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message 1: by Lesley (new)

Lesley | 1570 comments Just letting everyone know that the NZ Author Member's thread was continuing to get interest from authors by way of my being asked to add their books to the list and for the draw. As there was apparently no use being made of the thread by current moderators, I have archived it so I don't continue to get these requests.

I have also suggested to the authors that have contacted me that they use the Author Corner thread to promote their books. As a reader and group member I don't see a problem with authors advising of their latest published book and giving information on any purchase promotions etc. It is now their only means of promotion, so please be tolerant if not supportive. If an author got too pushy, I'm sure members would quickly voice their disapproval to curb that behaviour.

message 2: by P.D.R. (new)

P.D.R. Lindsay (pdrlindsay) | 1646 comments Cheers, Lesley. It will b e nice to have new authors put themselves and their books down here and not in the new members thread.

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