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Niran | 528 comments Should we make characters now?

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Sure! Simple or detailed? :)

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Niran | 528 comments I usually do the standard name, age, appearance and personality but it’s up to you what you do:)

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Oooh that sounds good to me :)

I will get into them now :D

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments

Name: Elena Marino

Age: 22

Position: Boss of the Marino clan


F.C: Elsa Hosk

Personality: Elena very ambitious and always strives to do her best. That is why, she has a streak of successful missions as she never likes coming back without accomplishing. She is fiesty and very much stubborn. Sometimes she can be rude with people and can be sarcastic. She just has the habit of standing up to what she thinks is right. She has good leadership qualities and can make hard decisions. She knows that she needs to be hard on people to make everything work in the family but under that hard exterior is the girl who would love to travel around the world one day.

((Going to keep it short so that her personality expands as the rp goes :) ))

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments

Name: Alexander 'Alec' Marino

Age: 20

Position: Underboss of the Marino clan



F.C: Paul Wesley

Personality: Though a underboss, Alec is a flirt and lover at heart. He is quite a lot like his elder sister but he is a bit more positive and jovial about things than her. But he knows when to be serious. Just like her, he is a sharp shooter. He is cunning and smart and quite the realist. He has a passion for bikes and guns.

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Niran | 528 comments Name: Sebastian Ivanov

Age: 25

Position: Boss

Appearance/ Face Claim: Orlando Bloom

Personality: Sebastian is a stubborn man, he is known for getting his way whether right or wrong. He is wise and patient and is respected by many, though sometimes has a temper on him. He is a complex person who’s personality changes depending on who he is interacting with.

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Niran | 528 comments Name: Kaleena Ivanov

Age: 20

Position: Second in Command, Right hand man of boss

Appearance/ Face Claim: Ksenia Solo

Personality: Kaleena is the wiser out of her and her brother; she is smart, practical and skilful. She will do anything for those she loves but can be ruthless when needed. Though sometimes her emotions get in the way of things.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Love your characters! :D

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Want to start? XD

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Niran | 528 comments You too! Do you want to start or should I?

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Thanks! Can you? :)

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Niran | 528 comments ((Sorry it took so long))

"You better not fuck this up, James. This delivery is extremely important and it better all go smoothly...you hear me?"
Sebastian held the phone to his ear and listened intently to one of his employees, one he wasn't so sure about just yet and one that was about to get the biggest test of his life. Sebastian needed to make sure that he was trustworthy and reliable. Doing the work that he did meant he had to have that kind of person available, he needed to be able to trust people who worked for him. Sebastian dashed the phone down on his desk, giving out a sigh and walking towards the door, he walked around until he found Lana, the maid and a middle aged women who took care of the household. Lana was a short women, with mid length dark hair and tan skin.
"Lana, you seen Kaleena?", he asked, looking around.
"No, sir", she shook her head.
Sebastian gave a sigh and shook his head, walking back in to his office. His office was his sanctuary of some sort. It was dark and had an antique look to it, it had expensive wooden furniture which had been passed down through generations in the family.
He noticed a letter on his desk.
A letter from a rival.
The Marino's.


Kaleena had gotten up early, making sure she didnt get caught by anyone, not even Lana who got to their house at exactly 7:30am. She needed to sneak around for a while, and she had been doing so for a few months now. If her brother found out what she was hiding and sneaking around about it would be World War 3. He couldn't even know that she was sneaking around, because that would be it. Kaleena got into her car and quickly drove out of the driveway, her house getting smaller and smaller as she drove away in a hurry. Her brother would probably question her about where she had been but she would say it was business. He was protective, and her brother needed her to help run the family business. Its hard, especially when its illegal. Though they weren't full brother and sister, they were still extremely close and had each others backs. She just needed time to tell him what was going on with her.
She parked the car, finally arriving at the spot that she was meant to come to. She opened the door and ran up a few stairs, finally arriving at door number 16. She knocked firmly and suddenly it opened, she stood there with a smile on her face and sighed," Alexander".
She was dating the enemy.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((It's fine :) I had went to bed!))

The letter that had been sent to the Ivanov's this morning was more of a threat than a negotiation. It was written in Elena's smooth and clear handwriting and the letter said that they had to give up 60% of their trading and business to the Marinos if they didn't wanted the members to be killed. Sitting behind the brown desk in her office, she looked out at the green mountains and woods around. She was in the family mansion in the mountain sides and not a lot of people knew about this place. Her arrival here was only known by a few close members of the council and her brother.
She always liked how quiet this place was. The fresh mountain air and the quietness helped her think. Crossing her legs, she thought about Andre who was sent to interfere in that important delivery of the Ivanovs. He sure would be able to kill that delivery man and bring her what was supposed to be delivered. This would anger the Ivanov boss so much and she knew that. It would be a good way to make him see that surrendering to the Marinos was a better option for them. Leaning back, she sighed. She pulled out her phone and looked at the screen. The boss hadn't made a call yet, not even an Ivanov henchman. At the same time she thought about her brother. He had been acting so strange these days and she couldn't help herself from wondering why.


It was a relief when Elena had told Alec that she would go to their family mansion in the mountains for a few days. He knew it was the best time to call the person he had always loved so much and spend some time with her. If Elena got to know about her, he knew a tornado would break out in the house and there were chances his relationship would tear the family apart. After all, he was in love with an Ivanov. Their enemy. The first thing that night he did was to make reservations using a fake name and an ID in some hotel that wasn't too well known and wasn't too bad. The next morning he had sneaked out with his gun and had made his way there. Once inside the room, he just sat on the bed and looked up at the pale ceiling. The room seemed to be pretty old but it wasn't bad. At least, he and Kaleena would be able to spend some time together before they had to part again. Suddenly he heard a knock and he stood up, a bit stiff for a second. He was sure that it wad her but he also knew that it would be better if he checked first. Sighing, he peeped out of that small peep hole first and his eyes saw the beautiful face of the girl. With a huge grin, he opened the door and before she could say anything more he had pulled her into a hug and closed the door. It had been quite a long time since he had last seen her and he had missed her a lot. "Hey, love. I missed you."he whispered, softly and kissed her forehead. It felt nice to have her in his arms again after such a long time.

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian could feel his anger rise. The Marino bitch knew how to anger him, how to play games. So he would play too.
He picked up his phone, throwing the letter away and storming out of his office. He walked down to the basement where his men were playing cards and laughing. “You guys want to get your hands dirty?”, he asked. His men looked up and smirked.
Suddenly, his phone vibrated and he received a message from James stating; “Man from Marino crew is going to try to stop the delivery. Named Andre”.
Sebastian knew exactly who Andre was and what he did, he had known for a while about Andre.
The Marino boss trusted him.
“His name is Andre. Find him. Bring him to be, alive”, Sebastian growled to the men. He was going to make sure that Marino witch knew who she was messing with and the consequences of her actions.
Sebastian texted the buyer and changed the location of the delivery and informed James too. What would be there to greet Andre was his men.
The Marino gang will learn who is truly the boss in this city. Sebastian had worked too damn hard to let those bastards win.

- - -

Everything faded away when she was in his arms. Instead of thinking about all the bad she just let him hold her, she could smell his scent and feel his warmth. That’s all that mattered to her.
She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on her forehead.
“I’ve missed you”, she replied, sighing and smiling softly. She opened her light blue eyes to just admire his face and look over his features, it had been a while.
She tip toed up and placed her lips on his, kissing him softly and tenderly, and it felt as if it was the first time.
“This is crazy”, she chuckled nervously as she walked over to the bed and sat on it. She couldn’t believe she had fallen for a Marino and she couldn’t believe they had to keep sneaking around like this.
“Did anyone see you come out? Are you okay? Did you carry your gun?”, her questions continued babbling on.
She was nervous, and she had never felt so uncertain and worried for another person but her brother.
But now he had him.
And she worried all the time.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena was in her office, now sipping some coffee. It was nice to drink coffee when the weather was chilly and it also helped in keeping her focused. She wondered if Andre would be able to take the package to be delivered and make a run. He had always been great in these kind of missions but there was chance of failing as well. Of course the Ivanov boss would make sure everything goes well as this deal was very important to them so the security would be high. Just at that moment, her mobile chimed and she swiped the screen to open it. It was a message from Edric, her assistant. "The location has been changed. No time to call Andre. He is already on his way." The message said. Her eyes widened and she frowned. "Fuck...but how?"she muttured. How could they have known that Andre was after them? It must be someone from her own clan who had told them. There was a traitor around them but at that moment she had to act fast. She couldn't lose the package and let that Ivanov loser win. To her, this was all a well- planned game where she considered herself the queen. Quickly she called Edric. "Send Vincenzo and his men, right now to the new location and send your men after Andre to help him. I am not gonna let him win."she said, her tone cold and serious before hanging up the call. She hoped that Andre wouldn't be caught. He was one of their top agents and knew a lot of information. He also had idea where she was right now and about this mansion. Looking around she sighed. How she wished she had brought some guards with her! She was totally alone in this mansion and had just a gun to protect herself. She knew if time came she would need to act fast and escape. Her only hope was that either Andre would stay alive and kill the Ivanov force and would just die before they questioned him.

