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Sci-Fi Recommendations > Cordwainer Smith. Who? The guy who made Asimov and Heinlein take notice

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Charles | 6 comments This is a most unusual and original body of work. I'd heard of Cordwainer Smith (pen name for Dr. Paul Linebarger), who wrote some of the most influential and yet obscure science fiction in existence. It is well worth the read. But it is unique, and not to everyone's taste. I'll just note that he affected the "great writers" of SF, so he's an unknown, but well-known to a few cognoscenti writer. I think that qualifies as fringe fiction.
There are over a thousand reviews on Goodread, so I will not add to that, other than to say that Dr. Linebarger is famous for literally creating the military doctrines of psychological warfare during WWII, and taught Far Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University. So --expect the unexpected

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Mary Catelli | 232 comments He's definitely not to everyone's taste.

But a lot of people find him astounding.

Charles | 6 comments I'm one of them. His life is as fascinating as his stories.

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