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Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 89 comments The door opened as the three girls in Orion's Writing Club walked in. He queried where the male club member, Bobby was, but none of the girls knew the answer. AS the time ticked on, Orion waited restlessly for Lizzy to come in, he'd been wanting to see how she was doing after everything that's gone down. Ryan, the student who sexually assaulted her, had been suspended for the rest of the school year and made to do community service in return for his guilty plead. His leg jittered absentmindedly and the chattering of the three girls present faded to background noise as Orion kept glancing at the time.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) | 89 comments "Elizabeth, I'm glad you made it. How have you been, any problems with Ryan or any of his friends? Have you heard the deal he was cut?" He smiled in relief that she seemed alright and that she made it to the club. The hope that she could make some friends here bubbled up as he glanced at the girls sitting in the middle of the classroom. They all had smiles on their faces and seemed to be waiting patiently for Mr. Harris and this new girl to finish their talk before approaching Elizabeth.

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