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Please post your character biographies down below, and wait for approval!

If you're new to the game, here's an example template, and please note that all the following information must be included in any bio, if you're using your own templates.


Place of Origin if known:
3 Flaws:
3 Weakness:
Pets if owned:
Vehicles if owned:
Weapons if owned:


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S O N G S:

Come now... everything said in here is strictly confidential...

Name: Robin Caspian Jeon

Age: 25

Profession: Psychiatrist

Place of Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Sexuality: Bisexual


height: 6'0
weight: 11/12 stone
eye colour: onyx
skin colour: fair
hair colour: black
markings: he has a scar on his left hip bone

faceclaim: Park Bogum


Robin is somewhat reserved, and well spoken and mannered. His sparkling dark eyes reflect a sort of perpetual playfulness and lightness about them, but on the off chance it's not there... Run. His apathy is caused by otherwise deep and volatile emotion, so be wary of pulling him away from it. His hollowness is your armour. He is dangerous quiet and calculated, but even more dangerous when he is the opposite.

He is clever, and wise, and has excellent cognitive empathy, though his tendency to draw intense pleasure from the emotional distress of others is astronomical. Pain is beautiful to him, whether he is watching tears fall, or someone is punching him in the face. It is a raw and charming effect.

Play? With me?

... Are you sure you want to?

There is an arrogance about him, and a helpless superiority that feeds the god complex in him. He despises rude people. People with no manners or too much attitude. Though you'd never guess it behind all those sweet and reassuring smiles. Despite his apparent loveliness, he has deep seated issues. Despite knowing the complexity of humans and accepting their depth and status as intelligent, he still views them as little more than pawns on his chessboard. Tools to entertain him should he ever get bored, which to be fair, he does get often.

Due to the way in which he feels his parents abandoned him rather than believe in the good in him, he has a volatile vendetta against the concept, and if he catches any hint of anything along that vein, he will actively bring down the assailant. He is very patient, usually, and does not overestimate himself. He knows his strengths, and his weaknesses, as well as when to step away.

The concept of soulmates is ridiculous to him, and he has devised an expert plan to rid himself of the potential harm it could do... A soulmate cannot trigger his ageing process if his soulmate is dead.

Psyche Analysis:
- Antisocial Personality Disorder
- Bipolar Disorder

"I used to like to think he was just a child..."

"... It never fails to harrow me when I remember... he's not."


Robin, though at this point, he was called Kaichi, was born in sleepy suburbia just outside of Seoul, warm even when the snow fell. His Japanese mother, Chiyo, was a kind woman. Unfathomably pretty, and charming, and utterly selfless. The kind of woman who would bake too many cookies on purpose just so she could take them round to the neighbours.

His father, Seungyeong, was a stern, but golden hearted man. As intelligent as his wife was poetic. He was a surgeon, the best in the country and to all the world, they were a privileged, picture perfect little family. Robin's younger brother Min was the pretty and lovely to Robin's clever. Everything was perfect. Perfect.

Robin was always different, his parents knew the moment he reached an age where he started asking questions. All children were curious, but where did such morbid interest come from? Robin knew no different. He did not understand why his parents began looking at him like that.

Morbid, but entirely innocent. This was the truth, and one his mother saw. But his father, in all his logic, could not see this. Despite her attempts to protect him, Seungyeong took control, and began to actively deter Robin from any such thoughts. Misunderstood, but desperate for his parents love and unburdened gaze, he complied. At 10 years old he got his soulmate mark like any other child, a little mark shaped like a little bird on his wrist, and it was as irrelevant then as it is to this day.

For years and years, he learned not to wonder about death, or morality, and simply did as he was supposed to. To his mother's delight and presumption, he was a kind, charming boy just like her, with his father's brains, and good sense. He finally fit their perfect ideal. Popular, academically successful, a model of good behaviour. And to Robin, it was not a lie. How could it be a lie, when everyone including himself was so very happy?

The happiness came to a rather abrupt end, when one day, Robin came upon a dead dog at the side of the road. Both concerned and curious, he went to it, and carried it home. Hoping to try and find its owners to return to them their precious baby. Hoping to try and do the right thing.

And as always, he was utterly misunderstood.

Terrified that his teenage son was turning into a psychopath he had fought so long to suppress, Seungyeong attempted to lock Robin away. Only this time, Robin was older, and this time, Robin knew enough to know that his father was wrong. He was so wrong. Point blank refusing professional help, and heartbroken at the idea that his own father would cage him like an animal, Robin took his mother in a fit of anger, and the two of them went to stay at a hotel on the other side of town.