Alec smiled back at her and held her tight against him. She was so beautiful and if he could he would just gaze at those blue eyes and beautiful face all day long. Kissing her back, he just smiled feeling great to have her again with him. "I love you and that is the only thing crazy."he said with a chuckle. He sat down on the bed again and pulled her so she would sit next to him. Never had he thought that he would fall in love with some Ivanov but now she was his world. After his parents had died in that explosion, Elena had been the only person he could trust but now he had Kaleena as well and he trusted her more than himself even if she was from the enemy family. He knew she would never break her trust. She was the one who kept him sane. "Don't worry, sweetheart! We are safe and no one knows we are here. I made sure of that."he told her with a grin and held her hands. He kissed her hands before smiling at her. "Just relax and be with me."he added with a wink and squeezed her hands.

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Niran | 528 comments The smoke he puffed out from his cigarette quickly disintegrated as the cold winter air hit it. Soon, things would either hit the fan and fail or things would go smoothly and they would get this Andre guy. Better yet, hopefully he would get Elena Marino. If not today, one day he would. Hopefully this Andre knew of where she was and hopefully he told them without any trouble. They may have to hurt him a little for some information but he didn’t mind doing that. However, he never ever hurt children, that was one thing he would never do.
His father never hurt women or children, but women now were stronger than they were back then.
He put out his cigarette in the ash tray and closed his office window. He was anxious and frustrated, and when he got anxious and frustrated he needed a smoke. Whether cigarettes or cigars.
His anonymous tip sent him a number.
A phone number.
Her phone number.
Elena Marino.
He pressed the highlighted number and heard it ringing and hoped to God she would pick up. He wanted to have a little discussion with her. You could tell a lot from a person when they get a call from their enemy.

- - -

Kaleena couldn’t help but laugh and grin as Alec winked at her. He could be so cocky sometimes, but she loved it and couldn’t help but smile. He was handsome and sometimes she had to remind herself to stay calm and that she was his.
She placed her hand on the side of his face, kissing his lips quickly and looking at him,” You’re cocky”.
She shrugged and gave him a cute little look,” It’s cute though”.
“What would you really want to do if we weren’t in hiding?”, she suddenly asked, curious and wondering. It would be ridiculous to some people, but this was their reality, their life and being. It wasn’t fair, but this was it and they had to accept it. She hoped one day they would be able to be together in the open and with their families.
She couldn’t understand her brothers pride and stubbornness, but he didn’t trust easy.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena sat on the an armchair which faced the huge glass window that gave an awesome view of the green mountains and the woods that spread over the land. It was a lovely scene that she could have enjoyed if only she wasn't nervous about the whole situation that would be taking place in the city. She just hoped that they would be able to win this game and Andre wouldn't be caught. If only her brother was not busy, he could have handled the situation well. As per she knew, he was out of station this morning with some deal but she had no idea why she had a feeling that it was not just a simplw deal. He had never been so excited to go somewhere and negotiate a deal before. It was so weird that she felt suspicious but she knew being suspicious of Alec would be of no use. He would never betray her, that was for sure. After all je was her little brother. Maybe things would actually go well for her and her worry would turn out to be unnecessary. "Relax, Elena!"she told herself and sighed. Suddenly her phone rang and she picked it up. It was an unknown number but she had a feeling that she knew who it was. Keeping the cup on the table, she swiped the green option on the phone to pick the call up up. This call was for sure from the Ivanov boss as she already had all the numbers of her clan members listed down in her phone. "Hello, love. Nice to get a call from you."she said a pretty confident voice. A smirk was on her lips as she waited for an answer from the other end. She didn't wanted to be seen as someone scared of him at all. Instead, she knew she needed to be calm and confident about the whole situation.


Alec just laughed and wrapped his arms again around her to pull her closer. He kissed her back and smiled before raising an eyebrow at her. "Me? Cocky? C'mon! I can never be cocky!"he said with a laugh. She could be so cute sometimes. This cuteness had melted his heart for her when he had first seen her. When he had first met her, he had hated her a lot. He still remembered that day when he had almost killed her in that mission but now he could't even think of talking to her in a harsh way. She was his everything! When she asked that question, he layed back on the bed and pulled her next to him so she would be lying down as well. "Well...I would have taken you on a long drive in the mountains and would have stayed in some cabin with you in the mountains where it would be just us. No one else."he replied with a smile. His only wish now was to take her away with him one day to someplace where no one would be able to find them but he knew that wouldn't be possible. It was sad how they had to hide their relationship from others. How he wished their families would have peace with each other and they could be together just like any normal lover!

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Niran | 528 comments Calm and confident.
That’s what she sounded like. He didn’t know what he expected to be honest, she was a mafia boss after all and she was trying to mess with him. She must be confident, otherwise she wouldn’t be a boss.
“Don’t call me love. I’m not your friend”, he said firmly.
“You try to fuck with my business and that’s personal...love”, he said the last bit bitterly. He wanted her to understand that he wasn’t here to play games and be all chit chatty, he was here to warn her and let her know he wasn’t going to stand for her shit.
“I’ll admit, you’re a boss, I respect that. But if you try to fuck with my business; me and you are going to have a problem. We have a problem right now, because one of your guys was trying to fuck with my package”.
Suddenly his doors were opened and there it was.
This was what he needed.
He was bloodied and tied up with duck tape over his mouth. Sebastian’s men dragged him towards a chair and threw him on it. He walked over to Andre and he started to yell in a muffled way.
“You hear that, Elena? That’s your man Andre”.

- - -

She giggled as he pulled her down with him when he lay on the bed. She cuddled up to him and closed her eyes, imaging everything he was telling her.
Kaleena couldn’t help but smile, without knowing it she was smiling. She wished things were that way.
She gave a little laugh.
“I remember when we wanted to kill each other, at each other’s throats all the time and now look at us”, she said, reminiscing about the past and how they came to be.
She suddenly pounced on him, she was on top and had his hands pinned to the bed and her legs on either side of him. Kaleena leaned down and kissed both his cheeks tenderly and slowly, teasing him slightly.
“I have to admit, I did find you attractive. I thought to myself; what a shame I have to kill such an attractive, sexy man”, she said playfully, looking into his eyes with a mischievous look.
When they met things had been tense between them, knowing they were from enemy families and had assignments to kill each other. But they obviously wanted to have sex with each other back then too. The sexual tension between them then was obvious.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments The way he talked made Elena chuckle. He seemed to be really angry with her for messing with his business deals and packages. She kind of felt proud that she was able to get into his nerves and piss him off. "Oh, c'mon love! This wouldn't have happened if your father hadn't started this game years back. If it wasn't because of your father, I would have liked to fuck with you...not your stupid business."she said and laughed, totally knowing that this would provoke him more and that's what she was wanting. "This is our turn to play the game and I promise I will play it well."she addded, as she took her cup to take a sip of the coffee. Suddenly she heard some noise coming from the other side of the phone and then there were those muffled screams that made her frown. What was happening? She had no idea! One thought came to her mind. Andre.
Was he captured? She hoped they had captured the wrong man! If it was Andre, it would be her end as she knew that he was a coward and would do anything to save his life. Even tell the enemy about her location. Her eyes widened and she stiffened in the chair when Sebastian said that it was Andre. She gulped and for a second looked around, wondering if they already knew where she was. She couldn't help herself from feeling afraid but she knew she needed to maintain her composure. Showing him that she was afraid would make her seen as someone weak. "Oh, please! It can be anyone! Prove it to me that it is Andre."she snapped. Maybe this would be the right time to escape from this mansion.....


Alec couldn't help but chuckle at what Kaleena said. To him, the past seemed so funny. In the past, he had never thought that he would end up with her . "It is crazy to be honest."he started and laughed before running a hand through his hair. He looked at her with an amused expression when she pounced at him and was on top of him. He loved how fiesty she was. It made him feel more attracted to her. His eyes gazed at her beautiful face and he sighed. He had never loved a girl so much. She had always been the one who brought out his soft and more humane side would would rather cuddle than kill someone. When she kissed his cheeks, he grinned. "C'mon! Don't tease me like that!"he told her with a playful glare before laughing at what she said next. "Oh really? Well, I can say just the same. I didn't even wanted to hurt that pretty face of yours."he told her with a wink. He still felt amused how that lovely face had failed the whole mission!

