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message 1: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 833 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

Last check in of the year! Can't believe it went by already!

This week I finished Destiny: Child of the Sky which is the final book of the first arc of the Symphony of ages. There's another 3 books I think i need to read before I get into the new books I haven't read yet. I think i'm taking a break for now, and will work the rest of the re-reads in around next year's challenge.

To finish out the year I decided to read some of the comic trades I picked up at various comic shops this year and never got around to reading. So I read How to Talk to Girls at Parties and Batgirl, Vol. 1: The Batgirl of Burnside

Currently I'm reading Fables Deluxe Edition Book 2

Is everyone looking forward to next year's challenges? I'm doing three next year. Probably crazy, but we'll see how it goes. My plan is to double and triple count books across the three where I can. I won't double dip in the same challenge, but I will across them.

I'm doing Popsugar, Around The Year in Books and Read Harder. I think I'll make a new challenge folder for next year and I'll add the various prompts if anyone's interested.

Happy reading everyone!

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 207 comments Mod
Hello All,

I'm really looking forward to next year's challenge! I downloaded my first two library reads for the Popsugar challenge this morning so I can get started tomorrow. I'm just sticking with Popsugar as I do the advanced prompts, too, and 52 books in a year is more than enough challenge for me! (even with using books across multiple challenges).

So, in the last week, I finished listening to Stardust and was completely enchanted by it. I imagine it's a wonderful book to read, but I found listening to it with Neil Gaiman narrating it absolutely magical, and I can't imagine "reading" this book another way. I'm interested in watching the movie adaption now, which I hear good things about.

I also finished reading Thrawn, which was...okay. I really wish we got Star Wars Rebels here in Canada because I'd like to see what role he plays in it. I found the book to be a Sherlock Holmes-style novel more than anything (Thrawn has a sidekick that serves as a foil to explain how he makes his brilliant deductions, and he also has an arch-nemesis). I was a bit disappointed in this book since I generally loved Timothy Zahn's other Star Wars novels, but it served its function as light holiday reading.

Part of my holiday time off is dedicated to doing some major organizing around the house, so I dowloaded the audio version of Doctor Who and the Daleks to keep me company, and I'm about 1/2 way through it. The reader played one of the original companions on Doctor Who, and I've seen the first two episodes that make up this novelization of that arc, so it's keeping my interest quite nicely, 1960s characterization and use (or lack thereof) of female characters aside.

What's everyone else up to? Getting excited to start new challenges or just a new year?

message 3: by Sara (last edited Jan 01, 2018 12:33PM) (new)

Sara Richter | 55 comments Hi all!!

Very exciting news to share - I finished my challenge!! Despite all the holiday crazy and getting sick, I've knocked off the last of my reading challenge with 8 hours to spare. Feels good! I'm taking next year off of reading challenges as there are too many books on my TBR list that I would rather knock out. Hopefully I can keep documenting my progress in these weekly check-ins though.

To finish off my challenge list, I read The Selection and The Prince as a book and its prequel. The Selection feels a little bit like Mockingjay meets The Bachelor. I liked it. The Prince took place before and at the start of The Selection, but from the prince's point of view. I'm definitely continuing with this series next year.

The last book was The Fifth Heart as a book over 600 pages. It was OK. The first 300 pages were hard to get through, but the last 300 pages were quite a bit better. It was a weird historical fiction where Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, and Irene Adler are real people causing havok at the World's Fair in Chicago and interacting with actual historical figures. The book would have been better told in 300 pages than 600, but it was ok way to end the challenge.

Hope everyone has a great New Year!!

message 4: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 833 comments Mod
Congratulations Sarah! That’s awesome!

I totally get wanting a break from challenges. They can be fun but also stressful if you end up skipping too many books you want to read but don’t fit.

Still keep posing though! It’s fun to talk about what we’re reading, even if it’s not “for” anything.

message 5: by Alexa (new)

Alexa | 37 comments Happy New Year! I’m going to try the Million Word Challenge (which works out to an average of twenty 200 page books) with the added difficulty being that only new to me books count.
I’m starting with Astrophysics For People in a Hurry

message 6: by Sheri (new)

Sheri | 833 comments Mod
Alexa, cool! Good luck in the challenge!

message 7: by Sara (new)

Sara Richter | 55 comments Alexa - That's a great idea! Reading challenge without having to stick to prompts. Love it!

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan LoVerso | 261 comments Alexa that is a great challenge. I recently read that NdGT book and will say that it is small and likely well below your average word count! But it was very enjoyable content-wise.

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