Robin to this day does not know what was going through his father's mind, when he snuck into the hotel in the middle of the night. He never would find out what his intentions had been, because in a flash of panic, Robin struck out at his father with the telephone on his bedside, dealing a lethal blow.

... Mother?

Horrified, his mother fled. Though she did not even make it out the door before he caught her. He held her to his chest, begging her to understand. Surely she knew it was an accident? But his mother did not calm down. His mother was looking at him with eyes he'd spent his life trying to avoid. She looked at him like he was a monster.

If people call you a thing all your life, eventually, that's what you become. These were Robin's thoughts as he left that hotel room that night, the quiet bodies of his parents left in states of quick and brutal disarray. There was a time when Robin had wanted to be understood, had wanted to be saved.

And that was over now. His parents had finally gotten what they'd spent so long convinced of. A monstrous son. A fair-faced beast.

Is it really so hard just to say please?

Inspired by the silly little mark on his wrist, he took a new name, Robin, took his younger brother, and moved to England, where he went to school. The charm and intelligence he'd gotten from his dear parents was not wasted as he soared through his education at an accelerated rate, soon earning his doctorate at a record young age.

That was 117 years ago. At some point in time his brother slipped him, and disappeared. Robin let him. For now.

In the field of psychiatry, he gets to meet all sorts of people. He gets to see what influences them, and what choices they make. Whether they'll end up one way or the other.

All anyone ever needs is a little push. And he needs no rhyme or reason. There may have been good in Robin once, but that all belonged to the boy called Kaichi. And Kaichi is long, long dead.

Isn't life so boring?

Must I pretend to be interested in the utter drivel that comes out your mouth?

- Music
- Literature
- People
- Painting
- Rabbits
- Rain
- Chaos
- The taste of blood
- Winning

- Rudeness
- Lack of sophistication
- Rose wine
- Sweet things
- Mayonnaise

So tell them...

You see me because I want you to.

Fatal Flaws:
- Curiosity - he is curious to a fault, and will pursue the object of his interest regardless of the collateral damage, or risk.
- Violent - due to his bipolar, in conjunction with ASPD, he is prone to sudden and extreme bouts of senseless barbarism.
- Sadistic - he will go out of his way to hurt people, mentally or physically, in order to stimulate some sort of internal reaction from himself that isn't entirely shallow.
- Promiscuous - he will use and abuse pretty much anyone who dares step into his bed. And many do.
- Childish - given his rocky childhood, there are parts of Robin that never got the chance to grow up. He can be very petty and childish if it takes his fancy. Though never whimsically, of course.
- Easily bored - Robin is prone to chronic boredom, and will resort to ridiculous and nasty lengths to cure it.

Now, now, now... aren't you going to buy me dinner first?

Pets: Lop-eared rabbit called Gukkie.
Vehicles: A black BMW.
Weapons: A gun, several knives.

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S O N G S:

All the beautiful things in here... marred by human touch.

Name: Min Jeon

Age: 21

Profession: Janitor

Place of Origin: Seoul, South Korea

Sexuality: Bisexual


height: 5’9
weight: 9/10 stone
eye colour: chocolate brown
skin colour: tanned
hair colour: soft brown
markings: soulmate mark on his hip, of a cloud

faceclaim: Kim Taehyung


Soft. That’s the first word that would come to mind if those who knew him spoke of him. Gentle hands, gentle eyes, and a heart of stone. Traumatised by the actions of his older brother, a brother he cannot help but love, he works tirelessly just to make it through his days. He likes cute things, and high fashion, and sweets. That’s the kind of person he almost was. Almost.

Very few people can get close enough to him to see the little twinkle in his eyes. That soft air of mischief. He works very hard to keep almost everyone at arms length. He keeps his head down. He does not want to be famous, there isn’t an ambitious bone in his body. He’s a simple and easy person to please. He just wants to be happy.

Being happy is a near impossible feat for him.

Psyche Analysis:
- Anxiety Disorder
- Seasonal Depression


Min was born to Seungyeong and Chiyo Jeon, the second son of an ideal nuclear family in surburban Seoul. His childhood was wonderful, he felt. A gentle mother, and a father who always guided him. As though that were already not perfect, he had the greatest older brother in the world. Charming, and good at everything, and so patient with Min. Always.

