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Butterflies in my stomach
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Meldrick Tjitrotaroeno | 4 comments I fell in love with you. And I made a promise of till dead do us part (not to you). I hate cupid!

Review of First I would like to thank the author for writing this. I'm not a fan of poetry but I liked the excerpts in this book. The author had some really good views of love , lust, intimacy and jealousy and I found myself agreeing with his views more than once. As he was describing the breakup it reminded me of my high school boyfriend who was my first love and all the anger and hate I felt after we broke up. I moved on and eventually met my husband on a blind date but you never forget your first love nor the feelings you had.
So thank you Mr. Mill for writing this book and expressing your views, I hope more people will read your book. You're spot on with expressing the different ranges of feelings of love, lust and all the feelings that come into play with a break up and I liked how you suggested for someone in a similar position to speak with a true friend, someone who really cares. That's Important.

Carole P. Roman | 1239 comments Mod
PH Mill is smitten and shares with the world the different stages of love. Like the fluttering butterflies, the poems in this book takes the reader through the various stages of metamorphosis- the raging hunger of first love, the break-up that consumes, sending the broken-hearted lover into a cocoon of despair, finally to reemergence- a new life with the rebirth of in discovering a new person to love.
Succinct and heartfelt, Mill is able to convey the silliness of new love, and then plunge into the darkness of heartache. He explores this depression, holding it close, almost as if he is afraid to let it go. If he dares to love again, and it fails, can he survive another heartache? Is love worth the pain?
But like his butterflies, he does find love again and he takes flight with the delight of finding another soul to love. Mill teaches us of the heart's resilience and the human need to be loved.

message 3: by Meldrick (new)

Meldrick Tjitrotaroeno | 4 comments Carole, you're just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carole P. Roman | 1239 comments Mod

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