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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA Romance Book about a girl who tutors her crush maybe?

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Ghawig | 4 comments It is for younger kids such as middle schoolers; it kinda reminds me of the book can't look away by Donna Cooner. All I can remember is that it is about a girl who feels kids invisible and I think she gets matched up with the guys she likes to tutor him. Later in the book, she finds him kissing another girl who the guy was supposed to be broken up with in the gazebo, while she is the designated driver at a party. She gets upset and drinks a lot and this is her first time ever getting drunk. The boy takes her home and she might puke in her car. It is a shorter book like maybe 100-200 pages. Some of these facts may be wrong any help is appreciated; this was just really bugging me. Thanks so much!

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Ghawig | 4 comments I got it. It was either Awkward or Invisible by Marni Bates.

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