So blinded by his happiness then, Min had not noticed tensions. His family had worked so hard to hide it from him, after all. How one moment he’d be happy, and the next his blood smeared brother would be dragging him from their house and into a car, he’d never know.

Kaichi was never the same after that, and neither was Min. Their parents had tried to kill him, and in defending himself, they’d died. That was the story Kaichi told Min, and that was the story he could not believe. But nor could he believe his brother had done that in the first place. So what was he to do, but go along with him?

His brother had changed, and for a few decades, Min lived in absolute fear of him. It was a strange thing, to love someone that terrified you. Nor could he bring himself to leave, until the day Kaichi revealed his plan.

When their soulmates inevitably turned up, Kaichi would kill them both. It was going to be the two of them together forever.

The final straw. Terrified at the possibility, Min meticulously planned his escape, and he fled to America. Taking up post as a janitor in a museum, he kept his head low, and under his brother’s radar.

Min lives with the knowledge he will live forever, and without his soulmate. And always in hiding. But this, he thinks, is preferable to his soulmate losing their life. He can live in a world without them, but not where they don’t exist.

- Music
- Cute things
- Fashion
- Singing
- Walking
- Sleeping

- Confrontation, though he is used to it
- Selfishness
- People who avoid their soulmate without good reason

Fatal Flaws:
- Selfless - he is too selfless. In this, he will never be happy, because he is more concerned with the wellbeing and happiness of others
- Unconditional Love - despite fearing and hiding from his brother, his love for him refuses to wane. Sometimes love just runs too deep.
- Overthinks - due to his anxiety, he overthinks just about everything, and panics easily.
- Promiscuous - despite appearances, and how he might truly be at heart, Min drowns his sorrows in strangers he will never see again after the fact.

Just laugh until it stops being fake.

Pets: Hamster called Michael
Vehicles: A run down, but lovely motorbike
Weapons: A gun, but he hates it.

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S O N G S:

Name: Elvira del Toro

Age: 20

Profession: University Student, majoring in History and minoring in Literature

Place of Origin: Mexico

Sexuality: Bisexual


height: 5’5
weight: 9 stone
eye colour: brown
skin colour: dark, caramelly
hair colour: very dark brown
markings: soulmate mark on the back of her neck, a wolf shaped mark

faceclaim: Tashi Rodriguez


Fiery, but kind hearted, Elvira is a ball of bubbly fun. She is independent, and proves that money can’t buy class. She is an ideal mix of sensible and reckless, which entirely depends on how much alcohol she’s consumed. She doesn’t always find her studies easy, but her work ethic allows her to keep up with the rest of her peers. She is a strong, creative young woman, with fierce ideals.

She can be stubborn, and a sore loser, too. She doesn’t blame others when she is wrong, but she certainly doesn’t like being so. She loves family, and God, too. Her religion helps keep her in place when other things simply cannot. That’s the simple answer to her devotion, in that respect.

Psyche Analysis:
Elvira is thus far relatively neurotypical.


Elvira was born into a rather big family in a small town south of the border in Mexico. She was one of the youngest of her siblings, and many of her older brothers and sisters basically raised her, given her parents couldn’t always juggle that many children at once. Her parents weren’t rich, and worked a fair few jobs between them to provide for the family, but as Elvira grew up, it became apparent she was clever. After the death of her older brother due to a drug-related incident, her parents decided something needed to change somehow.

Everyone they knew pitched in to help get her to a good university, and so that’s how she ended up with a scholarship to Harvard, studying History and Literature. Natural brightness isn’t quite enough to get her through, but she’s knuckling down, utterly determined to make her parents proud no matter what, and give back everything they gave her. This sometimes leads to her missing out on social things, but she doesn’t quite agree with the Harvard alumni anyway. She’s not there to make friends, as it is.

She wants to prove her worth, and know that when she stands at the end of it all, she deserves to be there.

- Reading
- Classical History
- Poetry
- Cinnamon buns (the food)
- Coffee
- Cats

- Failure
- Losing
- Archaic values
- Cold weather

Fatal Flaws:
- Career Driven - this may be a good thing in another context, but her dedication to her work leaves little to no room for absolutely anything else.
- Fear of Failure - her terror at potentially failing and having to return home empty handed is deep rooted, and rears up at very inconvenient times for her.
- Oblivious - she is bright, but she doesn’t always pick up on social clues.
- Religious - the religion helps more than it doesn’t, but in times of peril she relies on it too heavily.

