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Mrs Malaprop’s Multifarious Mix-ups

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TwoddleBungler Hi everyone. This is a tag game with a puzzle-solving element. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
1. A word is given, followed by a definition.
2. However the definition is incorrect – it’s what Mrs Malaprop thinks the word means.
3. The next person uses the definition to puzzle out what Mrs Malaprop was trying to say.
4. Unfortunately Mrs M has an incorrect definition for that word too so the solver gives the new incorrect definition.
5. The game continues.
When you get an answer, you don’t just give the word. You must also give a new incorrect definition.
When you give a wrong definition, you must have the next malapropism in mind. If nobody can solve it, you may need to give further clues.
If your answer fits really well, it doesn’t have to be the one intended.
The words don’t have to rhyme or have the same number of syllables or begin with the same letter – they must just be a plausible malapropism. Homonyms are allowed.
I hope that makes sense. Please ask if anything is unclear. I may have to invent some more rules!

Here’s an example:
Malaprop – a city in Spain
Malaga – brothers from the band Oasis
Gallagher – a fairground ride with wooden horses
Galloper – a measuring instrument
Calliper - Trinidadian folk music
Calypso – etc.

Okay, I’ll start:

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TwoddleBungler Mouse - a large mammalian quadruped

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