Style

visited 11 states (22%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

2018 States:
California: Dangerous Tides
Arizona: Tricked
New York: Blood Fury
North Carolina: The Red Church
Illinois: Biting Bad
Texas: Burning Wild
Montana: Burn Bright
Wyoming: Predatory Game
Alaska: 30 Days of Night, Vol. 1
Louisiana: Leopard's Prey
Colorado: Midnight Bites

2017 States:
The Dead Girls' Dance Texas
Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand Nevada
Heart of Venom Tennessee
Magic Bites Georgia
Kitty Raises Hell Colorado
Raphael California
Switching Hour West Virginia
Kitty's House of Horrors Montana
Some Girls Bite Illinois
Rajmund New York
Shades of Midnight Alaska
Taken by Midnight Massachusetts
Sophia Seattle, Washington
Duncan Washington DC, but the map doesn't show it
Cold Reign Louisiana
Lucas South Dakota
The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion: A Haunted House Mystery- Book 1 Indiana
The Hollow Maryland
Hounded Arizona
Deception Hawaii
The Descendant Ohio
A Bit of Bite Mississippi

2016 States
Moon Bayou California
Kitty and the Midnight Hour Colorado
Dark Heir Louisiana
Witchlock Georgia
Blood of the Earth Tennessee
Daughter of the Spellcaster New York
Kitty Goes to Washington Washington DC (Ok technically there doesn't appear to be a DC in the list, but I'll list it here anyways.)
Undead and Done Minnesota
Born in Blood Kansas
Vampire Vacation Alaska
Glass Houses Texas
Shadow Rider Illinois

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Myst | 494 comments And just in case, let's see how far around the world I get.

visited 18 states (8%)
Create your own visited map of The World

2018 Travels:
Australia: Tempting Evil
Indonesia: Wild Rain
Ireland: High Voltage
Panama: Wild Fire
Russia: Heart of Obsidian

2017 Travels:
Bloodfever Ireland
Midnight Rising Czech Republic
The Dead Girls' Dance USA
Veil of Midnight Canada
Silence Fallen Italy
Clash of the Demons Greece
The Awakening Indonesia
Full Moon Rising Australia
Immortal Unchained Venezuela
Bannockburn Binding Scotland (UK)
Magic Rises Abkhazia (Georgia)
Stroke of Midnight Morocco
Let the Right One In Sweden
Map of Bones Brazil
Vincent Mexico

2016 (Dec) Travels:
Archangel's Heart Morocco
The Castle in Transylvania Romania

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Myst | 494 comments Reserved

message 6: by Myst (new)

Myst | 494 comments I'm a smidge behind on my books, but real life has been interfering.

But if one counts all the books on the list, I just need to read 9 a month to stay on track.

I will feel less rushed & stressed about books when Iron Druid & Chicagoland Vampires are finished. Part of the stress was I had to get books from multiple libraries in a series. So book 1 from A, book 2 from B, book 3 from C etc. Juggling checkouts like that was stressful.

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Myst | 494 comments I havent been updating this thread much this year. Real life happens a lot.

But it's all up to date currently.

Rather disappointed my choice of books this year haven't been taking me around the world, or even the USA much...I'm getting a bit tired of California set books. My rule for setting is it needs to be at least 50% of the story set in a country to count. So I've been reading a few books which jump from country to country, but my self imposed rules won't let me count those. I don't think it's fair to count if it's just a chapter set in France when 90% of the book is in the USA or alternate dimension etc.

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