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Blight (wolfcreed) | 228 comments Title: The Silver Fox.
Author: Rosemary Hayes.
Publisher: Puffin.
Publication Date: 25/09/1997
ISBN: 0140380272
ISBN 13: 9780140380279
Page #: 197.
Format: Softcover.

What do Emily’s nightmares mean?

Is the appearance of a ghostly fox some kind of warning?

Since the death of her mother, Emily’s life has lost its focus and she has had terrible dreams.  Then she sees a silvery fox in her garden, and feels sure that this is a sign of dreadful danger.  But only her friend James shares her belief that trouble is brewing on the Shipwreck Coast, a coast so treacherous that countless ships and souls have been lost there through the years.

Can the two of them discover the truth behind the vision of the silver fox?  Does that infamous coast hold the clues Emily is looking for?  And what is the impending disaster they must try to prevent?

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Blight (wolfcreed) | 228 comments Thanks!

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