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Charlene Morris | 1145 comments Mod
So Volume 3 (the last section) in my copy is chapters 21 through 30. So there may be spoilers if you haven't finished Volume 3 yet.

Volume 3 discussion.

Charlene Morris | 1145 comments Mod
So I just started Volume 3. I feel like the over-descriptiveness of the book just hides the story.

Once I realized the story was Lionel recalling the end, it does make the point of the loneliness and reflects the loneliness Mary felt after lost of her friends.

Charlene Morris | 1145 comments Mod
Just thought about this last night, Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton was also written as a way to deal with the author's grief. It is a stark contrast when compared with Mary Shelley's Last Man. Each author really went their own direction when dealing with loss.

Charlene Morris | 1145 comments Mod
I just finished the book last night and started on the introduction. So far nothing profound in the introduction.

The book definitely didn't end how I thought it would.

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