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Hello! My name is Kaitlyn and I am new to this group. It seems like a deal of fun and I cannot wait to get started. Two thumbs up to the Moderator for how this group was made! :)

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No problem! Pleasure to be here. Thank you for the welcoming. :)

Lienzo En Blanco 20 | 1 comments Hi!! My name is Jocelyn 🦊❤️thanks for including me 😊

message 6: by thє (new)

thє (thdvlsqun) Hi I am Raylin

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

hello all, you can call me zwink. i've recently done a lot of looking into improving my life and quality of living, and writing is a huge part of my life i'm hoping to improve. roleplay really keeps my creative juices flowing, and i've really been slacking in my efforts to do so. but, that changes today! i'm dedicated to logging into goodreads every day from now on to roleplay and write.

i do hope we can get along~

message 8: by - ghoulshin (new)

- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments First group I took the time to surf through!

Hi, I'm Tao. Uh, I've been away from Goodreads for almost a year now and have decided to come back and get creative again? I'm not good at the whole introduction thing so uh I'll just give a few strengths and see where it goes? I'm semi-detailed to full detailed when it comes to writing, I can pretty much run with whatever idea is given to me, granted I find it interesting (shocking I'm actually quite selfish?!) and uhhh.... I'm kind of funny, so? Maybe that'll make up for the time I've been away. Anyways, I hope this group is still active (it was the most decent looking active one I've found so far) anyways.. Aloha!

message 9: by - ghoulshin (new)

- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments That is music to my ears!

message 10: by - ghoulshin (new)

- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments Definitely, I always check the rules topic first. Everyone is so different these days you don't know what could possibly set them off. Best to play it safe.

message 11: by - ghoulshin (new)

- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments I guess it depends on what everyone considers mature content. But I understand where you're coming from. Definitely don't want the big MODS deleting your group or worse.

message 12: by - ghoulshin (new)

- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments They changed this place a lot since I left honestly. I knew the whole sexual content was banished from every thread on the planet, but jeesh. They're really cracking down hard aren't they?

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- ghoulshin (spirits) | 6 comments Yikes, feelin' the heat now lolol.

message 14: by Kody (new)

Kody | 2 comments Hey, I'm Kody!

message 15: by AG (new)

AG Dessez | 1 comments Hi! I'm AG. I love photography and writing

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