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian gritted his teeth.
He suppressed the anger that her comment had arose in him and pushed it away; she wanted this, she wanted him to be angry and she wanted a rise out of him. He refused to give her that satisfaction. But his father meant a lot to him, had taught him things and given him things that no one else could have. He respected and loved his father and hated when anyone spoke bad of him.
He smirked though as he realised she didn’t believe it was her man Andre, because suddenly he came up with an idea. A surprise for her.
“I’ll prove it’s him. Don’t you worry, sweetheart”, he chuckled viciously.
Then he hung up the phone.
After a while of continuing questioning, beating and bleeding Andre revealed what Sebastian had wanted him to.
“Fine!”, he had screamed out,” I’ll tell you!”.
Sebastian smirked as he realised things were about to get interesting. He took a few of his men with him, they got in a a separate car and he got in his and on their way they went.
Soon, they would be there and soon Elena Marino would get the surprise of her life.

- - -

“Oh really”, replied Kaleena amusingly.
At first it had been hard for her to accept her feelings for Alexander, she imagined it was hard for him too. She was sure both of them tried to deny or suppress whatever emotion they felt towards each other because of their strange situation.
She lay her chin on his chest, looking to him and just admiring his mysterious and brooding looks. God, she loved him a lot, so much. She just wished that things would be different, but what else could they do?
Kaleena thought about her brother for a moment and hoped he was okay, she knew there was a package to be delivered but she wondered what else he was doing.
She let out a sigh and looked back at Alec.
“So, what should we do?”, she asked, a smirk on her face and a mischievous and naughty look about her.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Though Sebastian didn't react, Elena knew that she had angered him. Oh, well, she hardly cared. She wanted him to get provoked and do reckless things that would turn out to be of no good but still she had wanted a reaction from him! She frowned at what he said about proving her that it was him and before she could speak more, he had already hung up. She scowled at her phone and hissed with anger. How she wished she knew if it was really Andre or was some sort of a trap?! Resting her head on the head rest of the armchair, she thought for sometime. She couldn't risk staying here. There were chances that it was really Andre and she knew Sebastian Ivanov would do everything to get information out. After thinking for a few mintues, she stood up and gripped her gun tight. She had no plan but she knew it was better that she just left this mansion. Thankfully there wasn't much in this office of hers, just some files and stupid objects that she had no use of. The place seemed so quiet now that it was eerie. From outside, the place looked small but was large from inside. Getting out of the office, she started to make her way downstairs towards the front door to get out. The only thing in her mind was to get in her car and speed out of the area in the most discreet way. She didn't wanted to be caught by Sebastian Ivanov. That would be the end of her.


"Yes, sweetheart. Trust me, that pretty face and that cuteness had melted my heart."Alec said with a smirk. Those days when he had just started to have feelings for her were quite a torture. He had no idea what to do and he had felt so confused before he had been unable to stop himself from confessing to her about his feelings for her in his heart.
When he laid her chin on his chest, he gently freed his hands from her grasps and wrapped them around her waist. How he wished that everything would be normal one day! He knew Elena would never approve his relationship with her as Sebastian Ivanov, Kaleena's brother was the Marino's sworn enemy. He knew how much Elena hated the Ivanov's. Though he hated Sebastian as well, Alec knew he could never kill that guy because of Kaleena. He knew if he tried to kill him, it would hurt Kaleena and he could never do something that would hurt the love of his life. He smirked at what she asked next and kissed her lips. "What do you want to do? We can do just about.....anything!"he replied, kissing her again, the smirk still on his lips. He didn't care what they did. As long as she was with him and in his arms, he was happy and ready to do whatever she wanted to do.

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Niran | 528 comments ((happy new year! Hope 2018 is good to you))

It was too late for her.
Sebastian had already been making his way, and he was there. He got out of his car and looked out at the open forest, and then looked towards her house. It was more like a mansion. It was obvious she didn’t know how to keep low key, she looked like she liked to spend a lot of her money.
He could also see that she was still there, a car was still at the front, which he assumed was hers since it was slick and nice and looked expensive. He couldn’t believe she hadn’t gone, he had given her enough time to escape. But it was like she was begging to be caught.
He looked over at his men,” Go round back. I’ve got this covered”, he said, nodding towards the front door and the front porch.
He walked towards her home, making his way up her steps and looking at everything carefully. It was a nice home, he could tell why she liked it. Maybe it would become his...after he killed her, of course.
Sebastian played it cool and walked to the door, he knocked on it casually and waited patiently.
“Oh, Elena”, Sebastian exclaimed,” I’m here”.

- - -

Kaleena loved being in his arms, feeling loved and protected and warm. It felt so good and normal. She wanted to stay like this forever.
She leaned up to him and kissed him on his lips again, kissing him passionately this time. She needed him, she wanted to feel him.
“No more talking”, she said, removing her jumper and smiling slightly. She removed her hair tie and let her dark, long hair fall loosely; letting it be free and out.
This time she continued to kiss him, knowing what she wanted. They hadn’t seen each other for a while, she wanted to be close to him; in other words she wanted sex. Like any other couple, they did it and they did it whenever they could. They were a young couple who loved and cared for each other so much, they expressed it.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((Happy New Year to you too! :D))

Once Elena climbed down the stairs, she grabbed her jacket from the living space and then her car keys. She had no idea that she was already doomed though. She started to walk towards the front door, knowing that she needed to be quick and fast. They could be coming anytime and she needed to escape somewhere else from here. She knew she would be killed by Sebastian Ivanov once she was caught.
Just as she opened the door, he had knocked on the door. When her eyes fell on the man, she froze. Her eyes widened and she felt her heart beating fast. She had seen this man before. In those peace parties and in pictures. She knew who it was, of course but she couldn't believe it was him! He was faster....maybe faster than her. It was Sebastian Ivanov. "You!"she hissed and quickly she pointed her gun at him, taking a step back. She had a feeling that he wasn't alone. It was obvious that he had brought men with him to catch her. "Don't you dare come near me."she snapped, the gun's muzzle still pointed at him. Her finger was on the trigger and she was ready to shoot him any moment and run away.


Alec kissed Kaleena back passionately, holding her tight against him. He chuckled at what she said and nodded, an amused expression on his face. "If you say so, my love."he said with a smirk and just pulled her against him. She knew what she wanted and he didn't mind at all.
His arms wrapped around her and he pulled her closer against him. Their bodies were already pressed together and he loved how warm she was. He made her hands run over the soft skin of her thighs while his tongue entered her mouth to kiss her in the French way. He loved her so much and he knew he would never hesitate to fulfil her needs. His hands then moved to rest over her ass. Like her, he wanted her bad at that moment and in his mind there was nothing, except her and at their moment together.

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Niran | 528 comments Before Sebastian knew it the door was opened, and who stood before him more than pleased him, it excited him.
"Elena Marino", Sebastian smiled wickedly, his eyes were on her like a hawk scanning for prey. She had a gun pointed at him, but that didn't scare him much, he had been stabbed and shot at plenty of times and he always recovered. His Russian blood always saved and kept him strong.
He looked over her briefly, seeing that she was just about to escape before they came. He could tell because her jacket and car keys were roughly in her hands and a bit of her hair stood up messily, as if she was rushing around.
"I don't think we've properly been introduced, have we?", Sebastian stated, pretending to think and ponder. There was a moment of silence between them and Sebastian thought; ~It's now or never~ So without anymore hesitation he slammed his body into hers, Elena's and Sebastian's bodies falling to the ground together, and Elena's gun firing above them and flying half way across the room.


