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message 1: by Giuseppe (new)

Giuseppe Cerniglia | 14 comments Could you add the following books in my author profile? They are short stories anthologies of various author and I'm one of them.

Tell me if I've posted the request in a wrong way


☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6187 comments added you.
do you perhaps know the full names of the other authors of
on cover and the pages I found they are not listed with their first but only with the last names...:/

As your books are already in the GR database, in fact "add a book" is not the correct folder - it's indeed only for books who really need to be added to the database newly.
For correcting existing records there's a "book issues" folder :)
(but that does happen quite frequently to others also)

and thanks for linking the books, that made it easier.

message 3: by Giuseppe (new)

Giuseppe Cerniglia | 14 comments Thank you for your fast reply!

Of course, for the book you indicated I'll give you the complete names of authors:

Antonio Colombo (curator)
Diego Gnesi Bartolani (contributor)
Maria Benedetta Errigo (contributor)
Daniele Tredici (contributor)
Marco Bertoli (contributor)
Daniele Missiroli (contributor)
Simone Bulleri (contributor)
Francesco Verro (contributor)
Francesca Fichera (contributor)
Giuseppe Cerniglia (contributor)
Stefano Camossi (contributor)
Giulio Chiesa (contributor)
Fabrizio Frosali (contributor)
Michele Giordani (contributor)
Francesco Calé (contributor)
Alessio Premoli (contributor)
Antonio Merola (contributor)
Salvatore Di Sante (contributor)
Fabrizio Frosali (contributor)

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6187 comments thanks a lot!
added them.

just a short question on Francesco Calé - are you sure it is correct that way with an é?
On he was listed on the Look inside on Amazon (where I got the names from I've entered so far) as Calè with the accent grave instead of agu.
For now I left it on the è profile...

message 5: by Giuseppe (new)

Giuseppe Cerniglia | 14 comments I think you're right :-)

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