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message 1: by Maxwell (new)

Maxwell (welldonebooks) | 375 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Firstly, I apologize for how late in the month this is happening. As you can imagine, December is quite a busy month with the holidays and this unfortunately slipped through the cracks for me.

That being said, instead of the usual nomination process, to make things faster and easier, we are going to take the other most voted for books from the December nomination cycle and decide on which one of those to read together in January!

The options are:
1. Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle
2. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
3. The Conservationist by Nadine Gordimer

Please cast your vote for ONE of these books in the comments below. Voting will close at the end of the year (12am on 12/31/17) and the winner will be announced on the 1st of January!

Again, sorry for the rush and poor planning on my part. I will make sure to do better for the February voting. And remember that starting in March we will be reading the International Prize longlist until May, then June we will have 1 group read, and July through October 2018 will be the regular prize longlist reading as well :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season.

message 2: by Julianne (new)

Julianne Quaine | 35 comments The Conservationist Nadine Gordimer. Thanks! And good idea on the short vote. Julianne

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (barbara_63) | 29 comments My vote goes to Wolf Hall!

message 4: by Bartleby (new)

Bartleby (bartlebyscrivener) I vote for The conservationist. I really want to read Wolf Hall but only when the last book is about to be published, for my memory is terrible and I wouldn't want to have to re-read it. I'd love to read Paddy Clark as well :)

message 5: by Dyzelle (new)

Dyzelle | 6 comments Paddy Clark

message 6: by Rebekah (new)

Rebekah May (rebekahmay) | 27 comments I vote for Wolf Hall!

message 7: by Alice (new)

Alice (readingwithalice) | 1 comments Wolf Hall please!

message 8: by Corey (new)

Corey | 72 comments Wolf Hall!

message 9: by Jeanne (new)

Jeanne (grauspitz) My vote is with Wolf Hall!

message 10: by Wen (new)

Wen (wensz) Paddy Clark too

message 11: by Britta (new)

Britta Böhler | 314 comments Mod
The Conversationist.

message 12: by Joshua (new)

Joshua (jfields62) | 5 comments The conservationist

message 13: by Clari (new)

Clari (clarilopez) | 1 comments Wolf Hall!

message 14: by Hinnerk (new)

Hinnerk | 2 comments The Conservationist

message 15: by Alex (new)

Alex | 13 comments The conversationalist

message 16: by David (new)

David Wolf Hall

message 17: by Rachel (new)

Rachel | 1 comments Wolf Hall

message 18: by Hanneke (new)

Hanneke | 23 comments Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha

message 19: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 7 comments My vote goes to Paddy Clark ha ha ha

message 20: by Robert (new)

Robert | 363 comments The conservationist

message 21: by Ian (new)

Ian | 5 comments The Conservationist

message 22: by Gillian (new)

Gillian | 1 comments The Conservationist

message 23: by Nadia (new)

Nadia (alittlebitnadia) | 5 comments Wolf Hall

message 24: by Brad (new)

Brad Waller (bradwall) | 12 comments The Conservationist!

message 25: by Aileen (new)

Aileen Sitero | 3 comments Wolf Hall

message 26: by Laura (new)

Laura (lkw26) Wolf Hall

message 27: by Mareli (new)

Mareli | 2 comments Wolf Hall

message 28: by Sally (new)

Sally taylor (sallyjanet) Paddy Clark

message 29: by Cordelia (new)

Cordelia (anne21) Paddy Clark

message 30: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 1 comments Wolf Hall

message 31: by Paula (new)

Paula | 131 comments Paddy Clarke HaHaHa

message 32: by Kat (new)

Kat (onceuponashu) | 6 comments Voting for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

message 33: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Corbitt Paddy Clarke

message 34: by Timibibi (new)

Timibibi (seriousbookishnonsense) | 1 comments I vote for Wolf Hall! This is my first time voting, so exciting :D

message 35: by michko (new)

michko Wolf Hall!

message 36: by Paul (new)

Paul Emmerson The Conservationist

message 37: by Emmy B (new)

Emmy B | 4 comments The Conservationist

message 38: by Deb (new)

Deb (djzbaker) | 3 comments Wolf Hall.

message 39: by Hugh (new)

Hugh (bodachliath) | 151 comments Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

message 40: by Neil (new)

Neil | 511 comments Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

message 41: by Aryn (new)

Aryn | 1 comments The Conservationist!

message 42: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Wolf Hall

message 43: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Clarke (hedgiecc) | 13 comments Conservationist! 😊

message 44: by Heidi (new)

Heidi Klein | 2 comments The Conservationist

message 45: by Laura (new)

Laura Kolli | 1 comments The conservationist

message 46: by Diane (new)

Diane The Conservationist.

message 47: by Jep1068 (new)

Jep1068 Wolf Hall please

message 48: by Ana' (new)

Ana' (anafichesdelectures) | 1 comments Nadine Gordimer’s novel

message 49: by Marian (new)

Marian (marianese) | 6 comments My vote goes to Wolf Hall.

message 50: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrisa-uk) | 2 comments Wolf Hall ...

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