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1) All must abide by these rules at all times.
2) No nastiness out of character. Remember, your characters are not you personally so don't get offended, or bicker. If you have any genuine concerns, there is a chat for that.
3) No god-modding - and please be realistic. Give your characters strengths, and weaknesses. Blessed traits and flaws. No claiming already claimed FC's.
4) Original characters only. Please be creative. Additionally, using characters from other franchises is strictly forbidden. Face claims are just that. No one wants the entire cast of Teen Wolf running around looking for soulmates, goddamnit.
5) You must write in 4 sentences or more, paragraphs are preferred. If you're stuck, describe something. A look in someone's eyes. Be eloquent, it's good practise for you.
6) The Soulmate Principle is the only magic in this roleplay. Love. Destiny. It cannot be directly controlled by anyone.
7) You can use violence, dark themes, etc, but anything pertaining to graphic smut must be kept to PM. You should be able to judge for yourself when it's time to take it over, but in the event you don't know, a mod will let you know peacefully.

Please confirm you have read and agreed to these rules.

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