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message 1: by AlegnaB † (new)

AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 85 comments Mod
Would any of you be interested in having monthly group reads? We could pick a book to read per month, perhaps one by an author listed in the challenge, and discuss it. I don’t think I’d be a good person to lead a discussion, so if someone has any interest in doing that, feel free to volunteer. 🙂

message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane | 69 comments May I suggest bi-momthly or even quarterly reads as well? They might fit more easily into people's schedules. Also the book chosen may need a little more time to digest. Unfortunately for now I wouldn't be able to lead a discussion but would like to join one.

message 3: by Jane (new)

Jane | 69 comments Also, maybe we could get past the need for a leader by dividing the book chosen into chapter groupings and setting up a discussion thread for each grouping of chapters.

message 4: by Deon (last edited Dec 27, 2017 08:53AM) (new)

Deon (deonva) | 111 comments I'm in! A group read sounds great.

message 5: by Shelley (new)

Shelley | 4 comments I am interested.

message 6: by AlegnaB † (new)

AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 85 comments Mod
I also could set up a Buddy Reads folder so that anyone who’s interested in reading and discussing a particular book could use that folder to post a thread about it and use it for discussions with anyone who wants to join in.

message 7: by Jane (new)

Jane | 69 comments Great idea, Alegna!

message 8: by AlegnaB † (new)

AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 85 comments Mod
Thanks, Jane, but I can't take credit for the idea. I got it from the Christian Fiction Devourers group.

message 9: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Ray I would enjoy participating 😊

message 10: by AlegnaB † (new)

AlegnaB † (alegnab) | 85 comments Mod
I'm thinking I'll call them Group Reads and make the end date of each book about three months from when I post it. There's now a poll up for the first Group Read.

message 11: by Jane (new)

Jane | 69 comments Your way of seeing things up will work well, I'm sure. Both a busy tears and a group reads would be wonderful way for us to interact. Looking forward to beginning.

message 12: by Jane (new)

Jane | 69 comments Good grief! What did spell checker do to my post??? I meant group reads would be great. 🙄

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