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Luna Serenity It's late at night and Kaneki opened the door to Anteiku. "It's been a while since I've been here" Kaneki said walking in an turning on the lights.

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Yui climbs in through the window.

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Luna Serenity "There is a door you know" Kaneki starts to clean an Touka sits down and admires for a little while.

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"Doors are my mortal enemy!" she says going into the kitchen area. "Hey is it ok if i make some coffee?" she asks.

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Luna Serenity "Sure go ahead. This use to be the safe haven for ghouls when the CCG were actively hunting us. Guess thats started up again. There are bedrooms upstairs if you girls want to settle in" Touka heads upstairs

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Yui makes some coffee.

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Luna Serenity " you can go upstairs with touka if you want"

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"Okie." she says leaving the coffee there and going upstairs. "TOUKA, YOUR SAVIOR HAS RETURNED!"

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Luna Serenity "Um, I didn't realize I had a savior," she says shes cleaned up the room to look as homely as possible.

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"Of course you do. I'm the savior of all men and women" she brags. Faith appears behind her. "Really?" she asks. Yui jumps and turns into a cat. She runs behind touka.. "Meanie" she hisses.

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Luna Serenity "How did you find us?" (( we should totally have a rp cross over and bring in your two characters from the Tokyo ghoul rp that would be sweet))

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((Would i have to change their names then? XD))

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"I have a tracker implanted in yui's brain"

Naofumi Iwatani (from The Rising of The Shield Hero) ☯ (ヅ) ꧁꧂✨ ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡   ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ (harleymoormann) | 79 comments Mod
((that's totally not creepy at all))

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Luna Serenity ((no the names can stay)) touka stares at faith speechless.

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((Okie XD Two yukis.... interesting.. Wonder how this will turn out? XD))

"My poor brain..." she says holding her head. "I teleported it there. it doesn't harm you in the least."

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Luna Serenity "um okay then"(( you should introduce them like they are running away from something and run into us and kaneki will know them and something like that or if you have any ideas))

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((... ill try even tho i have no idea what i just read))

Yuki runs into ateiku with katzu. "There was a weird creature following us!" she says hiding behind Kaneki. A dog walks in and stares at them. "woof" it barks. Yuki runs up stairs. "ITS JUST A DOG" katzu says following her. Yuki runs into the room Yui and touka are in.

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Luna Serenity ((what if we changed the second yuki to yuri?)) "what are you doing katzu?" kaneki asks.

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Luna Serenity "uh WHo are you " Touka asks

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"I'm Yuri" she replies. A dog runs in and yuri runs behind touka. Yui goes up to the dog still in her cat form. "Sit you mutt." she says coldly and the dog sits down whining. "Return to owner" she hisses and the dog runs off.

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Luna Serenity " well things certainly just got more interesting, who you yuri?"

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Yuki turns into a human. "Shes a half ghoul, half demon, half meifwa."

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"Yuri was being chased by a dog and i tried to stop her" katzu replied to Kaneki.

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Luna Serenity "Stop who the dog or Yuri?" He said making some final cleaning touches

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"Both" he replied.

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Luna Serenity "Ok I'm going to go upstairs to check on the girls want to come with?"

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"Sure" he shrugs. The dog runs past them whining and runs out the door.

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The girl: i wanted-
Me: ;^; Ill one day kill you ad...))

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Luna Serenity Hey Kaneki " Touka blushes

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