((I'll skip for these guys))

Kaleena cuddled close to Alec; her head on his bare and muscular chest. She traced circles on his chest softly and gently, looking at some of the many scars on his body. He had been in many fights, so had she, they both had many scars to prove that. Kaleena could also see the tattoo on his upper arm, it was beautiful yet deadly, just like him. Kaleena also had tattoos, traditional Russian mafia tattoos that meant she was part of them. The tattoos also showed her ranking in the mafia. However, they were in places that could easily be hidden or covered, the police were catching on to Russian tattoo crime culture and they needed to stay as low as possible.
She pushed away from Alec briefly and kissed his tattoo, smiling as she looked towards him and into his eyes. She hoped and prayed they wouldn't have to be secretive forever, but deep down, she knew things would break, things wouldn't work out. She was just prolonging it.

message 26: by Ahana~ (new)

Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments A scowl formed on Elena's lips when Sebastian said her name. She didn't wanted him here, not at the time when she was so vulnerable. She hated being vulnerable. Being in power was what she enjoyed. "Get out of here, bastard before I shoot you."she threatened and was ready to pull the trigger and shoot him down. She took a few steps back, her eyes narrowed at him. He had been really fast! Why didn't she just escape when she had heard Andre's muffled screams?! She had been so stupid, she thought and cursed herself inwardly. All this time she had been thinking that he was totally kidding about catching Andre but it looked like it had been true. After all, he was now here, ready to kill her in her own family mansion. She just hoped that Andre would have a more worser death than her. "I don't want to know you. Just go!"she snapped but then after a second, when she was almost ready to pull the trigger and kill him, he slammed his body against hers.
Elena yelped as they fell down and to have something to hold onto, she had grabbed Seb's shirt. The gun fired and she looked as it fell flying away. The next thing she saw was him on top of her, so close that she could feel his breath. For a second, she just stared into his eyes before realising what had happened. A frown formed on her lips and she started to push him off her. "Get off me!"she told him, angrily, though she was still grabbing his shirt as she tried to push him off her.


Alec had an arm wrapped around Kaleena and he had pulled her closer to his chest. After the intercourse, they were just naked, lying under a blanket to keep themselves warm. His hand moved through her dark hair and he sighed softly, smiling at her. He always had a good time with her. She always managed to satisfy him in every way but more than that, it was clear that she loved him and he was happy that someone in his life loved him so much!
He chuckled when she kissed his tattoo on his upper arm. The tattoo was of four ravens, inside an outline of a skull. The four ravens, represented his family: his dead parents, Elena and him and that outline of the skull depicted the underworld they were stuck in. Recently, he had been thinking of getting a tattoo of a raven over his heart to represent his love for Kaleena. "Tired...are you?"he asked her softly and leaned to kiss her tattoo which was near her chest and then the few scars on his arms. They both had scars but those scars were a part of their lives. He didn't care how many scars Kaleena had. She would always be the most beautiful girl in his life.

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Niran | 528 comments Everything happened so quickly that it felt like it was unreal. Sebastian was suddenly on top of Elena and she was squirming underneath him but was still holding on to his shirt. For a split second, they shared a moment before and it was strange, looking into each other’s eyes.
However, he stayed on top of her, he took her wrists in his hands and pressed them to the floor tightly, containing her and stopping her squirming.
“Stop your squirming”, he exclaimed strongly. His hands wrapped around her wrists tighter and tighter, forcing her to stay calm and stop moving around.
There was silence again, and Sebastian looked into her eyes again, just looking and seeing. He could see anger and fear and frustration. She was a tough one, he could tell.
Sebastian looked away and above him to see his men, all looking at both him and Elena laying on each other. Sebastian kept tightly ahold of her wrist but got up,” Take her”. Before anyone knew it Elena was being wrist tied, blind folded and dragged to the car.

- - -

Kaleena closed her eyes as he kissed her tattoo near her chest, letting out a little breath of a laugh and smiling afterwards.
“A little”, she replied back.
She was tired. Things had been pretty hectic with her brother and everything going on with their business. It was their business, yes, their father had left it to both of them. But Kaleena didn’t want it, and her brother took charge willingly and as the elder one he got it first anyway. Also, sex with Alec had been tiring.
“You missed me a lot huh?”, she grinned sheepishly, giving him a devilish look and wiggling her eyebrows up and down in a joking way.
She had missed him a lot too, she couldn’t really describe how much.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena tried to push him off but he had already grabbed her wrists and pressed them to the floor in a tight manner so she was totally pinned down. He was strong, she had to admit but he was handsome too. Wait...what was she even thinking?! She shouldn't be thinking like that at this moment! Her squirmings lessened when he told her not to squirm, so loudly and at that moment, she found herself looking into those eyes again. She could see the hate he had for her and the anger but at the same time, there was a flicker of something warm too which she couldn't understand what.
Slowly she was going into a daze because of his eyes when suddenly someone spoke again. That sudden voice broke that daze and she looked away. It was one of his men. A scowl formed on her face as he ordered them to take her and soon she was being tied up and dragged to his car. "Uugh..leave me! Leave me alone! I don't want to go!"she started to scream. She tried to squirm and wriggle free of those ties but they were tied very tightly. The whole time, she could see nothing because of the blindfold and though she felt bold enough to scream and squirm, at some point, fear had started to engulf her heart. She had a feeling that this was going to be her end and she would be dying in Seb's hands soon. She knew she was doomed.


When Kaleena said that she was tired, he leaned and kissed her forehead. "Hmmm..well, I am tired too to be honest."he said, chuckling. Sex with her could really be tiring but he enjoyed it so much. Other than that, he knew how much Kaleena worked. He did the same work in his family so he understood her.
He laughed at what she asked next and then leaned to kiss her lips in a gentle and a loving manner. He had missed her a lot! That's why he was treasuring all the moments that they were sharing today. "I missed you a lot, babe so I am not letting go off you early today."he told her with a wolfish grin while his hand ran over the smooth skin of her belly. He didn't wanted to leave her at all. If he could, he would have hidden her in his house just to be with her. He would really do anything just to have a normal life with Kaleena.

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Niran | 528 comments What was that moment they had? For a moment, he realised she was a woman and that she was just a person. For a moment, there was something that he understood and felt for.
However, he couldn’t be sympathetic right now, because part of him still heavily hated her and what her family and business did to his.
“You should have left me alone then, Elena!”, he shouted angrily, replying to her comment.
He didn’t want to do this, he didn’t want to hurt a woman, but she needed to be taught that the Ivanov’s were not to be played with or tarnished. His father had taught him never to harm any women or children, and he stood by that back then. But things weren’t as simply anymore.
An hour had passed and they had driven to an abandoned warehouse outside the city, it was remote and secluded, so no one would hear the screams.
Elena was tied to a chair in the middle of this vast and dark place, she was still blinded folded.
Sebastian stood there, looking at her with an intense and straight face. He nodded his head and one of his men removed the blindfold from her face, revealing her whole face. He saw she was scared, afraid and frightened, and part of him didn’t want to make her feel those things.
“It’s a shame”, Sebastian sighed, shaking his head.

- - -

Kaleena let out a sigh and a soft smile as she felt his hands soothe her skin, every touch healing her. She gave a little chuckle at his words and looked at him, her hand on the side of his face.
“Do you want children one day?”, she asked gently.
She was just curious, she wasn’t implying anything or meaning anything by it. She was just curious about what he wanted in his future.
Kaleena thought about these things often and often let herself day dream about these things. She daydreamed about kids running around, a husband and her brother getting a long, a beautiful garden and a barbecue party. Everyone laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
It was beautiful. A dream. A fantasy.
But it wasn’t reality. She could never have those things, they were normal. The people they loved would be in danger all the time. What her and her family did wasn’t normal, Alec and her had this in common.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Muffled screams filled the car as Elena struggled hard to be free. Everything was so blank. She couldn't see anything. Just the blackness of the cloth. She knew she would be killed by him once they reached their destination and some part of her heart wished that they would just shoot her dead. She had no wish to be tortured or even raped by him or his men before they killed her. A simple death would be much easier than a brutal torture.
Soon she could feel being taken somewhere and being tied to a chair. She still struggled hard but the knot was just so tight. It was brusing the skin of her wrists, making them red and a bit scraped. Suddenly, she felt someone pulling the blindfold off. She winced at the sudden brightness and for a second blinked to adjust her eyes to the light of the surrounding. Her eyes then fluttured open, revealing those big blue eyes which first saw Sebastian Ivanov's face. A frown formed on her lips while her eyes showed how afraid, scared and frightened she actually was. "Leave me!"she cried out, still trying to pull her hands away and escape from here. She really wanted to get away from this man whom she hated so much! How she wished she was the one instead in his place!


Alec looked at Kaleena with an amused expression after she asked that question. Children were something he hadn't thought much about but to his surprise, he actually liked the sound of that. "Well, sure, with you!"he said with a smirk and winked. He knew it would be hard to raise a family with her. They were supposed to be enemies, right? But Alec had a feeling that one day Kaleena and he would be together and would be a family. They were still young so he was wating for years to pass and things to cool down in the underworld. Maybe everything will turn peaceful one day and she would be his even though he would always have a bitter corner for the Ivanovs. But not for Kaleena! One day, he was sure, that she would be a Marino. His Marino.

