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Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments Here are some quick instructions on how to get started in the group.

1. Create your thread for your 2018 challenge. We have folders for Personal Challenges. Follow the instructions to create your own thread. You can also post reviews here if you like. You can do yours however you would like, but here's an old challenge thread of mine as an example if you would like one.

2. Introduce yourself to the group. Click here for our introduction thread, and say hello. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

3. Browse the challenges. We have yearly, quarterly, and monthly challenges. You can always join mid-challenge and backdate the books you read earlier in the challenge period (even if you weren't part of the group yet) and add them to the challenge.

4. Create your corner to keep track of your challenges. Go to the Member Corners Thread, add a topic, and start tracking your challenges.

5. Have fun! We're excited to have you and hope you enjoy our group. If you ever have any questions, post them here and one of us will get to them.

Note: If you have messages enabled, you will also receive a welcome message.

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Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments Rules

1. Post in English. Our group is an international group, but we request that all public posts be posted in English for sake of consistency. Please feel free to use your own language in your Member's Corner only as long as you let us know what language you are posting in.

2. Mark spoilers. You can do this by typing [spoiler] before the spoiler and [/spoiler] after it and replacing the []s with < and >.

3. Be nice. We will not tolerate personal attacks in this group. This is a group people can join to have fun—it should not be a stressful, negative environment. You will receive a warning, and if the behavior continues, we will ban you.

4. Keep up to date. This group works because of its active participants. While we won’t remove you from the group for not participating, we would prefer that you keep us updated on your goal and challenges.

5. Authors: we would love for you to participate in our group, but please contact a moderator before promoting your book in any way.

6. Bloggers and Promoters: We understand how excited you are to share your love of reading with us, but we require you to contact a moderator before you post the information linking to your blog or website. We will determine whether you can post your information on a case by case basis.

Kadijah Michelle (kadmich) | 2176 comments Group Sections—what does it all mean?

New here? Drop a line… Introduce yourself and let us get to know you.

Group Discussions – Let’s Chat! This is the area for general discussions. You can also get recommendations for books, talk about your blog, and ask for librarian help (librarians can help to edit book information in Goodreads that’s missing or incorrect).

Personal Challenges. This is the main focus of the group. Set your goal for the year and create a thread to track your progress. You’re welcome to look at other people’s challenges and comment on what they’ve read. This is a great way to find people with similar taste in books and make friends.

Member Corners. This is your very own space in the group. Each member can create a thread to track challenges. Participate in lots of groups? No problem! You can keep track of any challenges here, even ones from outside this group.

Group Read. Each month, the group will nominate books according to the theme for the next month. Ten books are chosen for a poll, and the members vote on which book they want to read. You will receive a notification when the poll is up.

Challenges. We have yearly, quarterly, and monthly challenges. Each challenge has tasks for members to complete. Members will set their own goal for each challenge (you don’t need to do all the tasks) and will strive, over the designated time period, to meet those goals.

Buddy Reads. Every month, we’ll do a few buddy reads. A buddy read is when two or more members decide they would like to read a book together and want a place to discuss it. To start a buddy read, post here to find others to read a book with you.

TBR Twins. This is an activity our group does where you sign up, get paired with someone, and you and your twin pick a book to read together. We do our best to create pairs who like the same types of books.

Archives. All older threads go here.

Questions? Ask us here!

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