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Her son

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Sharon Mitchell How does her son feel about his personal life being made so public?

Betsy This is one of the issues that concerns me greatly as an autistic adult who has autistic children myself. Someone asked Judith Newman a similar question directly (whether she got her son's permission/consent to write about him in this way before doing so) and here's her response:

“Emily, the truth about permission is a little more real, and more complicated. Henry kept vacilitating and saying, ‘You know I don’t read, Mom.” as a way to get out of reading anything I’d written about him. That is because his prime hobby is torturing me.

"Gus was all, Yay!!! His understanding of being written about is: I’m a celebrity, so it’s all good.

"Let’s say that he can’t really think it through, in a court of law it wouldn’t be informed consent. But he’s a minor and he loves being the center of attention, so what the hell.” — Judith Newman

The screenshot and transcription of her response are at the very end of this post: https://internationalbadassactivists....

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