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Niran | 528 comments They all stood there, eyes on Elena Marino.
It was clear she was frightened. He could see it in her tear filled eyes, her big blue, tear filled eyes. However she didn’t let the tears fall, she was too strong and prideful for that.
“I respect you, Elena. I really do. You do your business and I do mine”, Sebastian nodded. He started to walk around her slowly,” But when you mess around with my business and try to take my package, that’s when I get upset”. He felt somewhat sorry for the woman, but he wouldn’t let things slide so easily.
He couldn’t.
Otherwise everyone would see he was soft and take advantage of that.
He took a little piece of her hair in his hand, rubbing his thumb over it and feeling the silkiness of it. His other hand was in his trouser suit pocket, unbothered and somewhat cocky. Sebastian stood above her, looking over her carefully; she was beautiful and her beauty made part of him want to let her go.
He let out a sigh.
Suddenly, his whole hand reached up into the back of her head, grabbing a bunch of her hair and yanking it down so that her head was forced upwards to look at him. He held part of her hair in his fist, a dark look coming over him. He leaned in close, her ear and his mouth inches away,” I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to keep you captive, Elena. But I have to”, he whispered, his hot breath on her. He would keep her here, maybe even ransom her off, get her brother angry or maybe even give her into the police. Who knew?

- - -

Kaleena gave a sigh, a confused and frustrated look on her face. She got up, taking Alecs shirt and putting it on her, moving away from the bed to pace the floor up and down. She bit on her lip and ran her fingers through her hair. How could he possibly think that that could be their reality? Did he really think their life would be a happy ending or that they would have these things together in the future?
“Alexander”, she said, her voice serious yet wavering.
“You don’t think we’ll end up getting married and having kids, do you?”, she looked at him, her eyebrows furrowed and her arms crossed. It freaked her out; him thinking they would end up together in the future.
She knew they weren’t just a fling now. Sure, that’s how they started but what they felt for each other was much more. She just didn’t expect that they would be together forever.
“It’s just not possible. It’s not realistic”, she sighed.
“Do I want to be with you for as long as I can, yes. But we won’t be able to have that kind of life together”, she said lowly, a sad and disappointed look about her.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena watched him pace around her, a frown on her lips. She watched him, feeling anger swell up inside but she wasn't letting it out. She knew if she let it out, there might be severe consequences and she didn't wanted to face them. When he talked about her messing with her package, she narrowed her eyes at him. "Oh really? And what about your father? He messed up with our packages and your father is reason....my parents are dead."she said with a hiss. If the previous Ivanov boss didn't mess around with their packages, her parents wouldn't have died in that explosion while going to stop the Ivanovs.
When he took a little piece of her hair, she shivered at his touch, her eyes downcast. Was this the end? Was he going to shoot her or torture her? A yelp escaped her mouth when he grabbed a bunch of her hair and yanked her head up. Her blue frightened eyes met with his eyes. "Leave me!"she cried out when he whispered how he was going to make her stay here. She wanted to get out of here and go back. She didn't wanted this horrible fate at all and she knew that this experience would turn out to be more horrible. This would wage a blood war as well if Alec knew she was a captive now and she didn't wanted her brother to lead the clan now. If he died because of being a leader, she would regret everything. He was her only family. She couldn't risk Alec's life at all.
But oh well. Ivanovs were never to be trusted!


Alec was taken aback when Kaleena just stood up with a frown and started pacing around after he had said that he did wanted children with her. She seemed to be very much bothered and angry about his answer which made him frown. His frown deepened at her question. "Well...I do think that. And what's wrong in thinking that? We can be together, Kaleena. We can have the perfect life."he said. He did think that one day everything would calm down. Alec had always been a positive kind of guy so of course, he was positive about their relationship.
Standing up he wrapped an arm around her to pull her closer. "Kal, just listen. Everything will calm down one day. There will be peace and we will be happy together. I don't think my sister or your brother would want a blood war in the city. They all have their own businesses to handle so I think there is a chance of a treaty."he told her and gave her a faint smile, hoping she would understand. He had never thought about this before! Signing a peace treaty with those people who had killed his parents was always something he never would have thought of but for Kaleena and their future together, he was ready to sign something like that.

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Niran | 528 comments When she mentioned her parents he felt something; sympathy? He didn’t know. But he pushed those weak emotions aside and put on an outward face. He simply shrugged at her and gave her an empty, hollow look, as if he really didn’t give a shit.
“Oh well”.
He watched as she screamed at him to leave her alone, but all he did was grin wickedly and laugh, it was amusing to him, seeing her so frightened and fragile. “Who knew you could be this scared? Big boss lady Elena Marino. My, my”, he stated, chuckling slightly.
He looked over at his men and nodded his head once,” You guys can go. Thank you”, and off they went, their black suits walking away and getting smaller.
Sebastian gave a sigh.
He grabbed a chair and sat on his, his elbows on his knees as he lent forward. He played with a knife, twirling it swiftly and twiddling it in hands. He always loved playing with knives, his sister was also very good with the knife too. He just stared at the knife, a lot of memories coming to his mind.
For a moment he forgot where he was, he forgot that the enemy was sitting across from him. He gave another big sigh and looked to Elena.
“Strange, isn’t it? We’ve become just like our parents, maybe even worse”, he mumbled.

- - -

Kaleena looked at him, his arms wrapped around her. She just looked at him with a sad look; a look of disbelief and guilt. Because he was so positive about everything, and she was so negative about everything.
She didn’t need to convince herself everything would e okay, she knew it wouldn’t be.
She shook her head, looking into his sweet eyes and saying sadly,” I see the way you react when I mention my brother. That hate in your eyes will never go away, Alec. Things won’t ever be peaceful, even if your sister and my brother sign a peace treaty...there is always hate”.
The past was never forgotten.
Both the clans held a grudge, held hate and disgust towards each other. A peace treaty wouldn’t do anything.
“You could never forgive what my family have done in the past, and my family could never forgive yours”, she said quietly while she looked deeply into his eyes,” That’s just how things are”. She wished things could be easy and simple, but they weren’t and they never would be. They had to accept that.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena sighed when he just gave her that oh well. She rolled her eyes and looked down. Didn't he have any emotion inside him? He seemed to be just as cruel as his father!
She frowned when he just grinned at her in the wicked way. It seemed like he wasn't going to let go off her. There was no use in screaming when she would get nothing. Keeping quiet now was the best. She didn't wanted to be quiet but she knew she had no choice. "Why shouldn't I be scared, Sebastian? I am tied up in a chair, in front of my greatest enemy who has men as backup with him. I am vulnerable right now. If you want you can just do about anything...I have a reason to be scared."she said, quietly and sighed. She had no idea what was stopping him from hurting her! She was tied up and knew couldn't get out. He must be the first person to have make her feel so helpless!
When he sat down on a chair, she watched him quietly. He was playing with a knife. Was this the knife with which he was going to torture her? It seemed sharp and she knew it wouldn't hurt a lot! She sighed after what he said next, her eyes now on him. "We have become much worser."she murmured, looking down. That statement made her feel so guilty and deep down she knew she didn't wanted this life of crime at all.


Alec sighed and his arms dropped from around her when she said how she knew that he hated her brother. He sat down on the brown couch in the room, feeling like as if he would have a headache soon. "Fine...I know! I know I hate your brother but I am sure I will get along with him. I haven't even talked to him so If I give a try, I think things will work."he said. Maybe things would work....maybe not. True that he hated her brother a lot but for Kaleena, he was ready to forget the hate. He had always been a hopeless romantic unlike his sister.
He sighed at what she said next. He stood up again and walked to her. Resting his hands on her shoulders, she looked at her, deep in the eyes. "But we can forgive each other. What happened was between our parents. We are the new generation."he told her very positively and even gave her that confident smirk of his which helped in reassuring a lot of people.

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian suddenly looked up at her, he could tell by her voice that she was sick of things; crime, killing, all of it. Her statement was like a big and long sigh, and some part of him related to it. He often wondered what life would be like if things were just 'normal'; if he had regular parents, gone to college, got a job, got married and had kids. Part of him was sad he couldnt live a normal life, and then another part of him loved the rush, loved the adrenaline and life or death moments.
He didnt know what he wanted.
Sebastian gave a sigh, putting the knife away and pulling out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from his coat pocket. He popped one in between his lips and lit it up, inhaling and exhaling, the smoke spreading and floating up in the air. In a weird way it ws refreshing.
"Want one?", he asked, looking to Elena and raising his eyebrows,"It's the least I could do". He knew he wasnt going to hurt Elena, but he knew he wasnt going to let her go. He would keep her captive and bargain her to her brother, maybe even pretend she was in danger of harm. When it came down to it, hurting women was just not his thing.

