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Kaysia Rosales Kaysia Dec 27, 2017 11:31PM
I personally loved this book because I thought it was a beautiful and suspenseful story about a girl who is protected by the walls of her own home and does not leave. It portrays a message indicating that everything in your life can change very quickly and easily by something as simple as a new next door neighbor.

I loved this book. The movie was something like the book. There were some things that were completely off, but this is definitely a book I would read again.

I was a bit disappointed of the book. I read it pretty quickly because it is such an easy read, but Maddys story had so much potential and it kind of didn´t do it for me. It was partly predictable and the fact that it is so much of Instant Love is really not okay.

If there were some person like Maddy, I wouldn´t see her doing things like this ( e.g. kissing Olly).
Maybe Nicola Yoon is just not for me, but this book was disappointing, because the story could have been so much better.

I totally agree, when I first watched the first I was fascinated with this story, simple things can change our lives radically which is the case of this girl with her neighbour. On the other hand, when I read the book I fell in love with the book, I totally recommend the story.

I though Nicole Yoons writing is magnificent. Her description of Hawaii and colors made you feel like you were really there.
Olly and Maddys' relationship was pretty cute. However the plot and story line was not really my favorite.

i just loved it, i read it twice in 5 days......

It was an easy light read. Seeing as how I devoured the story in one day, I enjoyed it and it's message about the brevity of life and how fear can cripple us. The budding relationship between Olly and Maddy was one of the sweetest I've come across in a while. When Olly was performing surgery on the bundt cake of doom I knew I was a goner. The ending left me wanting, or should I say the reveal, but it didn't ruin the story for me at all.


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