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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
The last sentence of the chapter says, “She couldn’t bring herself to add to her granddaughter’s misery by telling her that something was very, very wrong.” Do you think she is talking metaphorically, or physically?

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Britnie | 352 comments Mod
I really hope she is talking metaphorically and that nothing else is happening physically. I hope she isn't having another stroke or something. I don't know what I would do if Leota passed away. Chapter 19 where she had the stroke was really tough because I have grown so attached to her character. I hope she is ok.

Also, I feel so bad for both her and Annie. they tried so hard and wanted to badly to have a nice Christmas with family. Christmas turned out even worse than Thanksgiving in my opinion.

Jenn Hall | 44 comments I think she is talk g physical, what more emotionally could go wrong. It's been horrible to listen, um errr read the exchanges between that hardnose and Annie and Leota. I don't want anything else to happen to her either. I have grown attached to her and have caught myself wanting to give Nora a piece of my mind. Lol

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Esparza | 119 comments Oh my goodness! What a fiasco Christmas was. It was all so unnecessary too. Such hurtful words. I am so glad that everyone said what they did to Nora. She needs to hear it!
It sounds like something physically wrong might be going on with Leota. Poor thing.....I wouldn't doubt if the whole situation with the family is what caused it. The mindset needs to be strong.

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