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Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch
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Jamie Zaccaria | 103 comments Miniseries is due to come out in 2018!

Susan | 53 comments Rereading this!! I'm so keen to pick it up again since it was my first Gaiman AND Pratchett, I've read so much more of both since then, it's so interesting to go back and see the obvious signs of who-wrote-what and the collaboration too!!

Jamie Zaccaria | 103 comments Chapter 4 update: So far so good! I have to say, I love the casting of the main two and picture them so easily in my head when I read.

Dainey | 69 comments Reading this for January, totally due for a re-read after 15 or so years, with the series coming out!

message 5: by Andi (new)

Andi (nautiluscapt) | 5 comments I remember reading this book and not really enjoying it all that much. I think the biggest problem I had was everything amounted to nothing. People said, though, that it's more of a Prachett book than Gaiman, so that could be why I wasn't taken to it. (I also didn't enjoy American Gods, but I loved Anansi Boys?)

Maybe they'll make the Amazon series a bit tighter and funnier for me. Or maybe the book isn't for me, and that's good too.

Dainey | 69 comments I've finished the book, and enjoyed its humour. Things is, though, I was completely surprised by how one thing about the ending made me downright angry. Maybe I'd forgotten about it when I last read the book ages ago, or maybe my stupid teenaged self didn't even pick up on it back then...

(view spoiler)

Guess my age is showing, and I'm too used to Pterry being full of righteous anger and championing the Importance Of Not Being An Asshat.

Jamie Zaccaria | 103 comments I'm on Chapter 10 out of 12 on the audiobook and to be honest I'm kind of becoming uninterested. I just want something to happen already. Of course I'll keep going though but, we'll see how I feel at the end.

Susan | 53 comments I definitely liked it the second time reading - first time I thought whole sections dragged or were entirely uninteresting while LOVING others, and this time I wholeheartedly loved it all, I thought it was so well put together.

I still don't picture the actors for Aziraphale and Crowley when I read though? David Tennant so does not match Crowley for me hahahahah

message 9: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 54 comments Just finished the book. The first half was more interesting than most of the second half, I had to skim sections to get through it. I'm glad to be done with it. I expect the mini series will be better!

Jamie Zaccaria | 103 comments Just finished. While I liked the book, I did think it went on too long. I'm sort of middling about it, tbh. I didn't like it as much as American Gods either. Glad I read it though and interested to see how they interpret it to screen.

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