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there are monsters in the sea . . .

currently reading to the lighthouse

end of jan is when the crazy starts up again

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danbii (geulcais) | 2 comments
× × college update

current major } comp lit

this has been quite the ride
way too many people have been either asking me flat out if i'm chinese or just assuming i'm chinese
man the city is different from the suburbs
and i've already been to the city quite a bit but living here is completely a different story this should've been obvious to me but nope it hit me all at once

also i feel like i'm the only one who loves the gigantic school library to study in even though everyone else calls it a prison
i didn't expect that to be different
- that i love to read and so ofc i'll love the library -
but really? there isn't a single other person who likes to study in the library?
tbh no one studies there anyway they just talk
you gotta compromise:
go to the place where there's a lot of screaming and laughing in the floors there should be silence
or go to the floors where you can hear a pin drop and people's heads will turn

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