- - -

She looked at him with an unbelievable look on her face, she pushed him slightly and laughed, shaking her head as he smirked at her in that sexy, cute way he did.
"Look at you, just smirking away and being all cute", she exclaimed, giving a chuckle and shaking her head. She couldn't be mad at him, she just couldnt. She didnt want to be mad at him, they had such little time together that she didnt want t ruin whatever time they had.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning into him and looking at him, giving a sigh and saying," Eventually, we have to tell our siblings. When we do, we'll do it together", she stated. She hoped her brother and Alec's sister would be okay and get along...but who was she kidding?

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena sighed when he didn't say much. He was just going to be like every other boss then. He would now keep her in the dark and not tell her anything. That was what every boss did. He would probably keep her in the dark and won't tell anything so she wouldn't be able to leak any information to anyone outside the clan.
When Sebastian offered her a cigarette, she was taken aback. Was he being nice or was he just mocking her? She didn't understand. She looked at the cigarette and then at him. Generally, she didn't smoke much but sometimes she did. "Ummm...sure but with bound hands, I don't think it would be possible. "she said with a smirk and chuckled. She was amused by herself because of how she could even laugh when she was in such a dire situation but she had no idea why she didn't feel angry. She knew she was going to die at the end. Why waste the last moments of her life grumbling when she can just smoke and chill till the Ivanov boss shot her in the head?!


Alec laughed at her comment. Relief washed over his heart when she smiled at last, forgetting the worries they had before. He knew she was a negative person so his duty was to make her see the positive way and make her happy. He never liked seeing her unhappy at all.
"But you like this smirk, don't you?"he said with a chuckle and winked. He knew how this smirk made so many girls swoon. He had used his smirk to charm people, uncountable times! When she wrapped her arms around his neck, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close against his chest. "Of course. As I always say...Together Forever."he agreed and this time, he leaned and kissed her soft lips in a loving manner. He really didn't wanted to let her go and wanted to be with her forever.

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian gave a sigh.
He placed his cigarette in his mouth and walked over to her, knife and rope in his hand. He cut her wrist ties and walked back over to face her, “Give me your hands”, he stated, cigarette moving with his lips carefully. He placed the knife down and when she gave him her hands, he tied them together again. This time she had her hands in front of her, however she was still tied up so she could smoke her cigarette.
He put the cigarette in her mouth gently, his finger touching her soft bottom lip briefly, his eyes moving over her face as he took in every inch of her face. He lit the cigarette and watched as the tip of it glowed. It was a weird moment between them.
The silence and the closeness.
He pulled his chair closer and sat right in front of her.
“Didn’t think you’d want one”, he admitted,” You look too prissy for a cigarette”. He gave a little smile, something lighthearted and joking.
He didn’t know what to do with her. He didn’t want to keep her captive in such an uncomfortable place, but he couldn’t trust her to do what he said. He was conflicted by these thoughts.

- - -

She was such a fool. So love sick. God help her, she was in love with this man and there was nothing she could do about it.
Kaleena kissed his back, moving her lips against his softly and feeling as if she was in a dream. She didn’t want any of this to end and she didn’t want to go back. But she knew that they would do anything for each other and loved each other, and that was enough for her to be happy. She thought of negative things all the time, but she would have to learn how to be more positive.
If things didn’t work out between their families, maybe they would run away. But who knew?
She pulled away and just looked at him, her fingers going through his hair smoothly and gently.
“God help me”, she sighed,” I’m in love with you, Alexander Marino”.
Helplessly, she was indefinitely in love with him.
“I’ll do anything for you”, she stated, looking into his beautiful eyes.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena wondered if Sebastian would let her hands be free or would just keep her like that. He might think that it would be risky to keep her hands not tied but she was not in the mood to fight any more. She knew if she tried to escape, she would be caught by his men so there was no point. She was surprised though when he cut her ties and looked at him with an amused expression but that amusement left her face when he asked her to give her hands to him again and tied them together. She smirked and looked up at him. "You don't want me to escape at all!"she said and sighed.
When he came near her and placed the cigarette in her mouth, she felt like as if she had stopped breathing. The way his finger touched her lips and the way he gazed at her, to her huge surprise, made her heart flutter. She watched him sit down. They were so close to each other at that moment. "Didn't think you would give one."she said in the same way. "You look too ruthless to even offer a cigarette."she added and this time she actually laughed lightly. Why was he being nice to her? Wasn't he going to kill her and provoke her brother so that he could a wage a blood war?


When Kaleena admitted that she loved him, Alec's eyes sparkled. He pulled her closer and then kissed her head. Her heart was bursting with joy! Hpe felt so happy! This must be the best day of his life! He had always wanted to hear these words from her mouth and now she had just said them!
"I love you too Kaleena Ivanov. More than anything. Even more than those stupid blood oaths."he said kissed her passionately. He kissed her like that for sometime, trying to express how much he loved her through it.
When they pulled back, he ran his hand through her beautiful hair. "I will do anything for you too."he told her with a smile, really meaning his words.

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Niran | 528 comments “Of course I don’t want you to escape”
He watched her as she inhaled and exhaled the smoke, she definitely looked sexy smoking away like that. Sebastian gulped down and looked away, not really sure where to go from here; what to say or what to do.
He put the cigarette to his mouth and inhaled; ironically, it felt soothing to him, inhaling and exhaling, watching the smoke disappear gradually.
“I look like a tough guy huh?”, he stated, shaking his head afterwards,” Just got to act the part, I guess”. It was partly an act, he had to act tough, otherwise his men wouldn’t believe him, they would stay with him because of loyalty. But sometimes you needed to act the part to let them know not to fuck around.
“You must know...what it’s like to be in charge of all of this. You can’t be who you really want to be”, he said, his face expressionless yet somewhat serious and disappointed.
When he was a teenager, this was the life he wanted, he watched his father and couldn’t wait to be like him. He couldn’t wait to run the business and be in charge. But now, his thoughts were complex.
Sebastian pulled her chair closer to his, looking her in the eye and giving her a look,” Right?”.

- - -

Kaleena was somewhat shocked at his passionate kiss and his words, but she liked it. She more than liked it. She loved hearing those words and feeling those actions. She knew they were young, and that some people may not understand them, but they understood each other and that was all that mattered.
She kissed him back, he embraced her tightly while her fingers slipped through his hair.
She loved when his fingers went through her hair, it felt so relaxing and calming.
“I’m not going to give up on you”, she said quietly, looking into his eyes deeply and meaning every word.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena inhaled and exhaled the smoke in puffs, letting out a soft sigh. Generally she didn't smoke but right now smoking felt soothing. She felt more calm now and knew she could talk to Sebastian without snapping. "You won't get anything by trapping me here. Just bloodshed and I don't think any of us want that."she said with a sigh.
She chcukled at what he said next when he asked if he looked like the tough guy. He did look like one but now he seemed a bit more real. "You do look like a tough guy. Sometimes it is fun to be like that. Makes you feel strong."she commented with a smirk. Acting tough was important. It made people who worked under you realise that you are not the one to be messed with. The people who worked in the underworld were fickle. It was important to keep them at a check.
"I know. It is hard but we need to keep up the act. Sometimes it feels pointless, you know. Everything feels like bullshit."she said softly, her face showing the same disappointment that his face showed. There were times she felt like giving everything up, taking a car and going away as far as possible till she was a nobody but she knew it was not possible. She was trapped in this city and tangled in the dark vices of the underworld crimes. When he came closer to ask her if he was right, for sometime she just stared into his eyes. "You can be who you really are with the people.....you love."she told him and tilted her head to the side. They were so close and she softly bit her lips as she felt his breath on her skin.


Alec smiled when Kaleena hugged him back and went closer. He was more than happy to feel the same deep affection that she had for him. He felt that way towards her too and nothing in the world could stop him from being with her and feeling for her like that. Not even Elena but he knew Elena would support his wishes. But it would need time for her to adjust. "I am never giving up on you."he told her and kissed her head, relaxing as he felt her fingers run through his hair. It was amazing how these small gestures made him feel so good and each day he found his love for Kaleena increasing.

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian looked deeply into her light eyes. She looked angelic, he couldn’t quite believe that she was the boss of the Marino clan. But he knew looks could be deceiving.
“Maybe that’s what I want: bloodshed”, he shrugged, his face serious and stern yet comfortable. To be completely honest, he just wanted to make a point not to mess with him or his family. Maybe the Marino clan would take him seriously and not fuck around with his things. Maybe he wanted her younger brother to start a war. Who knew? All of this was a show. That’s what they did, made a show of things, showed everyone who the boss really was.
Part of it was bullshit. Part of it was a power trip.
Sebastian could see a certain look in her eye, as if she was starting to understand him and relate to him, feel some sort of empathy for him.
“Come on”, he smirked,” Don’t go thinking I’m the good guy now, Elena. I see that look in your eyes”. He shook his head and tutted, looking intensely over her face. He looked over her eyes, her lips, everything. They were close, very physically close. Sebastian couldn’t help but like it. He looked down at his cigarette and saw that it was done, he dropped it to the ground and ran his foot against it, the cigarettes light dying out instantly.
“Anyway...”, he sighed,” I don’t think keeping you here is alright, in this warehouse. So I will take you somewhere better”. This warehouse was cold and dirty and scary at night.