Pets: Russian Blue cat called Teedo
Vehicles: An old Beetle
Weapons: Pepper spray

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S O N G S:

I see them in my dreams, but then... they're gone.

Name: Alexander Greenwood

Age: 24

Profession: published poet, and columnist for several papers and websites

Place of Origin: Unknown, he comes from a Romani family

Sexuality: Bisexual


height: 5’11
weight: 9/10 stone
eye colour: blue
skin colour: fair
hair colour: very dark brown
markings: soulmate mark on his collarbone, in the shape of a snake

faceclaim: Landon Liboiron


Charming, devil-may-care, and intuitive, Lex has a knack for being able to make friends with near enough anyone he meets. He is cocky in a lovely way. He gives of the distinct impression that he genuinely does just care about everyone and everything, like he has a beautiful appreciation for the world.

Of course, one may ask, then how does he churn out poem after wretched, beautiful poem. Lex is a very lonely man. He can be surrounded by people who love him, but he struggles to connect with any of them. They can never truly understand him, no matter how much they want to, and though he does not pine for his soulmate, he wonders if the gods are so cruel as to leave him so alone until then. Lex does not care for soulmates or falling in love; he falls in love with the world every time he wakes up, after all. He just likes the idea of one day, when the time is right, meeting his equal.

"What are you gonna do if they're fascists?"

I wouldn't be surprised if the gods punished me like that...

He’s also prone to having a very serious survival instinct. He would give you the world, but he would take it right back if it meant he would survive, and this is applied to many aspects of his life. He cannot help it. It’s simply the way he is.

Psyche Analysis:
Mild Bipolar Disorder

"Do you love me, Lex?"

... Sure.


Lex was born to Nikolai and Esmeralda, two Romani gypsies, and for the first 8 years of his life, he was on the road. He loved it, of course, it was in his soul, in his nature to travel. Something he never did shake.

After the sudden and violent death of his father, however, his mother took him away from that life, and planted roots in some nowhere village in Virginia. He lived a normal life from there, but his mother never let him forget his roots. Never.

He was a terrible student, of course. Hated school, hated the people and the hierarchy there, and he rarely went. He did, of course, excel at literature. So much so that his high school teacher took a shine to him, and was determined for him to do well. His poems were enough to get him into community college, and from there, to New York, where he quickly made a relatively good life for himself.

He writes poems for royalties, and columns to speak his mind, and he enjoys his life, tucked up into his studio apartment, with his dogs, and his vintage record collection. He’s a lone wolf, with an Irish luck, and he thanks the Earth every day for his lot.

- Smoking
- Poetry
- Hedonism
- Lazing about in the sun
- Doing nothing
- Music
- Flirting
- Road trips

- Loneliness
- Clouds
- Cats
- Children

Fatal Flaws:
- Selfish - he is uncommonly generous, but there is a strong selfish streak to his nature. He will always do what it takes to survive, even if others have to suffer.
- Chronic Boredom - like all brilliant minds, he gets bored, and he does stupid shit.
- Hero Complex - this one explains itself.
- Flaky - There have been several past lovers who have tried to pin him down, but perhaps it’s the gypsy in him that finds planting his feet rather difficult. No one feels like his equal yet.

The party was fine... I'm just not feeling good today, okay?

Pets: 4 dogs, a beagle, a flat coated retriever, a dalmation and a husky.
Vehicles: A 1969 chevy camaro convertible in blue
Weapons: Switchblade, and a Magnum .44 at his apartment

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Name: Tabbris Smith (Tabby)
Age: 21
Profession: Bookshop Clerk
Place of Origin if known: England
Sexuality: Heterosexual

height: 5’6
weight: 127 lbs
eyes: brown
skin: warm beige
hair: mousy brown
markings: soulmate mark on her left upper back, a lily

Personality: Tabbris is reserved and cautious. She tries to avoid people as much as possible due to her introverted nature. She has a kind heart and has a desire to help others, although sometimes fear of failure stops her from doing so. She's intelligent, and a fast learner. She rarely forgets anything that she's read, which made her an excellent student, but she's lost her drive to learn over the past year.

History: Tabbris had a fairly normal life. She did well in school, had a few friends, then left it all behind when she started university. Away from home and in an unfamiliar place, she wasn't quite able to adjust. She failed to form any lasting relationships and found herself unhappy with her studies, despite excelling at them.

She spent more and more time at the bar, drinking alone. Eventually, someone sat beside her and spoke to her, and it made her feel special. Someone had finally noticed her. He didn't have the same intentions as her, for he drugged her drink and raped her that night. A few weeks later, Tabbris attempted to kill herself but failed and was checked into a mental hospital.

