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Billie | 287 comments Not What I Wanted

Muse A & B have been friends most of their life, both of them having less than perfect home lives. When ever they ran into trouble, they would always come to each other. Soon, they were friends with benefits, but they never intended to date. After over a year of being together, Muse A finds out she is pregnant.

I would like to play Muse A

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Billie | 287 comments Sure, and how old do you want the characters to be?

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Billie | 287 comments That sounds good to me!

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Billie | 287 comments Charlotte "Charlie" Anne Carter

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Charlie appears to be very outgoing and confident, but she can also be very insecure.

Though Charlie and her best friend have been friends for some time, even he does not know a lot about her upbringing. He knows that things have not always been good and he knows that her mother has mental health problems, but that is about it. Charlie's father was very overbearing with her mother, saying that she couldn't even pick out her own clothing. As Charlie grew, he became this controlling with Charlie and got physical sometimes. Though not a lot about the events in her house is known, it is known that her mother is in and out of the mental health ward.

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Billie | 287 comments Yeah, or you can do it however you want!

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Billie | 287 comments Awesome! Where do you want to start?

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Billie | 287 comments Oh, I meant where in the story line; like before she figures out she is pregnant or after?

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Billie | 287 comments Awesome!

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie was getting ready to head over to Evan's place. She had been feeling pretty sluggish lately, though she wasn't sure why. Her time of the month was due, so she figured that was why she was feeling slowed down. Charlie wore a loose fitting blue v-neck and black skinny jeans with high top sneakers. Pulling her hair into a bun, Charlie grabbed her purse and headed out the door. Evan's place was only a 15 minute bike ride away, so she hopped on her bike and headed over to his place. She wasn't sure what they would be doing today, but she always loved to hang out with him.

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Billie | 287 comments (( Oh, sorry! I didn't see you had posted! ))

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie took longer than normal on her bike ride, feeling fairly tired from the short ride. Shaking it off, she made her way to the door and stood waiting by the door. Evan was one of the only people she was close to any more, and the only person she felt completely safe around. Quickly before he opened the door, she pulled her hair from the bun and let it flow over her shoulders. She hoped she didn't look as tired as she felt.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie rolled her eyes and hit his side with the back of her hand playfully, "You're not the one who rides their bike all day!" Chuckling, Charlie headed over to his fridge and pulled a glass out of the cabinets before getting some water and sipping. "So, What do you want to do? " Charlie never really liked making the plans and usually went along with whatever Evan wanted to do.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie's eyes lit up when he mentioned the skating rink. Her entire life, Charlie loved seeing figure skaters doing their thing on the ice, but she was far from graceful and had never felt brave enough to go to an ice rink by herself. "The Ice rink would be awesome! But, you have to teach me and don't let me fall!" Finishing her water, Charlie rinsed the glass out and put it in the dishwasher.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie looked over her outfit and then smiled a little, "Could I maybe borrow a jacket? You know I'm like an Italian Greyhound." Charlie always struggled to keep herself warm, even if she was in a fairly warm place she was still looking for blankets. It was just one of those things about her she couldn't explain why.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smiled and slipped it on, her hands disappearing in the jacket, "Yeah, it's great, Thanks Evan." Charlie was forever borrowing things from Evan, but she always returned things. As she adjusted the jacket, her shirt lifted up slightly and a faint bruise was visible on her abdomen. Charlie quickly pulled her shirt back down, not wanting Evan to see. Her father was not always violent, but she had talked back to him a few days ago and he didn't take too kindly to it.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie chuckled and curtsied before heading out the door. Turning to look at Evan, she smiled, "How was work today?" Sometimes they sounded like an old married couple, but Charlie had never wanted to date Evan, thinking it would lead to her loosing her best friend.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie walked beside him, her head still feeling sort of fuzzy, but ignoring it. Chuckling, Charlie shook her head, "Well, today at work my boss yelled at me and then broke down crying. Apparently he and his wife are fighting over their kid's hair."

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie slipped into the car, laughing about the situation, "Yeah, at first he was yelling at me because he wants me to work a double tomorrow and then he just started crying and saying that his wife wants their daughter to have short hair and he doesn't" Shaking her head, she let out a scoff, "I never want to be like that..."

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie shrugged, " I think she is like six or something like that, which makes me think you would want the kid to have short hair. Kids that age don't brush their hair and it becomes at rat's nest."

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie agreed with him and then looked down at the seat belt to check. Noticing she hadn't yet clicked it, she pulled it across and secured it in place; her head was all over the place today. "There we go, all secure!"

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie laughed when he mentioned her flying out the window, "Well, with your driving, I still might fly out the window!" After a moment, Charlie nodded, "Yeah, are you?"

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie gasped, putting her hand to her chest in feigned shock, "Where on earth did my knight in shining armor go ?" Charlie chuckled and ran a hand through her hair and sighed.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie flicked his ear when they pulled in and unbuckled her belt before getting out of the car. Running ahead of Evan, Charlie smirked, "I bet I can beat you to the door!" (( I've got to go to bed soon ))

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie chuckled and held the door open for him when he reached the entrance, " Oh, me? I was far too busy keeping you out of trouble in high school! " Charlie teased him as she pulled her wallet out.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie huffed and crossed her arms over her chest as he pulled his wallet out. Shaking her head, Charlie rolled her eyes and smirked slightly, " Don't you worry, I'll secretly slip you that money." Charlie had always felt odd when people payed for her, but she was close enough to Evan that it didn't bother her.

((Just an idea, but maybe she could fall and hit her head, so they go to the ER and that is how she finds out she is pregnant?))

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie was a petite person, and always hated buying shoes. Most of the time it was easiest to buy kids shoes, as many stores did not carry her size. Sighing, she smiled gently, "A 5, please."

