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message 1: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 179 comments The Fires of Heaven
ISBN: 9780356503868
Page numbers: 878

Lord of Choas
ISBN: 9780356503875
Page numbers: 994

A Crown of Swords
ISBN: 9780356503882
Page numbers: 726

The Path of Daggers
ISBN: 9780356503899
Page numbers: 571

Winter's Heart
ISBN: 9780356503905
Page numbers: 593

Crossroads of Twilight
ISBN: 9780356503912
Page numbers: 661

Knife of Dreams
ISBN: 9780356503929
Page numbers: 791

The Gathering Storm
ISBN: 9780356503967
Page numbers: 807

Towers of Midnight
ISBN: 9780356503943
Page numbers: 934

A Memory of Light
ISBN: 9780356503950
Page numbers: 1010

message 2: by Lieke (new)

Lieke | 2373 comments Worldcat doesn't agree on any of the page counts.
Is there anything after these pages?
On Goodreads we also count appendices, afterwords, etc:

message 3: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 179 comments after that page it includes what is the next book of The Wheel of Time to read and glossary. If Worldcat disagree then that's fine.

message 4: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 179 comments If you want to include the total of pages of each book then let me know. I will put the total page of each book.

message 5: by Hasham (new)

Hasham Rasool | 179 comments The page of each book I stated. I removed a few pages from glossary and The next book of Mormon Wheel of Time.

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