That was a year ago. Now, Tabbris has dropped out of school and returned home to her family. She works in the local bookshop where she tries to escape the thoughts haunting her mind by reading the stories of others. The doctors say that she's getting better, but she still feels empty inside.

-Doesn't trust others easily
-Doesn't believe that she is worthy of love
-Doesn't want to find her soulmate
-Suffers from depression

-The rain

-Loud noises
-Physical contact

Pets if owned:
-A tortoiseshell cat named Toffee
-A dapple gray Andalusian horse named Calamity
Vehicles if owned:
Weapons if owned:
-Pepper Spray

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All characters in this thread are approved.

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Name: Ashlynn "Mira" Bates (goes by Mira)
Age: 26
Profession: Works at the Pub
Place of Origin if known: Manchester, England
Sexuality: Straight Female
Personality: Mira always has had a short temper with anyone who tries to tell her she can or can't do something or talks about her family. She's extremely loyal to her friends and family and tries her best to look out for everyone. Mira appears an optimist so she can give others hope, but actually inside is a realist, knowing all the hope she gives others is just lies and her praying everything will be alright.

History: Mira grew up in Manchester with her Mum, Abigail, her dad, John, and her four siblings. While her name is Ashlyn, her father always called her his little Miracle since she had barely survived the night she was born, and so she started going by Mira. When Mira was ten and her youngest sibling was 2, her family moved from Manchester to London for her father's job. He became a financial supervisor for a company and the family lived well for many years. However, when Mira was 18, her father was framed for tax fraud and arrested then went on to die in jail of illness. Mira and her older 20 year old brother, Archie, began working to support the family and help their mother who got a job as a laundress. Archie dropped out of college and Mira didn't go to a university like she'd planned. Mira took the best jobs she could get and began saving to attend college again until Archie found his soulmate, got married, and moved to America. Now the support of the family was left to Mira and her mother with Archie sending some money as often as he can. Eventually all her siblings moved out once they became of age, leaving only Mira and her mother living in the small apartment. However, her youngest sibling, who is 18 Derrick, often crashes at Mira and her mother's place drunk or in trouble and Mira has to support him since he can't hold a job or bail him out of jail whenever he gets arrested.

3 Flaws: Short tempered, too self reliant, shut off
3 Weakness: her family, seeing others in need, her dad
Likes; Animals, books, music, movies, baking, going dancing or singing
Dislikes: crowds, drunks, twats, mornings, thunder storms, money
Pets if owned: none
Vehicles if owned: A motorcycle that used to belong to her dad, then to Archie, and now it's hers. (view spoiler)
Weapons if owned: has pepper spray on her at all times
Physical Description: Mira is 5'7", slender with well toned muscles from lifting boxes all day for inventory, with an hourglass figure and heart shaped face. Mira has bright hazel eyes and short brown hair.

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Name: Derrick Bates
Age: 18
Profession: none
Place of Origin if known: Manchester, England
Sexuality: Straight Male
Personality: Sarcastic, foolhardy, irresponsible, lazy, flirty, silver tongue

History: Derrick was born in Manchester but moved to London when he was two. When he was ten, his father was arrested for Tax Fraud and died in jail from illness, it's believed it was a stroke but it was never confirmed. Derrick fell into a self destructive pattern and began shop lifting, smoking, partying, basically anything that got him into trouble. As he got older, it only got worse and he began trying to steal cars and more high level crimes. His older brother, Archie, and older sister, Mira, always bailed him out though. Derrick was never able to hold a job for more than a few days, if even that long, and often crashes with his Mum and Mira at their apartment. Lots of the times, he'll show up late at night or early in the morning very drunk. Mira tries to make him sober up and act like an adult but he doesn't see the point if all it leads to is working regular hours and then winding up like his dad.

3 Flaws: Drunk, reckless, selfish
3 Weakness: His mum and his sister Mira, gambling, alcohol
Likes; drinking, parties, smoking, the quiet, doing things that give him an adrenaline rush
Dislikes: the belief in soulmates, his mark, rules
Pets if owned: none
Vehicles if owned: none
Weapons if owned: He keeps a switchblade on him.
Physical Appearance: Derrick is 6' and rather on the lean side. He has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a tattoo on his back.

