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Lundos | 392 comments I'm starting this in 2018 to earn some extra points for my team!

X . X . X . X . X

X . X . X . X . X

O . X . X . X . X

X . X . X . X . O

X . X . X . O . O

1. A buddy read with someone in the groupSix of Crows
2. A debut novel Gardens of the Moon
3. A book under 300 pagesA Virtual Dream
4. A book you own and haven’t read yetThe Mediterranean Caper
5. A book with a blue coverThe Land: Alliances
6. A book in a series you have already startedThe Land: Forging
7. A book with an anti-heroDeadhouse Gates
8. A book recommended by someone on Goodreads Children of Time
9. A Young Adult bookLegend
10. A book by an author you have not read beforeNPCs
11. A book with a one-word title
12. A book you can read in one dayDragons of Spring Dawning
14. A book featuring an unlikely friendship Dragons of Winter Night
15. A book over 800 pages Memories of Ice
16. A book published before 1970The Raven and Other Poems
17.A book on your to-read list for more than one yearReady Player One
18. A book with a person on the cover Twelve Kings in Sharakhai
19. A book from a (sub)genre you don’t usually read The Land: Founding
20. A book by an author under 25 at the time it was published
21. A book with a dragon in it The Burning Sky
22. A book published this year Artificial Condition
23. A standalone bookThe Scorpio Races
24. The last book in a series
25. A book of your choice

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Lundos | 392 comments Four to go.

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