- - -

Kaleena just closed her eyes, letting Alec hold her in his arms tightly and feeling the warmth.
She looked up at him and gave him a grin, happy that she heard those words from him. It was risky, what they were doing, but it was worth it.
She grabbed his hand and dragged him to the bed, going back to the comfort and cuddling as they did.
She wondered what her father and mother would have said about this, but they weren’t here, so what did it matter?
“What time is it?”, she asked. When they were together time went quickly, unfortunately. Time just slipped while they were together, it was unfair really.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena looked at Sebastian with a tilt of her head when he said that maybe he wanted bloodshed. She was confused by why he would want that. No one would like bloodshed in the city! So many would be killed, some would be injured and a lot would go to the prison. She was fine messing with business but bloodshed was the last thing she wanted. "You shouldn't want that. It will cause deaths and more rivalries that will lead to more deaths."she said. She knew what a bloodwar was like because she had seen one by herself. In bloodwars, they even try to kill kids which was the worst thing and she was against it. But the question was would he listen to her? She didn't think so. He seemed to be stubborn. Just like her.
She chuckled at what he said next and took a drag of her cigarette. "Don't worry, Sebastian. I am never going to think you as the good guy even if you find a cure of cancer."she told him with a smirk, a bit of humour in her voice.
As he looked into her eyes, she gently bit her lips. She liked how close they were and some part of her wanted to move little bit more closer to him.
She looked at him with an amused expression at what he said at last. "Wow! That sounds better. I hope you treat me like a princess."she murmured, a bit sarcastically and sighed. Maybe he would keep her trapped in till she was dead.


For sometime, Alec just held her till she dragged him away to the bed. He grinned and kissed her cheek, liking how soft her skin was.
His smile dropped though when she metioned time. Ugh! He always lost the track of time and most of times, time slipped so fast. It was very annoying. He pulled out his mobile phone and opened the lock screen. "It's 4 pm."he said with a sigh, knowing that the time was coming to a close. After all they would need to go away early so that they could return home in time and without making anyone suspect.

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Niran | 528 comments He listened and looked at her intently, all his attention on her as she spoke and made expressions. He kind of understood why people followed her now, why people listened to her, it was somewhat addicting and mesmerising.
He also saw her bit her lip.
She looked so hot doing that, he wished she wouldn’t do that, but then again he wanted her to do it over and over. Her lips looked so soft and full.
For a moment they just looked at each other, but Sebastian immediately looked away when he figured that he was looking a bit too deeply.
“Maybe that what I want”, he sighed,”Blood, death. All of it. It’s nothing less than what this city deserves”. This city was like Sin City, crime was high and drugs and alcohol and strip joints were at every corner. It was dark here. Even the police were bad, they worked for whoever paid the most.
Sebastian gave a quick smile at her comment, he was glad she wouldn’t think of him as the good guy. Because a big part of him wasn’t. He got up and moved his chair over, kneeling down and looking up at her.
“If I cut these ties on your ankle you’re not going to try and run away, are you?”, he asked firmly. He knew if she ran she would be at a great disadvantage but it was also something he expected of her, she was a fighter.

- - -

She gave a sigh and looked away, she knew time eventually had to end but she hated how fast it went. Kaleena pushed herself further into Alec’s arms and gave a big sigh, smiling slightly and looking at him, trying to comfort herself and him.
They would see each other again. She just never wanted to leave him. She worried about him all the time.
“I guess we should start getting ready”, she said gently, seeing as they were still naked and only had the bed sheets covering them.
Kaleena sat on the edge of the bed, the bed sheets just around her thighs, her back exposed and her hair going down her back messily.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments For sometime Elene just stared at him. She could feel his eyes gaze at her eyes with intensity. There was something about Sebastian's features and the way he carried himself which made her want keep on looking at his eyes, face and the curves of his lips. No wonder a lot of people found him attractive, even some of his enemies. He was really hot, she had to admit to herself and a part of her wished he would come a bit closer.
She frowned a little and sighed, looking down when he said what he wanted. Maybe she was acting like a hypocrite. After all, she had killed many too but she hadn't hurt innocents and children. She always made sure that children were spared. "I know the city deserves a lot worser then death and bloodshed but what about the innocents and children? They didn't do anything to either of our clans."she said. She knew what a horrible city it was and because of it, she wished deeply that one day she would be able to ger out of here. Maybe one day she would take her car and drive fast. The plan was not good at all but it was just a thought that had the possibility of developing into good plan.
At his question, she actually gave out a laugh and rolled her eyes. "Seriously Ivanov? Never thought you would ask that."she said, as she chuckled, shaking her head. She smirked and raised both of her eyebrows at him. "What do you think I will do?"she asked, a bit cheekily. She knew though trying to escape from here would be a risk. He would have guards stationed at various places of this warehouse and she would not be able to defend herself when she was in a place where she was outnumbered by strong goons.


Alec knew how parting was sad for both them. It was hard for them to meet though they managed every time. They always had to sneak out and make sure that no one saw them. Sometimes it saddened him that they could never go out on dates that every boyfriend and girlfriend did. How he wished they had a normal life where they wouldn't have needed to hide! Sadly sighing, he kissed her temple.
"Well, I guess yeah."he murmured and sat up. Just like her, he was naked too and their clothes were on the floor. He smirked. It was always like this when they rented some cheap motel room after a long time. Picking up their clothes, he handed hers. "There will come a time when I will be able to see a masterpiece every day."he teased, putting on his T-shirt referring her body as the master piece. He didn't care about the scars. Kaleena was beautiful to him in any way.

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Niran | 528 comments "Children should always be spared", he said quietly and softly, some sadness coming into his eyes and tone. He was looking down at the ground, not able to face her but also recalling a memory from a long time ago. It gave him nightmares to this day.
He was young then, young and stupid and foolish and angry all the time. He should have known though, he should have been more aware and careful. He had been so thoughtless, and he blamed himself for what had happened to those children.
Sebastina gulped, closing his eyes briefly.
He let out a sigh and shook his head out slightly, looking back at her with his usual serious yet relaxed expression.
He shrugged," You're a fighter, Elena. A strong woman. You're someone who cant give up without a fight". He could tell that about her. He looked up at her as he leaned down, getting his knife and cutting the ties around her ankle, they had been pretty tight. She must feel somewhat relieved now.
"I imagine you might try and run away, however I know you're not foolish enough to do that, you're smart", he nodded. He places his hands underneath her arms and pulled her up out of her seat, their bodies suddenly coming closer than expected. Her body was pressed against his hard, cold one. Again, they were in a situation where they were close and where they were staring into each others eyes.
"I uh-", he stuttered, continuing to look into her light blue eyes which seemed to fascinate him.

- - -

She gave a little smile when she felt his lips on her temple. little gestures like that; a kiss on the temple, his hand entwined with hers, the way he brushed her hair away, made it so much harder to leave than it already was. It was the little gestures that showed they truly cared for one another.
"Thank you", she smiled, winking at him as he gave her her clothes like the gentleman he was. She put on her black lacy bra and underwear and got up, putting on her clothes one by one.
She shook her head and gave a little laugh at his comment,"Ooff, always such a smooth talker huh". She tied her hair up, everything going back to how it was. After she was done, she sat on the bed, grabbing her coat and looking out her phone, her brother had been blowing up her phone. He left messages and left her 15 missed calls.
"Wow", she mumbled.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments "If you think that, then don't wage this war. The men who work for us are ruthless. They spare no one."Elena said. It looked like he was remembering some incident that had happened in his life before. There was pain in his eyes and the way he sighed made her more curious. She wondered if asking would be the right thing. After all they were still enemies. "Are...are you okay?"she asked, softly and wondered how he wouldp react or if he would even give her the answer.
"Well, you are right but I don't think I can fight now. I am outnumbered, right? Either way, I will be dead."she told him, a sad expression on her face. She was not afraid of him or what would happen but she didn't wanted to die so early. She still had so much to live for! It was sad how she would be killed before she experienced those new and wonderful things out in the world, waiting for her. She smirked when he said that she was smart. "Thanks for the compliment, I guess."she commented but that smirk went away when he untied her ankles and picked her up in his arms. Her feet felt better now but she couldn't focus at that when Sebastian Ivanov, her handsome enemy was so close. As he stared into her eyes,she stared back, actually liking the closeness. He was warm and she felt comfortable, almost as if wanting to now rest her head against his chest and close her eyes. There was something about his arms that would make any girl feel safe. "Will..will you hurt me now?"she asked, softly and bit her lips when he stuttered, a bit of nervousness on her face.