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Name: Amber Ellery

Age: 18

Profession: College Student

Place of Origin if known: Toronto, Ontario

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Amber is a very open minded person and very adventurous. She loves getting out and doing things and loves to go on spontaneous adventures. She is generally a happy person but can get angry and defensive when someone tries to insult her. She does her best not to judge people and is a good friend since she considers herself to be a free spirit.

History: Amber grew up in Toronto and has two younger siblings that are twins. She lived a normal life but grew up learning music and often did minor singing performances for weddings and birthday parties, nothing too big. She went to university to study music in hopes to become a music teacher and is also sort of wanting to become a famous musician. She grew up learning classical music but is actually more interested in playing rock and alternative music since that is more her taste.

3 Flaws: Very sarcastic, sometimes seems to be conceited, can often be a bit bossy.

3 Weakness: Easily bored and often turns to drugs to cure that boredom, she often feels like she has to prove herself or always has to be right, and she doesn't have a lot of patience with herself mostly and she can seem patient with others but isn't actually all that patient.

Likes; Music, dance, art, men and women, animals

Dislikes: Little kids, grouchy old people who complain about everything, and she also really hates the smell of anything citrus like oranges or grapefruits.

Pets if owned: 2 cats, and a Husky

Vehicles if owned: A motorcycle

Weapons if owned: None

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Name: Liam Newman

Age: 19

Profession: Medical Intern

Place of Origin if known: Wales, UK

Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Liam is usually pretty soft spoken and kind hearted. He can get along with most people but doesn't talk a whole lot since he is usually pretty shy at first but talks more when he gets used to people and gets to know them. He is very open minded but will never say anything against someone even if he knows that they are wrong. He hates arguing and will purposely avoid a fight if he can. But he is very loyal and committed in all his relationships.

History: Liam grew up with verbally abusive parents which is why he doesn't like to argue and is the way he is. He promised himself that he would never be like that to anyone else since he knows that those feelings never really go away. He often feels insecure because of this and tires to be kind to others but often feels like he isn't good enough.

3 Flaws: He can be a bit of a pushover since he has a hard time saying no to people, he has a problem where he has too high of expectations for himself and feels like he will never be good enough, and he will usually keep quiet even if the things that are happening are dangerous for someone else since he is afraid of authority and people like that.

3 Weakness: His family, Letting go of the past, and he will give everything to another person even if it hurts him.

Likes; Food, dogs, coffee, rain, sweets
Dislikes: The heat, drugs, violence or anything like that

Pets if owned: 1 dog

Vehicles if owned: A small car

Weapons if owned: None

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Name: Eden Moreau

Age: 76

Profession: Barista

Place of Origin if known: California, United States

Sexuality: Bisexual

When at work Eden is normally rather quiet and pleasant to be around, though he isn't very good about starting up a conversation. He's not good at making friends, and leads a rather lonely existence. He's short tempered and when a conflict or hot button topic arises, he's quick to voice his opinion and argue on its behalf. Despite his mild demeanor, he doesn't let himself be pushed around by anyone, and isn't afraid to fight back, but usually only after provocation. He spent the first thirty-five years of his life looking for his soul mate, and when nothing came into fruition, he gave up searching, and has since lived with the mentality that good things just weren't meant to come his way. He hides his depression with a smile and a surprisingly sharp and witty sense of humor. No one would be the wiser to the constant inner turmoil in his head.

Eden's parents had gotten divorced early on in his childhood. Like any divorced child, he grew up spoiled rotten by his two parents, and rebelled against them constantly. After graduating high school he double majored in chemistry and biology, and went on to medical school and became a doctor. Yet after getting his license to practice, he grew bored with his chosen profession. His hopes for a soulmate had all but vanished, his relationship with his parents was in tatters, so he left everything and moved to get away from it all, picking up a job as a barista and coasting on the money he'd made in the short time he'd spent as a medical professional.

3 Flaws:
- Impatient
- Easy to Anger
- Stubborn

3 Weakness:
- Sweets
- Drugs and Alcohol
- Delicious Food
- Depression

- Gentle Rain
- Eating
- Sleeping In
- Cuddling
- Artwork
- Adorable People/Animals
- Snow

- Rude/Loud People
- Confrontation
- Death
- Raccoons (Trash Bandits)
- People Fighting

Pets if owned:
- His pet fox that he brings everywhere even though it's not allowed it's too cute how could anyone say no to a face like that?

Vehicles if owned:
- A small hatchback held together by duct tape and prayers. He usually walks.

Weapons if owned:
- A baseball bat. Just in case.

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