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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 4 comments

the world will forever be abnormally large. sometimes i cannot help but sit, stare, and wonder - what if i could read the lives of these strangers before me in novels. could i walk through a grand library, pull out a book, and just see how this person lives their life. what are their values? their lives? their fears and villains?

i understand that when i look in the mirror, i'm not seeing a protagonist. not a villain either. not an arch nemesis or a supporting character and yet i play that role endlessly in the lives of countless people.

the world is abnormally large.

yet i look in the mirror and i get consumed by the memories of the past and fears of the future - and when i can break free, i'm left with my thoughts, those of the present.

we'll see where it goes.

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 4 comments what this journal may contain:

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 4 comments // thoughts

how do we ever truly let go of perceptions of others when we go off to change, and look for results?

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tara wolfprism (tarawolfprism) | 4 comments // poetry

close your eyes child
color will fade
but the world will awaken

laughter from the girls on the couch,
the two men confessing seriously near the back
barista's voice, loud and clear, calls out over sounds of life
close your ears child
the noises will fade
but the world will awaken

bitter taste upon my tongue
followed by the soul-sucking sweet of sugar
crisp cool water fills my stomach, then my lungs,
trying to wash it all away
close your lips child
the tastes will fade
but the world will awaken

coffee beans grind to make a peculiar smell
bitter and acrid, comforting and warm
lavender masks the musk
vanilla seems to make the world softer
close your nose
the smells will fade
but the world will awaken

a chill runs down my spine as the door opens
winter air desperate to come inside the warmth
fireplace, hot and smothering beside me
soft fabric of a sweater encasing flesh and bones
my hands ache from typing and writing and reading
close yourself off
the touches will fade
but the world will die at last

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