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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 127 comments Mod
Please place your characters desired professions/status here for approval.

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 127 comments Mod

Strike Lightning

Robin Jeon - doctorate in psychology, Psychiatrist
Min Jeon - janitor
Elvira del Toro - Harvard undergraduate
Alexander Greenwood - Poet and Columnist
Unnamed Character - Nurse in the Soulmate Offices
Unnamed Character - Singer at the jazz club, Tixidies.


Drusilla 'Dru' Lucille Maras (WIP) - Successful Businesswoman
Unnamed Character - Doctor
Unnamed Character - College Student


Tabbris Smith - Bookshop Clerk

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Daemon | 5 comments Eden Moreau - Barista

Jackson Wolfhart - Model

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