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message 1: by Cathy (new)

Cathy As I just completed my personal 2016 reading challenge here on Goodreads (I don't think I've ever cut it quite this close but yay, at least I made it!), it made me think about challenges in general.

Do you set a number of books to read here on GR at the start of each year? If so, how you decide on the number of books you'd like to read? Do you usually reach the amount of books you set out to read or do you read a lot more or less?

Any other challenges you guys sometimes follow? I took the Popsugar 2015 reading challenge, the first year they had one and I finished it, so that was a lot of fun. Haven't done another ones since, but their 2018 reading challenge looks interesting again, so I might attempt that in the new year!

message 2: by lucie (new)

lucie (arey) Yes, I like GR challenge! Every year I set a goal of 100 books. It's a safe number for me and I dont have a problem to read this amount of books (or more).

I dont follow any other challenges.. they are too specific for me. That's why I like this group :)

message 3: by Rodney (new)

Rodney (rodneybracke) | 25 comments My own little private challenge is read more than the previous year.
Which will be quite difficult next year with 112 books/40000 pages.

I set my GR challenge at 52 each year but that's the bare minimum I want to read even when life gets in the way

message 4: by Inge, Mad Hatter (last edited Dec 29, 2017 04:24AM) (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
I usually only join the Goodreads challenge for the full year, but join smaller challenges here and there. I did a Hunger Games themed challenge over the summer, and a little bit of The Reading Quest. Our mental health book bingo lasts all through January and I'm all set to go!

Normally I would set my goal to 100 books as well, but I find that I'm reading much more slowly now that I've cut down on ARCs. Think I'll start with 52 as well, just to be safe. :D

message 5: by WhatIReallyRead (last edited Dec 30, 2017 04:38PM) (new)

WhatIReallyRead I always set my GR challenge at 52, because it seems like a reasonable number - a book a week. Usually, I surpass it.

Thing is, I don't want to motivate myself with quantity because I know I can easily reach big numbers if I let myself do a genre-romance binge (a book flies by in a day). But after overdosing on romance I start being bitchy and leave a throng of 1*-reviews, so I have to limit myself and space it out to continue to love it.

So I try to set constraints for myself (like in 2017 challenge) as to what kind of books to read. It worked really well for me.

Haven't tried any other challenges. Am kinda intimidated to make too many commitments, I already have this group and my own plans. Anything else would be too much :D

message 6: by Kim (new)

Kim | 58 comments Last year I set my challenge number at 12, one a month. It's not about pressuring myself to read every chance I have (because there's a lot of other pastimes I like as well), but about not stopping entirely as I did before.
I reached my goal, and I was struggling with one book I didn't particularly like for the first six months of the year so I could have read more if I had just DNF'ed that one. So I set the number for 2018 at 18 (1,5 a month, and it sounds kinda right, no?).

To make sure I mix things up I set myself a few side-goals as well... (already listed in this group so I'm not going to write it all down again... )

message 7: by Cathy (new)

Cathy WhatIReallyRead wrote: "Thing is, I don't want to motivate myself with quantity because I know I can easily reach big numbers if I let myself do a genre-romance binge (a book flies by in a day).."

This is very true! I've set my goal at 60 for a couple of years now and I went with 60 again because it seems like a good number. I read 130 books back in 2012, which was exceptional for me, but that was the year I dove into the historical romance genre and those books are so easy to binge!

I'm doing the Popsugar challenge again this year after much deliberation. But I quite like the prompts this time around so I'm hoping to diversify my reading even more :)

message 8: by Esra (new)

Esra | 14 comments Cathy wrote: "WhatIReallyRead wrote: "Thing is, I don't want to motivate myself with quantity because I know I can easily reach big numbers if I let myself do a genre-romance binge (a book flies by in a day).."

I think I might join you on the Popsugar reading challenge. I noticed that quite a few of my 2018 TBR books already apply for the prompts, so I think so might give it a shot. And it seems like it’ll fit in well with my goal to read more diversely for the year, so I’ve got nothing to lose! :)

message 9: by Arika, Dormouse (new)

Arika (onceuponabookishnerd) | 239 comments Mod
I have been doing the GR challenge for a couple years...I keep trying to increase my number but only by a little bit each year. This year I did 60, which was up from 50 last year. I could have done more last year but had a big test to study for and didn't get to read as much towards the end of the year.

I don't do many other challenges other than trying to read a book for each theme here in our group. Though this year I am branching out and joined a group of girls trying to read 1 classic book a month. I didn't read a ton of classic novels while in school so I figured it would be good to try and do this and it didn't seem to hard to get done.

message 10: by Casual (last edited Jan 20, 2018 01:52AM) (new)

Casual Reader | 11 comments This is the 3th year that I join in the gr challenge. The first year my aim was 30 books which I failed miserable. Last year I decide on 10 books. More than I actually read in year 1 but it seemed very reasonably. I just barely managed to make it (and with a bit of creative interpretation) but as with Kim, I've struggled almost all summer with 1 book (Guilliver's travels) while this is the period I usually read the most. So for this year I've decided on twelve books 'or 4.000 pages), so an average of 1 each month.

Still on track atm ^^

The Popsugar challenge looks fun and I would easily make a few categories but the entire thing seems a bit to much. A good way though to challenge yourself to read genre's you don't usually read.

I've also thought out a reading challenge with a friend of mine. We decided on the following topics for this years books which we have to read in order:

January: Fantasy (We start out easily)
February: SCIFI
April: Non fiction
May: A book written during the 1900's
June: A book written during the 1800's
July: A book written during the 1700's
August: Young Adult
September: Detective
October: Horror
November: First book of a series you haven't read
December: An Indie book

Extra: You may read a contemporary book and swap it with 1 month of your choice.

ps. What are ARC's?

message 11: by Inge, Mad Hatter (new)

Inge (omgitsinge) | 1361 comments Mod
ARCs are Advanced Reading Copies, so books you get before the publishing date in exchange for a review. :)

message 12: by Beth (new)

Beth (artemishi) | 33 comments I also set a GR goal for myself. A couple of years ago, I participated in way too many themed book challenges and ended up stressing myself out about it. :D

Right now it's tackling series (via the Serial Readers Unite! GR group) and trying to mow through my owned TBR to open up some shelf space. Plus, likely, the monthly themes here.

message 13: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 13 comments Oh, just joined the group, thanks for the heads up! I tend to read a lot of series.

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