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie grabbed the skates from him and shook her head, "Glass sippers, huh? Does that make you a prince, then?" She found an empty bench and sat down on it before slipping her shoes off and putting her skates on.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie finished lacing her skates before nodding, "Now that we can agree on!" Charlie blushed slightly when she smiled, always wanting to tell Evan how important his friendship was, but never feeling like it would be a good time to say it.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie took his hand and stood up, feeling slightly dizzy, but balancing herself fairly quickly, "Ha Ha, you are just too funny Evan." Shaking her head, Charlie smiled and continued, "Now, how does one skate?"

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie curtsied in an awkward manner before giggling, "Well, you know they say my middle name is elegance." She made her way to the entrance of the rink with Evan.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smiled and stepped in to the rink, grabbing on to the wall and slipping a little before stabilizing. Her smile was wide across her face and her eyes sparkled slightly, feeling genuinely happy.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie nodded, "Yeah, I've roller skated before, is it anything like that?" She stumbled forward a little bit before returning to an upright position.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie held tightly to Evan and nodded and got ready to begin moving. She was excited to begin skating, but could tell something was slightly off with her, though she wouldn't mention anything about it.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie nodded as she was gliding over the ice, looking around at all the other people that were around them. She moved her feet like she knew from roller skating and was surprised by the ease of it.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smiled, "I've got it! I am practically a professional at this point!" Chuckling, Charlie became more comfortable with the activity.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smirked and clicked her tongue at him, shaking her head, "You be careful, I might beat all of you." Feeling confident, Charlie sped up, skating ahead of Evan. Just as she turned tease him, she began to loose her balance. Too far ahead, Charlie stumbled before falling backwards and hitting her head. It landed with a loud smack, and Charlie's world went black.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie did not wake until she was in a room in the emergency room. Her head was pounding and she wasn't entirely sure what had happened. She looked around for Evan, but a nurse said she had to ask some questions. Charlie agreed and answered her questions the best she could. The lab tech came in to draw some blood, needing to do some tests before she could have a CT scan done.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie was anxious, somewhere around five people were in and out of her room taking down information or doing exams until finally a doctor came into the room. He was a tall man with a slight build, somewhere in his early thirties. Sitting on the stool in her room, the man smiled, "Well, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I don't think you have much more than a concussion. The bad news is I can't do a CT scan to confirm that. The reason I cannot allow that scan to be done is because you are pregnant." Charlie felt herself grow numb as she looked at the man, "Are you... Are you sure?"

Nodding, the man smiled slightly, "You should be good to go home in the next bit here, but you need to make an appointment. Do you have someone to drive you home?" Charlie nodded and let the man know about Evan in the waiting room, but that she didn't want anyone to tell him.

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Billie | 287 comments The doctor talked to one of the nurses, who walked out into the waiting room and over to Evan. Smiling, she tapped him on the shoulder, "Evan? My name in Mindy, I am here to take you back to Charlie. She is going to be discharged, she's just signing the papers now. She has a minor concussion, you'll just need to keep an eye on her for the next 24 to 48 hours or so. She can sleep, but she shouldn't drink or do any strenuous activities."

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Billie | 287 comments Mindy pressed a hand on her forehead, "Oh, of course! I should have clarified! Alcoholic drinks are a no go, but she can have water. She might feel a little nauseous, so she can have some ginger ale if she wants." She quickly led Evan to the room where Charlie had signed the papers and was sitting in the bed with her eyes closed. Charlie's head was spinning, not just from the concussion, but from the bombshell of news she had gotten.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie groaned, rubbing the back of her head where she had smacked into the ice, "Well, maybe I'm not quite a professional after all." Opening her eyes to look over at Evan, she gave him a small smile, "I'm mostly tired, though I have a killer head ache." She mostly wanted to go home and think about things. She couldn't have a kid right now, she was barely scraping by on her own.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie swallowed hard, smiling slightly at her friend, "We can just go back to your place if you want." Charlie was nervous and unsure of what she wanted or didn't want to tell Evan. She had always been able to tell Evan things, but this might be too much.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie nodded and stood next to him, leaning her head against him slightly, "I want to go to your place. I don't really want to be alone right now." The words were more vulnerable than she would usually allow, but her ability to crack jokes was mostly absent at that point.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie nodded, "Yeah, let's go." Her mind was flooded with thoughts and she felt like she had a million choices and also no choices at the same time. The doctor had told her she had been pregnant for nearly 6 weeks at this point, how could that even be?

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie gratefully took his hand and followed him out to his car. When she reached the door, she paused for a moment, glancing over at him, "I'm sorry I scared you."

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smiled, nodding slightly, "Well, we both know I have a bit of a hard head." She opened her door and slipped in, buckling her seat belt and closing her eyes a bit.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie smiled slightly, "Uhm... Maybe some fries?" Charlie was a fairly skinny girl and she never really ate much, but she was hungry now and craving fries. She looked over Evan as he drove, already feeling guilty for the news she would have to break to him eventually. He was such as good guy and she didn't want to put a burden in his life. He had already helped her through so much.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie shrugged, "Just salty I guess... So I kind of ruined our little outing... We'll have to go back in a few months." Charlie chuckled at first, but then remembered her situation and bit her lip slightly. After a moment, Charlie sighed, "After we get home can I talk to you about something?"

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie shook her head, looking over at him. She was glad she had a friend like him, she never thought she would have. After everything she had been through, Charlie was surprised that someone like Evan would still want to be around someone like her. Did that make her selfish; wanting to tell him? She knew she couldn't handle it on her own, but that didn't mean she needed to mess up his life too.

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Billie | 287 comments Charlie laughed when he added it had been recently cleaned. It was something she would always tease him about when she would spend the night. She snacked on her fries as they made their way back to his place.

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