Alec smiled. "Welcome!"he said and started to put on his clothes. He still had time but he had no idea about Kaleena. When she said that he was a smooth talker, he winked. "Hey! I really wish for that!"he said and ran a hand through his hair. He took his phone from the bedside table. Generally, Elena made a number of calls and messages but today there were zero missed calls and zero messages. He sighed and then smirked. Either she was too busy on some project or deal or she had given up on him. He heard what Kaleena muttered and turned to look at her. "What happened? Brother?"he asked. He knew Sebastian worried a lot about her which was good of course. He understood what a brother felt for his sister. He would do anything to see Elena happy and make sure his older sister was safe even though Alec was the irresponsible one and had to be taken care of.

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Niran | 528 comments Sebastian ignored her question asking whether he was okay, he didn’t want to get into it and he didn’t trust her. Not yet anyway.
Only Kaleena knew about his past, and that was how he intended it to stay. He trusted his sister completely, it didn’t matter that they were only half siblings.
Sebastian held Elena in his arms, looking into her eyes, forgetting all that they had spoken about before; forgetting the everything and anything about a blood war. He didn’t know what he would do. But he knew he couldn’t tolerate the loss of innocent lives, especially children.
Somehow, it felt right to have her in his arms. It just felt so warm and right. Why did it feel like this? They were enemies, they had been enemies for a long time, it ran in their blood. Why did it feel right? All he could do was look into her eyes, just gaze at her and let the silence take them. But the moment was halted when she asked if he was going to hurt her, it was sad and revolting on his part. He couldn’t hurt her. He just couldn’t.
He gave her a confused, sad look and shook his head,” I’m not going to hurt you...I can’t”, he confessed.
It wasn’t in his heart.
“Don’t worry”, he said softly, his voice firm yet gentle. He couldn’t understand what was happening and why, but he didn’t think too deeply about it.
He started to walk towards the entrance, pushing the door open with his leg and placing Elena in his car swiftly. His men were in their cars, awaiting their leader.
He started the car and drove. He wasn’t taking her to his main house, he was taking her to the more discreet one.

- - -

Kaleena looked up and towards Alec, smiling and nodding her head,” Yeah, the brother”. She wondered what he wanted, she knew he wasn’t doing anything major today. He was probably just wondering where she was. She decided to text:” I’ll be home soon, don’t worry”. She sighed and dropped her phone on the bed, pushing it away from her and laying back on the bed.
She looked at the ceiling, seeing a few small cracks. She pushed herself up again, placing her hand under her jaw and watched as Alec got dressed, it was nice watching him.
“I like watching you get dressed”, she said, looking over his whole body, then continued,” I also like watching you get undressed”, she smirked. That was extremely true too. He was attractive and sexy whatever he did. She had some time to spare so she didn’t rush out or say goodbye just yet. She didn’t want to.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments Elena sighed when Sebastian didn't reply. Of course, she had known he wouldn't. He was clever enough not share anything about his feelings and state of mind with an enemy who might take advantage of it.
She looked at him with dreamy eyes and just stared at him as he stared back at her. His eyes and features were beautiful. He was really a handsome man. The features of his face showed how hard he was from outside but she could tell that from inside, he was a....nice guy who actually cared for innocents and the people who were vulnerable. Being with him felt just so right. It was as if there was some kind of certainty inside her about being with him. She had no idea why she was feeling like this. She had always hated him so much....but now? What was happening to her?
When he said he wouldn't hurt her, she nodded gently. "If you say so."she said but warmth flooded inside her when he told her not to worry. She felt so safe and secure with him all of a sudden. She had a feeling that he really wouldn't hurt her at all. "Okay. Th-thanks"she replied, softly and by instinct, she rested her head against his chest as he carried her to his car.
When he placed her in the back seat, she looked around and then at him. Being so close to him even if it was for sometime had felt so good and now, it kind of made her frown inwardly. She wanted to have that feeling again and she somewhat wished he had made her sit next to him. As the car started, she averted her eyes to the window to see the surrounding outside. "Where are we going?"she asked in curiosity. She had a feeling by now that he wouldn't hurt her but now she wondered where he might be taking her.


Alec nodded. "He must be concered. As a brother, I have that feeling too when Elena is away."he said and smiled a little. He wondered where she was and what she was doing now. Probably she was in their mountain mansion, having the time of her life by reclining in that brown soft leather chair and sipping wine. He wondered when she would come back. It was Friday after all and it was her turn to make dinner and Elena always made the best lasagna for dinner.
He chuckled at what she said next. "Well, watching you get dressed and undressed is a better show though. You are always such a tease."he replied with a smirk. It was always entertaining and arousing to see Kaleena strip- tease him till he went crazy with desire. She just knew the right tricks to do whenever they were ready to have some fun in bed. When he was dressed, he streched his arms. He then went to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Want to meet again soon? Maybe somewhere else?"he asked with a grin.

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Niran | 528 comments ((Sorry for the late reply!))

Sebastian knew it wasn't a good idea to feel or get close to her. They were enemies and he was holding her captive, it would be better if they didn't feel anything towards each other. But it was hard, because they understood each other, they were in similar situations. Both were leaders, both were looking after their younger siblings, both had immense responsibility. They were each other, just different genders.
He gave out a sigh, focusing on the road. He looked to his side mirror to see his men following in a car behind them. He looked back quickly at the road, "Somewhere safe", he replied to her.
Why did he care if she was safe or not? Was he forgetting who she was and where she came from? Part of him felt so conflicted and confused about all of this.
He knew for sure that he couldn't hurt her though. He just couldn't. He didn't want to either. He avoided looking at her and kept his eyes focused on the road, he felt strange.
"I know you don't trust me, but I'm not going to let anyone hurt you...and I'm not here to hurt you. I was at first...but I can't now", he admitted, gulping down but keeping a straight face.
Why was he telling her all of this?
God, what was wrong with him!?
He clenched his jaw tightly, somewhat angry at himself, cursing himself on the inside. Idiot, he thought.
Sebastian heard his phone vibrate, he looked to the side to where his phone was and saw his sister texted. Thank God, he thought, she's okay. Where had she been all day?

- - -
"Yes", Kaleena nodded proudly, "I am a tease".
She loved teasing Alec, she couldn't help it either, the way he reacted was the best and encouraged her.
She let his arms go around her, placing her arms over his and laying her head on his shoulder. She nodded slowly at his question," I'll go wherever", she replied softly.
Kaleena didn't care about the place, she just wanted to be with him and that was it. What more could she ask for? She turned her head slightly and looked over his face," We should probably get going...one by one", she said regrettably, her tone obviously saddened and more serious.

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Ahana~  (kingahana) | 2064 comments ((It's fine! :D no worries!))

Elena wasn't feeling too vulnerable at that moment. She felt safe to be close to Sebastian and sit in his car, away from his men. It was as if she had trusted this guy for years. There was something genuine about him that tugged her heart someway. She wanted to know him better and delve what was inside him. She looked oustide through the window and then at him. "Safe? Really?"she asked. She had no idea why he was being si kind to her. Here, she was trying not to go soft for him but all his actions were making her soft and her will weak. She knew, even if she found a way, she couldn't hurt him and escape.
Her eyes widened when he admitted that he couldn't hurt her. She was shocked that Sebastian Ivanov wouldn't want to hurt her after she had tried to mess with his important delivery, insulted him and his parents. "Why don't you want to hurt me when I am your worst enemy?"she asked, softly. There was no hint of anger in her voice. She could feel a little trust towards him inside her but she was curious to know why he was showing her mercy when he should have killed her by now.
Leaning back, she sighed and just thought about the situation. Everything had turned upside down for her in seconds....including her feelings for an enemy.


Alec smirked when Kaleena said that she was a tease. "And that's why I love you!"he said with a wink.
For sometime, he just held her in his arms, not wanting to let go. He missed her so much but he knew time had to come to an end and he didn't wanted anyone to be suspicious of them. "I will text you the location tomorrow, okay?"he said. It was always a bit tough to find out locations that Ivanovs and Marinos didn't check at all but somehow they always managed.
He could tell she was sad when she said that they should get out one by one. "Babe, we are gonna meet again, okay? I will call you as soon as I get home."he told her. He wanted her to go first. He needed to pay for their stay and to keep mouths shut. There were people who would sell their secret for some 200 dollars and he didn't want that.

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